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  1. dbelinfante

    Selling: Starkhov AS-129

    Awesome BLP rifle, Tier 2. Read all the stats here. It comes with 10 damage enhancers attached. Asking TT+3100
  2. dbelinfante

    LR63 UL Tier 1

    Guys, What's the going price on this weapon?
  3. dbelinfante

    Selling: Combo, Rifle/Amp/Armor, cheap!

    Bulk sale: Isis LR63 (Wiki stats here) (Current TT is about 7700 ped) Omegaton A105 (Full TT). Full Boar (F) Full TT. Total price 85k ped. Peds only. Only for sale as a whole. Offers in this thread or thru PM. I reserve all the usual. Posts in this thread that are not offers will be reported.
  4. dbelinfante

    Pricecheck: Boar VS Jag

    In this thread a full Jag (F) is being offered for sale. Seller is asking for +30k. Now Jag is a very nice armor, its best quality being its almost total absence of weight. Stat for stat, it's only a little better than Boar, which can be had for a total of 7.5 including full TT. Is Jaguar...
  5. dbelinfante

    Selling: Full Boar (F)

    SB +9k BO +11K Auction ends 2 weeks after SB has been met. Offers in thread or thru PM are welcome. Please keep thread clean. I reserve all the usual.
  6. dbelinfante

    Question: UL SIB weapons and their TT

    Everybody complains about the high minimum TT of the unlimited SIB weapons that get looted every now and then. Most agree it's a ploy by MA to tie money in-game, and I happen to agree with that. There's no rational reason for it other than that. There's a way around that, if the community wants...
  7. dbelinfante

    FYI: Mindark: Not the Enemy, not your friend either.

    The story in short: A friend and socmate of mine, Hopkirk, was approached by a player (we will call him X, his name may be found on other forums) who also has been a member of a top 10 soc. This player said he had an Imp Fap in the bank that he wanted to sell. Hopkirk and X agreed to a deal, the...
  8. dbelinfante

    FYI: Pay lots, get treated like sh*t!

    Yesterday afternoon, at about the same time the login screen started hanging for lots of people (including me), my cardreader stopped working. It had been functioning erratically for a while, but was doing ok for the last few weeks. Now it just stopped altogether. So I sent a support case: To...
  9. dbelinfante

    Question: Skillgains on maxed VS non-maxed

    Currently in EU when we hunt we can either have a weapon maxed, or not. If we haven't maxed the weapon, we can either be in SIB or not. Now we all agree that while we're in SIB we gain skills faster than at any other time using a weapon. But what about non-SIB weapons that we haven't maxed? How...
  10. dbelinfante

    Question: Prevention of accidental TT'ing

    This has been discussed a number of times before, but I haven't seen the following suggestion, so here goes. Yesterday I tried to put an X5 in auction instead of a T10 (they look identical), but the auction refused it, because the X5 had a Dante on it. Now I probably would have seen it in time...
  11. dbelinfante

    Nerfed mobs cause Radar imbalance

    I have found the following and am interested to hear other opinions. It would seem that the range at which mobs appear on radar is tied (at least in large part) to mob HP. Why do I think this? When hunting far West of Hadesheim, the Neconu's and big Troxes used to show much further away than...
  12. dbelinfante

    Question: Minimum actual eco

    There's a lot of discussion about eco, and I don't really want to go its use. What I do want to know is, do you actually care about eco, and if so, what is the minimum eco (ie dmg/pec) a weapon must have in your hands to consider it eco enough? So I'm not interested in your HA or min dmg. Not...
  13. dbelinfante

    Pricechecks: ML-45, AS-147 ME

    I'd like to know what the community thinks these weapons are currently worth.
  14. dbelinfante

    FYI: Fraud soc, alert

    It has come to the attention of the Deja-Vu leadership that a new society has been established under the name of "Adj Deja-Vu". We want it known that this person and this society are in NO WAY affiliated or associated with the Deja-Vu societies that are headed by Little Red Gunzy Ridinghood. The...
  15. dbelinfante

    Achievement: My first REAL achievement!

    This June marks the first month since I started playing (September 2005) that I did not deposit. And I don't see myself starting again anytime soon. :yay:
  16. dbelinfante

    Rant time

    OK, here goes: I'm a believer in sustained hunting. I think it's useless bitching about bad loot when you only hunt 50 ped at a time. I think globals need to make up for poor loot, so it kinda averages out at the end. So I never hunt less than 300 ped ammo on one run. I use a AS-147 ME+Beast...
  17. dbelinfante

    Evade nerfed?

    I know this subject came up earlier this week, but today I went trox hunting near the rig, and the hitrate of troxes on me was just appalling. It was also consistent. As I said before, half a year ago I was able to kill AOA's without dying, wearing Ghost+5b, using an ML-35. Now I am...
  18. dbelinfante

    On causes of inflation in EU

    EU suffers from inflation. And not just any inflation, but hyperinflation. Before I get to the factors specific for EU I want to explain a little bit what causes inflation in general. Economists generally agree that the increase of available funds causes inflation. In other words, as people get...
  19. dbelinfante

    Capture the Flag Event

    Now the LG is really upon us, an old idea resurfaced. I want a CTF-type of event. Here's how it could work. A LA or town is set to PvP, for participants only. Two teams register at the claim marker as being members of Team A or Team B. There need to be two claim markers for this type of event...
  20. dbelinfante

    Question/Poll for veterans

    There's a discussion going on about wether it's easier to skill for newer players (TI/CND and later) or before that. Some maintain that SIB, less bugs and tools made by the community made it easier, and that gaining skills before then was harder because there were fewer rifles, fewer skills...
  21. dbelinfante

    What's the use of hunting higher maturity?

    In today's loot-nerfed EU, what is really the point of hunting big Trox instead of little ones, or big Argo's instead of little ones? I can think of reasons to go for lower maturity: More kill bonuses, less armor- and fapdecay, statistically more chance to global. I can think of ONE tentative...
  22. dbelinfante

    Selling: Full Hermes (F)

    As far as I know, this is the first full set offered for sale. It is of course THE sexiest thing in-game, bar none. It is also the third-best PK armor that exists, and gives great general protection besides. I've used current auction data to calculate the price for the whole set, which comes to...
  23. dbelinfante

    Dedication of resources

    From MA's latest newsletter: This list is not exhaustive, but it will do for my point: Who here appreciates the new make-up functionality, to the point that they prefer it to (let's say) actual new content, new LA's, new mobs, or god forbid, new storyline? Personally, all this stuff that just...
  24. dbelinfante

    Can't login because

    "The login server has reached the maximum allowed number of participants. Please try again later." So now there's a limit to the number of players that can login? Effective way to reduce lag I guess. Never let more than 25 people play at the same time. :mad:
  25. dbelinfante

    New hunting rythm (Warning - Part whine ;))

    For the last six weeks, loot has been unbelievably bad. Returns of 30% and less are not exceptional, and the average over this period has been just above 50%. Considering I spent about 20k peds in this time (using part of the proceeds of the sale of my Shadow), I have decided to take some...