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  1. Diabolic's Diabolic Toy :-)

    Diabolic's Diabolic Toy :-)

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    Are you using ATI Graphics AND VISTA? BE SCARED, VERY SCARED!

    It is not for certain its the GFX card.. After latest Vista driver at my wifes pc she hasnt bee able to use it at all..(got several blue screen with "dumping physical memory etc... I installed in Win7 64bit and re-did entire setup. Everything works perfectly on her pc now, and it has infact...
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    Is this IT after 2 1/2 years?

    Did you turn on Anti alis? I run it with Nvidia GFX 275 gfxcard and an amd quad core cpu and 4gb ram I run on a mix of medium and high settings only, with anti alisation x4 and that looks great in my point of view. Maybe try to play a little with the setup m8, coz the CE2 is cool graphics, and...
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    Instant login crash

    Exactly the same for me... I can login with username and password - type in the code from GC, and stay logged on for about 5 minutes... and then it crashed and kicks me to windows. I only have medium settings on.. and I'm running Windows 7. Any has ideas of what to do? Gl to all who has...
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    Entropia Universe Version Update 9.4

    :yay: HUGE update :yay: Coutl it be?, Could it be!? (Crysis engine) So exited to experience the new VU, wether it is or its not the new engine gl, Dia
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    Tiny : how ofen ?

    I dont have a % count on my Tiny depo finds.. But do find them often! Might be a small depo size but it's still alot better than: No resources found" :D gl, Dia
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    Question: Strange rocks at sinook, new or old?

    Yup, they've been there for a long time now. Air vent rocks!
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    Entropia Let it Rock: Bring the fire

    Woohoo well done :-) Made me laugh quite abit :P Gl, Dia
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    Help: "Entropia did not shut down normally" - messages!

    I think this happens for many ppl. I know ppl with heavy gamer computers, that are specially made for gameing and making graphics.. they crash like that also.
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    Japanese Appartment Reloaded !

    Nice work :D Looks very nice indeed... must have cost a lesser fortune! Gl, Dia
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    I hate to say it.. But this is my 1st PK.. ^^

    ROFL :yay That'll teach him some' ! +rep Dia
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    Question: Genesis Powerfists

    Maybe seek out McHammer og Slither...? I think 1 of those guys will be the right ones to ask for purchase and price. Gl, Dia
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    Most Interesting Loot

    280ped ESI from Aurli (I've looted 3 ESI over 200ped TT 280ped, 235ped & 209ped) After 3 years + of playing
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    Why do some ppl take long breaks from EU?

    I've had a couple of breaks to, but not for more than appr 3 months at the time.. But I can easily stay away for about a week at the time and actually do so quite often.. Only reason for my small/klong break is bc I dont wanna get bored with the game yet. Been playing for 3 years, chipped out...
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    lol good one :D Cheers, Dia
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    Have (L) items increased the importance of skills?

    Voted Yes I think i'm more focused on my skills now. Some mobs has a pretty fast HP regen (Ambu, spiders, and trox also) So you have to get the skills up high enough to handle the (L) guns/items (such as FAP and mining gear) to be able to take down those fast regen mobs. Not sure I've written...
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    FYI: The Return of an Old Scam

    Mwahahaha that'd be sweet if someone fell for that :cool:
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    Limit the deposit?

    And when the loot sucks, your gear breaks and your storage goes empty -it's just GAME OVER!? and makeing new avatar constantly bc you go broke is a little to much dont you think??? lmao nice try mate!
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    Polished Chrome Coat

    Gratz on the final result :-) It looks absolutely stunning.
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    New Robot Loot!?

    Snapper (L) (I think it was called snapper) blp AMP from Evis/Legionaire.
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    Thank you MA for the best event ever!

    Totally agree :-) This is one fine x-mas event! :wtg: Dia
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    Newly Wed Couple!!

    :dance: CONGRATZ :dance: Regards Dia
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    Nice Falx

    Gratz you 2 :D That is a dang nice loot :cool: Regards Dia
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    Info: My first withdrawal took 10 days!!!

    Wow! Thats fast :-) My first withdrwal took 3.5 months, and was WAY less ammount. Regards Dia
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    Merps on Fire

    Congratz is i believe in order :D Regards Dia