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  1. KullXP

    Return penalty for using crit buffs

    Got told about this thread and figured I would share, Basically what has happened is MA is wanting to start a new wave of items and had to adjust the loot system to accommodate these items so that they would work right. We have more and more players pushing over level 100 and I am sure there...
  2. KullXP

    Easter Mayhem 2017 Results

  3. KullXP

    not my Bday but looted a slug from spiders

  4. KullXP

    I am an idiot!

    I got scammed for 1k ped from a Romanian, funny he acted just like this guy did... Strange how alike this guy talks compared to the one who scammed me.
  5. KullXP

    Buying: Looking for rare weapon blueprints

  6. prymid


    off topic
  7. KullXP

    I left my account inactive

  8. KullXP

    How come Entropia is not more popular?

  9. KullXP

    Mindark : Please fix this Rigged persons faults and forbid him to cheat please

    I remember when Lunch cried about mob trapping in Halloween Mayhem. A guy was trapping the Count Vamp on fence and killing them and looted 2 cloaks that way. Him and another threatened to sell out and made sell out threads unless MindArk took action against the cheaters. Not to long after that...
  10. KullXP

    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper 60% Crit

    Sold!!!! Thanks
  11. KullXP

    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper 60% Crit

    ___________________ Item Description: If used properly the set will never decay and is among the few items if used correctly will generate PED. Pair this set with Ares rings and eco items with a big base damage and it is a game changer. TT- 280.60 Price: 6.2k ___________________ Please PM...
  12. KullXP

    Maybe my last day

  13. KullXP

    Buying: UL Skildeck Decimator

    Your post is in the buying thread, are you buying or selling?