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    EL appears down

    Appears EL has been not registering since 20:31 EU hrs (currently 22:10).
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    Price Check FFA Stars

    See WTB/WTS FFA stars but never a price, so what's the valuation of the FFA stars? And is that valuation by point value (per 100, per 1k pts, etc), quantity, or type?
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    Merry Mayhem 2020

    For those that have been in the MM practice; how is it so far. Just general observations and feed back, everything seem to be running smoothly, boxes and tokens dropping, etc? Thanks, Lou
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    Buying: In search of Melee Trauma Amp 4

    Seeing if anyone out there on PCF is selling an MTA 4 (UL). PM prices please :)
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    Price Check Jarhead M fullset ready to tier t1-2

    Curious on a price for a full male set of Jarhead, thanks!
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    Marber Foxtrot for curiosity

    Have a soon to be t3 Foxtrot, just curious as to value. Thanks for your help and time, Lou :)
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    HoF: 705 HoF ... Let me try this again

    If this doesn't work posting and loading, I give up and I'm sorry. If it does, yay what a PITA! *HoF for first place at Zips PPP Thursday Trox event :)
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    HoF: 705 HoF for the event win ;)

    Have been back for 1.5 months after a 4 year or so break (2nd time around)... definitely a learning curve coming back! Very happy with Zips Pure Peds Payout Event; got a few globals, a 50 pedder and this baby :) *Hopefully I posted the pic correctly, if not I'll get it right eventually
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    Question: Can an item exceed it's assigned PED value?

    I'm back after a few years and noticed this, a shirt I have greatly exceeds it's assigned PED value?! Is that possible, normal, or am I lucky? [/URL][/IMG]