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  1. StrongHyper

    Question: Rocktropia Revival Terminal

    Hello everyone. I am big fan of Neverdie and I was one of first colonists that actually went to Rocktropia ...first day that it has opened and did only hunt motors heads and vixens.Quit hunting them and came back to Calypso. Now I am back with group of friend with more fire power and ammo and...
  2. StrongHyper

    Buying: Shop at Port Atlantis

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  3. StrongHyper

    Buying: Shop at Twin mall

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  4. StrongHyper

    Info: Hunting Aurlis or Kreltins?

    Hello everyone! I am going to spend this week in space and was thinking of doing some healing service with my Regeneration Chip III . (heals 24~32) So anyone who wants me to heal him with my chip it only costs you to pay for the decay what is ( 0.03pec ) per heal and I won't even ask for any %...
  5. StrongHyper

    Buying: Buying nemesis harness (f)

    Anyone who has nemesis harness for sale please send me a pm and we will make a deal for it :) :ahh:
  6. StrongHyper

    Buying: Buying M2910

    Sup all! I am looking for a seller that is prepeared to sell me M2910 for tt+400~440. Anyone who is intrested in selling please PM me or leave a msg here ...Thank you :ahh:
  7. StrongHyper

    Mining on a mountain ?

    Hello guys. My friend and I have just been out mining and guess what ? We had a claim up on a mountain that you can't even think of walking on. We had to teleport several times to get on the mountain and when we saw where and how high was the claim we started to laugh ! Beware where u drop your...
  8. StrongHyper

    Basic Filters

    Last night I was whining how i didn't had any hofs for like last 2-3 months and I asked my friend Percy if he could borrow me his blue print. I went to craft and after some time it was booring to look so I have put it on auto mode. I went to take a nap and this morning when I woke up just when I...
  9. StrongHyper

    Question: Hunting argonauts :/

    Hey everyone... I am trying to get up my tier on my nemesis armor and trying to do that with hunting argonauts with cb5 so i need alot some time to kill it and it gives argonauts more chance to hit me. But the thing is that some people just keep looking straight while hunting and don't care...
  10. StrongHyper

    Fapping Service

    Offering fapping service with 13 paramedic level. Using: sk 20 , t10 , t15 and ek 2600 I charge none and ask only decay to be paid :yay:
  11. StrongHyper

    Buying: Buying Angel armor parts !

    Hello everyone ! I am buying all Angel armor parts (M) except helmet. Please send me a PM or just post here
  12. StrongHyper

    Buying Angel armor parts

    Hello everyone ! I am buying all Angel armor parts (M) except helmet. Please send me a PM or just post here :)
  13. StrongHyper

    Hunting and need a fapper?

    Hello everyone I am Strong Hyperstone Soul from Cyberskunks societhy. I am offering you fapping service that you can't avoid. I am not charging , only pay the decay on the faps. (Tips are ok if you had a profitable hunt) Paramedic Level: 14 Using: sk 20 , t15 , ek 2600 Contact me by private...