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    News: Omegaton Export Initiative

    Ye Yeah, makes me wonder if this isn't part of some overall strategy like you say. Maybe if there are upgrades coming, this is a nice way to remove the excess and get the mu for the mats and the plates to come up way faster then they ever would otherwise.
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    New pet!!! (Tezlapod)

    My educated guess is that you will need to be a level 40 Animal Tamer, but it could be lower I guess. We won't know for sure until someone lowel level tries to do it but can't and tells us his level.
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    New pet!!! (Tezlapod)

    You can turn on all the pet's buffs if they are unlocked. For example the Sacred Kong is the only pet in game at this time with 4 buffs and all of them can be 'on' at once. Of course, you will have to 'pay' for that in the form of energy per hour consumed.
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    ⚡ELECTRIC⚡ Armors & Plates - Twin Peaks Mall, 2nd Floor

    Inventory List: Updated 14 Sept 2021
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    New pet!!! (Tezlapod)

    :jawdrop: Yeah but... What tricks can it do???? Hehe Big gratz jak!
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    ☣MUTANT☣ ARMOR SHOP - Twin Peaks mall, 2nd Floor

    Inventory List: Updated 6 September 2021 What's new at the Mutant Armor shop: - Full set of Serpent Scale adjusted is available - 2x Serpent Scale Improved available - Added ArMatrix SB-10, FEN Edition & Melee Trauma Amp 2, FEN Edition combo I'm really curious to see just how long that will...
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    ☣MUTANT☣ ARMOR SHOP - Twin Peaks mall, 2nd Floor

    By the way, cheapest Damage Enhancers you will ever find, take a look ;)
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    Info: Space Mob Locations

    Bonnie when you get a chance - could you please fix the broken image links to this awesome thread :) Thanks!
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    ANIMAL ARMOR SHOP - Twin Peaks Mall, 2nd Floor

    Inventory List: Updated 3 September 2021
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    Consolidated release notes for 17.9.0, 2021/08/31

    Thanks for this killahbee
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    Imp Did What????

    That's just how we roll in the Dirty Dingos ;) "And if you know me, I really don't care!" - Imp hehe
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    🤖ROBOT🤖 ARMOR SHOP - Twin Peaks Mall, 2nd Floor

    Inventory List: Updated 2 Sept 2021
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    Introduce ArMatrix Extender P30

    It already exists, it's available at the Mayhem token trader
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    Most wanted mob merch poll

    Nice! Can I give some ideas? Mouse pad Coffee mug Water bottle Baseball cap Hoodie (Entropia logo on front, mob on back) Shoulder bag and/or backpack Laptop bag 2022 Calendar (Add some free stickers with every purchase)
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    ☣MUTANT☣ ARMOR SHOP - Twin Peaks mall, 2nd Floor

    Acid plates and Perseus has been re-stocked :)
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    Suggestion: Clean the game from Alts.

    Yes and it's a real shame. I know of 1 instance where a guy and his wife had been playing Entropia and the guy uses his wife's account ALL THE TIME to gain 30 additional slots on the auction. His wife hardly ever plays anymore and so he just uses the account to gain an unfair advantage. I...
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    Price Check Adj Boar (F) & Adj Jaguar (F) & Liakon (F)

    Liakon (F) probably around +3800 to +4500 Adj Boar (F) probably somewhere between +6500 to +8500 Adj Jag (F) maybe +8000 to +10,000 Mod Viceroy is said to cost up to 9k to obtain Should consider Lion too, not sure about exact price ... If you ask around you should be able to find something for...
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    News: Server Downtime for Release

    I never get these right but will attempt a prediction anyway: New PP content such as: - Codex for RT - Maybe Aug Viceroy, which is trade-able - New Ark Moon content hopefully - Shop/Apartments on Cyrene? - Refurbished Heart 7, 8, 9...? New Caly content: - New storyline missions to replace Iron...
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    Manufacture Methodology!

    Yay!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:
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    Uber: 44.1k Mulmun

    Gratz!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:
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    ☣MUTANT☣ ARMOR SHOP - Twin Peaks mall, 2nd Floor

    Inventory List: Updated 29 August 2021
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    Suggestion: Please allow Shopkeepers to buy goods/resources

    Requested many times already but yes, still needed, for multiple reasons
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    Can planet partners create new items?

    Yeah but I don't think it's as per you say necessarily (that MA is greedy and just wants everyone to stay on Calypso). I think MA is just more serious about the game then any of these other Partners. As a way of example, I think Neverdie Studios only has like 1 or 2 guys. Monria had Ant (and I...