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    Uber: Another XXI Gazz

    I had hit a XXI gazz early in August, posted here on September 06. Today, I was mining in a lyst/oil zone and was really surprised by the sound of this hit --
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    Uber: 1.8K trox on a mining run

    I've been mostly a miner, but few months ago decided to try heavy hunting. Trox was my most hunted mob. There were ups -- like a 15-global day, and even managed to make the most global list in for a short while. Not too bad for a one year old noob, I guess. There were...
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    Uber: My XXI Gazz

    I started using autoscreen late July, so don't really have much in my screenie folders. Decided to put my first uber hunting loot on the forum made me browsed thru the files and found this, from August 5. Miners note the coordinates on the screenshot
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    Uber: my first hunting uber

    I've been playing EU for 14 1/2 months now, made some initial deposits and surviving mostly on mining. Recently decided to hunt a bit more. Camped at Ithaca for 3 weeks, got a fair number of globals and small hofs, but 2 weeks of profit hunting is not enough to cover 2 days of losing. Decided...