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  1. SoberPhil

    Suggestion: Refine Armor Set into One Piece

    So I’m an average player and when I hunt it’s almost always smaller mobs, yet I have to carry two sets of armor and two sets of plates with me at all times. 28 items total in this category. Not to mention that removing or replacing armor plates is boring and I just hate doing it, many players...
  2. SoberPhil

    Suggestion: Tax the leeches

    Most of us have to pay to play this game, and that is why we love it. However, right now there are too many leeches, sucking in and withdrawing our PEDs, without contributing anything to the game’s economy. Inactive resellers, hoarding high value items, pushing up the prices and looking for...
  3. SoberPhil

    Question: Virtual Tycoon

    Do you have any plans for this app, like updates and such? Maybe you're planning to replace it with something different?