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  1. crazy

    Selling: Boar female full set

    i have a full set of boar female armor. With the recent adj boar update, i would be willing to part with it. So send me some offers, thanks
  2. crazy

    Selling: Boar armor Female, Hermes armor female and some other stuff!

    Selling Boar armor female full set. All parts tier 1. Also for sale full set female hermes armor 424ped TT. Couple of parts tier 1, rest no tier. Full set of .5b and .6a plates. Athenic ring adjusted. Aeglic ring Adjusted. Urban Nomad Brig coat (F). PM offers plz, peds only, thanks.
  3. crazy

    Selling: Vigi full set female

    As title says selling a full set of vigi female armor
  4. crazy

    Info: Withdraw :)

    Withdraw submitted 14th Sept 2014 Lets see how long it takes :) Disclaimer: This is not a whinge or moan, merely tracking time to share with others, don't like me posting this, then don't come to the Deposits and Withdrawals section of forum you trolls :P
  5. crazy

    Selling: Lion armor female, and some other hunting gear

    Selling Lion armor female, tier 2-3 No time for game anymore so selling following stuff including this nice armor set. One of only 2 complete female sets in game, so rare and very cool looking with good stats. Better than tiger, same close protection as Martial SGA and eon, slighty less than...
  6. crazy

    Question: Where are the Eomon?

    So as much as I love LT, were are the Eomon? Waiting patiently for them, but longtooth are eating up my peds. When will they arrive?
  7. crazy

    Waiting for gold card resync

    Still waiting for my gold card to be resync so I can check out this new UI Anyone else still waiting?
  8. crazy

    Selling: some female armors and adj mkV

    taking offers on the following: Full female nemesis armor, not tiered. sold Full female adjusted pixie armor, not tiered. sold Full (L) female tiger armor, not full tt. (will update tt later)sold Also will sell the following gun and amp together if get offer I cant refuse. tier 6.6 adjusted...
  9. crazy

    Buying: bear female

    as title says looking for set of female bear armor
  10. crazy

    Selling: Full Lion Armor female tier 2 & DOA loudmouth SGA tier 4

    Taking offers on these items Lion armor female UL all part tier 2, harness and arms TIER 3. Cool looking armor, looks like sentinel, and has better protection than tiger. One of only 2 full female sets in game, so uber rare :) BO =...
  11. crazy

    Selling: Fi/Ra/Co Evil

  12. crazy

    Buying: Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem

    as title says looking for this fap, adjusted hedoc mayhem pm me with prices or add ingame cheers crazy DaLegend Immortal
  13. crazy

    Selling: Eon armor female UL

    for sale, full set eon Unlimited armor, female, all tier 0.9 Price = 26k total
  14. crazy

    Selling: SkillZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Various skills for sale pm me if you want some.... Some in auction, some sold, lots still left Cheers crazy Already sold: Dodge Treatment Explosive projectiles Support weapons Spacecraft pilot Heavy weapons some...
  15. crazy

    Selling: swine deluxe

    taking offers on tier 1.4 swine deluxe
  16. crazy

    Buying: thunderbird harness female (L)

    as title says looking for tbird female harness (L) ty
  17. crazy

    deleted thread?

    why the avatar selling thread get deleted? titled Rumors or? any mod give an answer to this?
  18. crazy

    Selling: Full Eon female Unlimited

    As title says Up for sale full set of female Eon UL armor all tier 0.9 need quick sale on this armor. SB=BO=26k total
  19. crazy

    The Future of PVP??

    Do we let this continue? Is this to become a common thing in pvp for entropia from now on? Not wanting this to be a flaming or BA vs CK thread. Just have an adult discussion. Are we to accept this is a part of the game forever? people decaying your vehicles and armor with tt weapons out of...
  20. crazy

    Selling: UL cap 202 smuggler

  21. crazy

    Selling: DOA loudmouth tier5

    Gone Gone Gone
  22. crazy

    Buying: female angel arms and shins

    looking for female angel arms and shins pm me if you can supply
  23. crazy

    WooHooo!!! good update :)

    just read the release notes for new update, they dont a lot of things i wanted :) PLANET ATMOSPHERE AND LIGHTING The default atmospheric and lighting settings of Planet Calypso have been modified to give a more enjoyable experience when exploring Calypso. Some of the features include the...
  24. crazy

    Selling: UL- UnLimited Saehrimnir Mk1 (JEEP) with cool oro texture

    taking offers on the unlimited jeep it has 100% oro texture on all fields, which gives it a cool look, not seen any other jeep like this one open to offers will accept a BO= tt + 600 tt will be full 32 peds at time of sale thanks crazy link to pic of jeep...
  25. crazy

    Selling: UL jaguar female tier 2, Master Coat also that matches