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  1. Limnea

    Selling: full ul tiger armor ( f )

    Anyone interested in a full set of tiger armor? Since I hardly played in the last 7 years ( coincidentally my daughter turns seven next month...), I think someone else has a better use for it, than me. Maybe I should go for a last hunt with ist tonight ;)
  2. Limnea

    Selling: rl items : Hogglo, atrox, longu statue

    I got some statues left, from an entropia exhibition. Also a white T-Shirt. Since I hardly play, I don't need that stuff any more :) Its actually 24 full sets. Someone interested? I am ready for offers then...
  3. Limnea

    Full tiger UL

    Since I am planning to sell some stuff I wonder how much a full set Tiger armor would be worth. Any ideas?
  4. Limnea

    Did I miss anything?

    Hey Fluffies, havn't been on for a while :) Just want to check if there is still live outside and if there is still people I know. :scratch2: Or NOT? Tell me!
  5. Limnea

    A question to community!

    Ok guys... I got a question here to discuss...I was linked to a very good answer already ( will provide the link later ) but it seems there is not real one, maybe you guys can help me, with options and hints ;) Here is the question: If a siamese twin commits a crime...can he be punished with...
  6. Limnea

    Happy Birthday King Gabnib!

    :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday: Happy Birthday my favorite uber :woohoo: :cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer: :dj:I hope you are having a nice Party and some :censored: tonight! :beerchug: :dancing::dancing::dancing::dancing::dancing::dancing...
  7. Limnea

    Happy Epsday !!!

    :birthday: Happy Birthday Epsnib :birthday: :beerchug: Sex on the beach for me this time :beerchug: :smoke: :cheer: :dancing: :cheer: :dancing: :cheer: :dancing: :cheer: :dancing: :cheer:
  8. Limnea

    Happy Birthday Chimp-bunny!

    :birthday: Happy birthday Hase!!! :birthday: :woohoo: All the best for my favorite monkey. :monkey: :cheer:Have a nice day and may Marco be your sugardaddy today!:cheer: Where may I join you to party? :beerchug: Have fun!:shower:
  9. Limnea

    Help: 1000 EFD for a Tigersnail with bunny-ears

    Hey guys, I need your help! I know there is lot of artists and experts out here and I am looking for a new Signature if possible a Tigersnail with bunnyears :yay: Plusrep for everyone who tries or has any nice or funny picture to contribute and 1000 EFD for the best. If you post a pic you...
  10. Limnea

    Question: Last words of a Hunter

    Its only a Spider... Prices to win 1st 4000 EFD 2nd 2400 EFD 3rd 1500 EFD 4th 1000 EFD 5th 700 EFD 6th 600 EFD 7th 400 EFD 8th 300 EFD 9-13 200 EFD 500 EFD donated by Nebu 500 EFD donated by Rockchick 500 EFD donated by Safara 500 EFD donated by MindStar9 200 EFD donated by TegyeLe...
  11. Limnea

    Looking for a new soc

    Hey guys since I think its time for a change I am looking for a new soc. I am pretty active, playing in the evening hours european time. The soc I would like to be in should be pretty active and openminded. Maybe 2-3 of my friends would like to join later, so they should be welcome as I am...
  12. Limnea

    A sad story

    4 weeks ago I went to my bathroom and foud a spider at the ceeling. The only person I could get hold of refused to bring it ouside and rather made fun out of me beeing scared of spiders. :poke: So I decided to make an agreement of tolerated coexcistence...we dont come closer than 1m to each...
  13. Limnea

    Show us your ecological niche while playing EU

    Since I was trying to find a thread where people show how they play EU and only Skam told me there has been one a while ago which I also couldn't find...I will start my own. I am curiouse if what kind of stuff you have around your, drinks, toilett build into the couch, warm water...
  14. Limnea

    Buying Tiger Footguards female

    Please PM me for offers
  15. Limnea

    Selling full female boar with footies

    Complete Set Boar female including Footguards Current Bid is tt+8k PM me or chat me ingame Offer ends in 1 week
  16. Limnea

    S: Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 4

    Just looted an Dr Almon Duchev Log Part 4 No Idea why we cant Auction it, so I am looking for Buyers here :) PM me and may Lootius be with ya
  17. Limnea

    Buying Tiger Parts f

    Hi there, am looking for female Tiger parts. Please pm me for offers, thx.
  18. Limnea

    Limneas Dream

    Lootius blessed me :yay: Special thanks to Wizz and Tanner, who helped me through many many baaad loot streaks :wtg: and of course to all my new soc mates. And "Tahtoisin mielelläni tavata teidät uudestaan" ( forgive my crappy finnish ) to my one and only Gab...we all want u back ingame...