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    B: Boar Shins (F)

    Buying Boar shins (F) +850 Order has been put on auction. Cheers, Dia
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    Beginner's luck :)

    After a mining trip I desided to use my materials instead of selling them for a change. Though I kinda promised my self not to craft weapons and attachment, and focus on making tools... The result I can't complain about really!:) As you can see I never touched this blueprint before and I only...
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    A few nice Bots

    I really love hunting Bots, so I desided to go out and try to exterminate a few.. This What I got out of it! A nice Drone 04 A lil later this Warrior 03 came along The Day before I was out with my good mate Izno and we got a lil nice Warrior 02 with a 11.64ped ESI This was my first ESI...