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    Server Downtime For Patch

    0 MB? that's heavy! most of it would be server side, right?
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    Tracker for CP share

    A spreadsheet to help keeping track. Fell free to comment, distrust , use or anything you want with it
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    Tracker for CP share

    So, first payout from 3 rd may to 13 may 0.0580 peds per deed If we consider 11 day, that convert to about 0.037 ped by week, meaning 270-271 week to get back 1 deed, thats 19% by year.
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    2 Hof on monria

  5. qs


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    Info: Hunting Academy on Rocktropia

    register firejuggler water zabimalu
  7. qs


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    Atrox And Osseo Mega Markup Event Earn Up To 200% On Your Bonus

    Please register Firejuggler water Zabimalu
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    The Hogglo Ranch - 500 ped Bonus Event - join now !!!

    Please register firejuggler water zabimalu
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    Atrox And Osseocollum Event, 10 Peds Per Global LA40, LA51

    register firejuggler water zabimalu
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    core eviscerator seem to be the same as the annihilation one lvl 24 too
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    eastern mayhem mob

    for a lvl 6 instance
  13. easter mayhem

    easter mayhem

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    How are the looting skills put together

    Skinning 1->107 animal looter 21.21-> 21.59 other skill gain neggligeable 0.0035 prof level <1skill point< 0.0036 prof level
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    Easter Mayhem 2018 Preview

    A time tracker! wonderfull!
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    HP before and after Release 15.15.4

    got from 215 to 232, a few step closer to the 250 milestone
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    Chipping Optimizer Tool

    following today's patch note ( The following skills now contribute towards increasing the health of avatars: Construction: Manufacture Weapons 1 Health per 3200...
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    neomex chaser 52 points
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    ravager are 29 point each devastator 37
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    OLA40 Atrox Valley + OLA02 Atrox Paradise Bonus Event

    firejuggler water zabimalu
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    HoF: Upload the third : Eomons, proterons, and other mons ( LT mostly)

    a few global I got this week
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    The empress was lvl 102 Ravager elite lvl 29 and Devastator lvl 30
  23. neomex


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    HoF: Last week batch : prot , osseo, kerb, plongu and other

    Well here is a few Global of this week. I missed some but well...