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  1. HomoSpacien

    Selling: 1/2 priced skills

    Time to empty the skill list. below is a list of skills i have left, i have a ton on AH already but the skill points below i did not have ESI's for. So i am selling them if you supply the ESI, ( i will provide collateral for the ESI, so keep your mouth closed forum trolls before you go shouting...
  2. HomoSpacien

    Selling: Selling Out ( yes another )

    {removed many items and placed them on AH} Skills Inquire about available skills, too many to list, mainly in BLP weapons and other various hunting skills. If you want the skills your supplying the ESI's, otherwise i am sitting on them until 730 days later when i log in again to keep from...
  3. HomoSpacien

    A Lesson In Economics

    For all intents and purposes, this is an economy that has activity equal to a small city in real life, There’s nothing ‘virtual’ about this world. Although it is no Eve Online with 400,000 members in our active economy system. It still suffers the same economic troubles of a real world economy...
  4. HomoSpacien

    How to deal with forum troll's and members with god complexes?

    In a recent turn of events a little over a week ago i had a run in with a member who after some research on the forums and through connections in game is a well know troll and suffers from a pretty serious god complex over a video game. This member happened to convo me about some burgundy paint...
  5. HomoSpacien

    Buying: Tuxedo (M) (C) Blueprint

    First lets start with a thank you to the Mod's for doing a wonderful job, Next. i am shopping for a Tuxedo BP. if you have one please convo me
  6. HomoSpacien


    PUT SOME COLOR IN YOUR EU LIFE We're just starting out, but were free, and will always be, dosnt matter when we hit L50 or L3, we will never charge for painting or texturing. We are both at Level 1 right now in both paint and texture, but we will continue to update as we gain in skills. Here is...
  7. HomoSpacien

    Help: Missing Argonaut Iron Challenge Broker???

    Ok, so i have been running around the outpost south of Jason center for about an hour now chasing an orange dot which has no mission broker at it. has anyone else been able to get the mission broker to spawn? what happened to the argonaut iron challenge? anyone have any input? Thanks
  8. HomoSpacien

    Buying: Burgundy Paint ( Big or Small )

    Buying Burgundy Paint @ 110% We have all had a dream, Mine is to gather enough burgundy paint to have LeeLoo paint my entire set of Jarhead Armor. What i need is 6,825 cans of Burgundy paint which has a TT value of 1296.75 PED, What i am willing to pay is 110%. We have all at one time or...
  9. HomoSpacien

    Selling: Herman SIR-40 Tier 2.1

    Selling Herman SIR-40 - Decent tagger alternative to the M&L 35 and Starkhovs. Not pushing to hard to sell it but would let it go for the right offer. It saved me a ton in PED since it is an SIB rifle. PM me or hit me up in game with your offers. dont bother low balling i wont even reply. SB...
  10. HomoSpacien

    Question: Best mob for your rifle?

    First let me say, i am not new to EU, so please dont give me some noob answer. I have been around for quite some time, lurking in the shadows, playing on the avatar side of EU making profit off of players rather than gambling on the crafting, hunting, mining matrix. Mainly auction hunting and...
  11. HomoSpacien

    Calypso Exchange (beta) Grand Opening week

    The cheaper way to sell your high value items !! Free Listing, Free Listing, Free Listing !! Ladies and Gentlemen, i am proud to announce the beta phase launch of the Calypso Exchange. A web store type advertising service for you to sell your items, no more 7 day auction, no more starting bid...
  12. HomoSpacien

    Buying: Rutol

    I am now buying any and all quantities of Rutol stones at a rate of 1 PED per 10 stones. Do not try and contact me in game as i am not in the register. Please send me a private message or reply to this thread. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN BUYING ANYTHING ELSE BESIDES THE RUTOL STONES, SO DON'T...
  13. HomoSpacien

    Selling: Selling UL Non-SIB Rifle & accessories

    All but scope are Full TT VAT 120 UL BLP Rifle SB: TT+750 BO: TT+851 Fi/Ra/Co Beast BO: TT+100 Jzar Precision Scope SB: 69 PED BO: TBD
  14. HomoSpacien

    Selling: VAT 120 & Fi/Ra/Co Beast Combo (SUPER ECO)

    SOLD, even with all you ridiculous fucks and your cry baby bullshit. Thanks for participating, we have some wonderful parting gifts for you, like a metric fuck ton of find another thread to troll now.
  15. HomoSpacien

    Buying: Herman SIR 20 Unlimited

    Updated: Looking for a Herman SIR-20. PM or convo in game if you got one you will sell.