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  1. MsPudding

    Selling: Two Shops at Twin Peaks Mall - 1st Floor Shops!! 1x Large and 1 x Small

    Are you looking for a shop in a high traffic mall? Look no further. I have 2 x first floor shops in Twin Peaks Mall for sale. Running a shop in Entropia can be very profitable. The key to driving traffic and generating income from your shop is going to depend on a combination of 3 important...
  2. MsPudding

    Price Check Weapon Damage Enhancer Blueprints (1-5 and 7)

    Hey, I've got a handful of weapon damage enhancer blueprints, I'm curious what they're worth. I have the following: Damage Enhancer 1: QR 78 Damage Enhancer 2: QR 57 Damage Enhancer 3: QR 40 Damage Enhancer 4: QR 33 Damage Enhancer 5: QR 11 Damage Enhancer 7: QR 1 Any idea on a bulk...
  3. MsPudding

    Buying: Mining Land Area on Calypso

    I am in search of an "empty cartridge" land area on Caly. This can be an empty land container, or this can be a land with a low level mob that I can easily wipe from the land. Please PM me if you have a mining land you're interested in selling. PED in hand.
  4. MsPudding

    Selling: Twin Peaks Mall - Land Area Deed

    For Sale: * Land Area Deed: Twin Peaks Mall SOLD ;)
  5. MsPudding

    Sally and Opals

    Dear Sally, Thank you for listening to us and helping to rebalance Opals. It is much appreciated(y) There are far less items sitting at 2.99 due to your efforts. This graph only shows the last year of MU%, but in reality it was significantly higher before: I realize there are many more...
  6. MsPudding

    Buying: 10mg Pills via [M Token] Convert your M Tokens into PED!

    I'm buying your 10mg pills! I'll buy the ones you get from opening boxes, and I'll buy the ones you get from exchanging M Tokens. I pay the same price for both kinds! ;) Buying: DevaStim 10mg AccuStim 10mg HyperStim 10mg MediStim 10mg I'm also buying HyperStim 5mg, HyperStim 15mg and NeuroStim-A
  7. MsPudding

    OLA#30 Bibo n Bery Stalkers - Sponsored Twitch Stream: WrenchCrowbar

    EntropiaGold is proud to announce a new sponsored Twitch stream event over at OLA#30! The 1st event is taking place tomorrow, Sunday, June 6th at 17:00 UTC EntropiaGold is sponsoring the prizes and Twitch streamer, WrenchCrowbar An awesome YouTube video, featuring OLA#30, was put together...
  8. MsPudding

    Price Check Level 8 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint QR 100

    Howdy, Curious what the value of a 100 QR level 8 finder amplifier (L) blueprint is.
  9. MsPudding

    Selling: FEN Argonaut Strong Claw Loot 2.0 Weapon 81.4% Efficient

    I've got a beast of a claw up for sale! Tier 2.99 81.4% efficiency Damage/PEC: 3.32 85.5 MindArk DPS Some things I've really liked about owning the claw - It uses Universal Ammo - You build Agility and Strength at the same time - Very stable returns, mine were 98.2% tt returns with over 1...
  10. MsPudding

    Help: Looking for Twitch streamers: co-promotion of GoldGrinder and your channel

    I've got a new event, GoldGrinder, launching tomorrow and I'd like your help streaming it the next 4 days! There are a few requirements, but if you qualify, it could mean cheers and Twitch bits for your channel! If you'd like to familiarize yourself with the event, check it out here...
  11. MsPudding

    EntropiaGold's: GoldGrinder - The Ultimate Grinder Event

    EntropiaGold is pleased to announce the next big event! WATCH THIS 3 MIN VIDEO! Event Start Date: April 15th, 2021 A Grinder Event! Each Global is Rewarded! Grind up in Levels and Avatar Progression! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! 4 Participating Land Areas Detailed Land Area Info ? Earn...
  12. MsPudding

    naked mole rats

    beautiful creatures you don't even want to know the forum tests I was running here... clean it up, let's get outta here!
  13. MsPudding

    Question: What Is Your Highest Looter Profession Level?

