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  1. Dindom

    Selling: Crafting/Mining Turrelia Touched Clothing Set (4% skill gain) both M & F Sets

    Selling both M and F 3pc versions of this set 4k, please pm and request which pieces you'd prefer (Shirt, Jacket, Pants, Shoes)
  2. Dindom

    Selling: Perfected Imperium Plate - 5% Block

    Taking offers on this little beauty of a plate: PM in game, or send a mail on forums with offer or item trade. I will set buyout at 12k - will also accept trades
  3. Dindom

    Selling: WTS Paneleon Imperium Armor Set (SOLD)

  4. Dindom

    Selling: T3.99 [A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified]

    Selling this hot little boom boom stick of love. T3.99 [A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified] TIR 170/200 Taking offers at first, but will start bidding at 25k with a buyout at 30k subject to change. PM for more info or leave a post below. Thanks
  5. Dindom

    Buying: ArMatrix SB-10, FEN Edition or LR-20

    Let me know prices/tiers! ty ty
  6. Dindom

    Buying: [A&P Mayhem LR-60, Aug] or [A&P Mayhem BP-70, Perfected] or [A&P Mayhem BC-80, Aug]

    Looking to buy any one of these guns. If you are considering selling one, please pm me in game or here on forums. Thank you.
  7. Dindom

    Selling: Full Set of [Paneleon Spec Imperium Chest Guard (F)] T1 or T2

    Current Offer is 7k+tt, b/o is currently set to 9k+tt. MSG me in game any time, or post your offer here. Thanks
  8. Dindom

    Selling: WTS Crafting/Mining Turrelia Touched Set (F) or (M) (3pc)

    Have another set ready to buff. Let me know your offer in game or post here.
  9. Dindom

    Selling: WTS T1 [Vigilante, Adjusted (F)] Full Set TT+1600

    Message in game or leave a post if interested!
  10. Dindom

    Buying: Ignore - Wrong section

  11. Dindom

    Buying: Nemesis, Adjusted Set

    Please post prices, or pm me in game! thank you
  12. Dindom

    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem LP-40, Perfected or A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified

    Please post prices here or contact me in game at Din Dindom Dindazzle! Thanks!
  13. Dindom

    Buying: WTB [EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified]

    Looking to buy a [EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified]. Don't need tiers or anything 6.7k+tt
  14. Dindom

    Selling: T2 A&P Series Mayhem LR-20, Adjusted + A105, Adjusted

    Looking to sell my LR-20 adjusted + A105, Adjusted for 9k+tt total. Would sell individually, if preferred but amp is perfect fit for this gun. LR-20 Eff: 70.0% With amp: 74.2% TIR 128/200 Dmg 17.5-35 amped 26-52 PM me in game or leave...
  15. Dindom

    Buying: ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Editionm or BC-30 Mod

    Please post your prices
  16. Dindom

    Buying: Mod 2350 or 2600

    Hello, I'm looking to buy either a 2350 mod or 2600 mod. Please msg Din Dindom Dindazzle in game or post on thread. Thank you! xo
  17. Dindom

    Buying: EMT kit EK-2600 Mod Fap

    Msg me in game or on here - Din Dindom Dindazzle xoxo
  18. Dindom

    Buying: EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified

    Msg your price or Tiers in game, or on this thread. PM Din Dindom Dindazzle. Thank you
  19. Dindom

    Selling: WTS EWE LC-100 Frontier

    Unlimited Laser Rifle. 23.0-46.0 dmg range un amped. Pm for more info in game. Din Dindom Dindazzle. Asking 2.2k or 1 CLD.
  20. Dindom

    Looking for Active Soc - I'm a 2350 Mod Fapper

    Hello there, I've recently returned from a 5 year break from Entropia and came back to find my SOC inactive. I'm looking for and active SOC with hunters requiring Fapping services from my 2350 Mod fap. Let me know if I am a right fit for you =)
  21. Dindom

    Selling: EMT kit EK-2350 Adjusted Fap

    1170+tt post or contact in game at (Din Dindom Dindazzle) thank you
  22. Dindom

    Buying: EMT kit EK-2350 Modified Fap

    I bought one, thanks everyone