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    FYI: The Knights of Entropia are recruiting!

    The Knights of Entropia (formerly TKoC) have been around since 2006. The society was formed on the idea of helping new players understand the game and showing them the right steps to take. We are a very lively society with players from all around the world, so there are always a few knights to...
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    Selling: First gen electric attack chip VI

    Hi people, for sale: First gen electric attack chip VI tiers: 156, 82, 158, 61, 151, 119, 93, 145, 109, 156 tt: 61,27 peds SB: +550 BO: +700 Highest bid 48 hours after the SB is met wins. Also taking offers on Electric attack nanochip V TEN edition. If i get an offer i cant refuse, I'll...
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    Electric attack nanochip V TEN edition

    Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone would possibly know the estimated value of this fine chip? It was discovered a week ago, and so far there are 2 total ingame. I havent done the fruit test yet, and I have a problem that I cant use it yet, so give me some time to get someone who can shoot it...