    I am curious as to what is considered 'average' when it comes to looter skills. This will be an anonymous poll to get some anonymous community feedback. The poll would only let me offer 8 options, and I am aware there are people like Messi that are 100+ and Evey at 98, but they are at the far...
  14. MsPudding

    WOW!!! Legends' Armor Shops are INCREDIBLE!! Go and take a look!! Twin Peaks Mall - Floor 2

    Disclaimer: Alright, alright... I am definitely biased as the owner of Twin Peaks Mall writing this review of Legend's new "makeover" he recently did with his shops on the 2nd floor of the Twin Peaks Mall. BUT, that does not change the fact that his shops are completely awesome, incredibly...
  15. MsPudding

    FEN Argonaut Strong Claw <-> Short Term Swap For: FEN Electric Attack 13

    UPDATE: SCHEDULED WEAPON SWAP. CLAW NO LONGER AVAILABLE Hi, Anyone out there with a FEN Electric Attack Nanochip 13 chip wanting to skill up some HP with a strong claw for 3 weeks or so? I own a FEN Strong Argonaut Claw. Details of the weapon here...
  16. MsPudding

    Buying: Improved Imperium (F)

    Looking to buy a set, PM me your price! Looking for a complete set, Female, 7/7
  17. MsPudding

    Buying: LAND AREA - Calypso

    I'm in the market for a Calypso Land Area. PM me and let me know what you're selling and what you're asking.
  18. MsPudding

    Buying: DNA - Sabakuma, Foul, Berycled etc

    Do you have some Calypso DNA? Please message me! I've got PED in hand! Of interest: * Sabakuma * Berycled * Foul * Atrox * Ambulimax * Hogglo * Cornundacauda * Proteron Etc etc. Please contact me if you have some interesting DNA
  19. MsPudding

    Buying: 1 x Berycled DNA

    As the title says... I'm in search of 1 x Berycled DNA Let me know if you have one! PM me your price and let's make a deal! If you don't have Berycled DNA but you have something else interesting, let me know what it is and what you're asking.
  20. MsPudding

    Selling: TG-U80 Tier 10 - SOLD

    Tier 10 TG-U80 BLP rifle My gun is up for sale. The stats can be seen over on the wiki, click here This is a CAT 8 & 9 Winner folks! Huge DPS out of this thing, inside and out of Mayhem. SIB starts at level 80 B/O: SOLD I will also accept a LA on Caly, Biodome, Summer 2020 ring, AUD, CLD...
  21. MsPudding

    Question: Land Areas: Purchasable Features

    MindArk, First and foremost thank you guys for taking the time to read our posts, answer our questions and communicate with us! We, as a community may not always be the easiest people to please, but one thing is for sure. We are a passionate bunch! Thank you guys for the hard work you put in...
  22. MsPudding

    Buying: 10mg Pills Bulk Order 1,000+

    Looking to place a huge order for 10mg pills. If you've got a lot of MTokens and want to make a deal, PM me and let me know what your asking price is. I'm interested in 1k to 3k pills currently.
  23. MsPudding

    Buying: EST Earth Shock Trooper (F) (L)

    looking for a female set of EST. Let me know the tt, your price. Thx!
  24. MsPudding

    Buying: Left Handed Ring - Halloween 19 or 18

    I am in the market and shopping for a nice left handed ring. Something like the Halloween 19 would be nice, but PM me what you've got and what price you're expecting. PED in hand. Thanks!
  25. MsPudding

    Buying: S̶t̶r̶o̶n̶g̶ ̶A̶r̶g̶o̶n̶a̶u̶t̶ ̶C̶l̶a̶w̶ or MF Chip FEN

    No longer looking for a claw. Interested in FEN MF chip. Corrosive, Electric, PM with details if you got one!