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    Selling: Verdant Coat (F)

    Finally, selling my beloved coat of many, many years. Urban Nomad Verdant Coat (F): SOLD
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    Selling: Miscellaneous: Coat, Mining Equip, M.F. equip, Armors, Laser Sights and more...

    EDIT: Hey all, I'm trying to clear out some stuff listed below. All prices are negotiable and please don't hesitate to PM me. I've tried to offer prices below current AH values. If a bid is placed I'll leave a few days for other bids to be considered, however if the bid exceeds my...
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    PC: Jolly Christmas Set (M)

    Hello everyone, I'd like to know how much these X'mas items are worth nowadays: Jolly Christmas Facemask (M) Jolly Christmas Pants (M) Jolly Christmas Shirt (M) Thanks in advance.
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    Selling: Jolly Christmas Set (Santa Set) Male.

    EDIT: SOLD After a long hiatus I've decided to put this up on the market again. Since I no longer play regularly, I really want to sell this. The set consists of: Current top bid: Lazer LAZZ Nero (tt+500ped) Jolly Christmas Facemask (M) Jolly Christmas Pants (M) Jolly Christmas Shirt (M)...
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    Santa Set (M)

    Hey guys, my friend wants me to sell his Santa Set (M) and I just want to run a quick pricecheck to value it.
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    HoF: First VU10.0 HoF and some thoughts

    So I spent the first 30mins hunting Atrox and hit this small HoF: Click to enlarge Now for the thoughts ;) 1. It took me about 5 mins. to completely get used to the controls, no big deal. 2. The environments look a lot better. There seems to be a significant difference between high and...
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    Question: Fi/Ra/Co Cause vs Fi/Ra/Co Beast

    Ok, so I've decided to use BLP Rifles as a secondary weapon choice to my Laser pistols. Right now I'm able to use a Isis CB21(L). I've also decided to amp my BLP rifle (duh) so I have two options: Beast or Cause (I'm not interested in L amps). A quick look at the amp stats: Cause Damage: 26...
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    Uber: Finally after all these years I get my uber :D

    When I posted my achievements thread for unlocking Serendipity quite a few people were surprised that it took me 6 years to unlock it. And now finally I get my first hunting HOF above 1k :D Don't think too many of you will be surprised about that :silly2: It was an initially horrendous run, was...
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    Achievement: 6 years on..

    ..and I finally unlocked Serendipity! Looking back on when I started this was the definitive uber unlock (and one of my old long-term goals), but now I guess more than 50% of the active playerbase have it. I also have a bad habit of unlocking a new skill every 2 years, hope to break that streak...
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    New Decoy System

    A recent thread about booby traps and the like got me thinking about decoys. It's been around 4 years since I last used one and I'm sure a lot of people probably have not used it even once in their EU career. I guess we could chalk it up to a number of reasons: (L) armor and (L) guns allow...
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    Selling: Storm Kolor Jeans and Radar Jacket (F) Set

    It's colored in burgundy ;) First and foremost, I want to sell this as a set, although I am open to individual bids. EDIT: TT+700 as a set :) Willing to negotiate. SOLD AT TT+700
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    Achievement: Snable!!

    Click to enlarge I know its a tiny global. But I've always wanted to global on a snable!!! :acid:
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    HoF: 'Plentiful' Igni =P

    I know its not a big deal but its been awhile since I've done any mining or been on the board :silly2: Click to enlarge EDIT: then the next morning while I kill some tants I get this global: Click to enlarge Mining is so deceptive, gives all these random Hof/globals :)
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    Question: Intuition

    Is it possible to unlock Intuition naturally in the current skill system? And has anyone done that? It seems that just a tiny handful of people even have this skill.
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    GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L)

    The GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L) looks pretty sweet for low level mob skilling, plus I like fast speeds. Has anyone used this extensively? Good experiences? Also any clue on who crafts them on a decently regular basis?
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    Selling: Lime Coat(F), Vigilante Gloves(M&F), Vigilante Arms(M)

    Hey, title says it all, im looking for weekly market prices but will negotiate :) Lime Coat(F) Vigilante Gloves(M&F) Vigilante Arms(M) EDIT: Im willing to go 5-10ped below marketvalue depending on how many pieces you buy :)
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    It took me 4 years to unlock this...

    Its not like ive skilled all those 4 years but it is very embarassing to have unlocked this only now. Kind of close to my heart since day in n day out Dino kept calling this unlock a myth until she got it herself, now nearly 50% of players have it but here it is and im proud of it :)
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    Personal Best Hunting HoF (700ishped Feff)

    Yeah its kinda pathetic after nearly 4 years of playing, but here it is :) Items are Korss H400(L) and adj. Korss (L)... Click to enlarge
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    Vast Cumb Early X'Mas weeeeee

    Well I was Mining for hours last night, was real sleepy and at 4 a.m. finally decided to call it quits. Just as I said gnight to soc I got this : My largest so far (pretty pathetic for 3 years of Mining) but it came at the right time, just before X'Mas! Looks like MA want me to keep playing...
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    Which armour to buy? Gremlin or Ghost

    Well im currently using Vigi and its unbelievably crap except on lower level Atrox. Im thinking of switching to Gremlin or Ghost. However, everyone I speak to has different opinions on it. Most higher level players swear by Gremlin while all my mid level friends recommend Ghost. Im looking for a...
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    I have returnedddd...

    Hi all, doubt any of you remember me my char is 'Amberle Quickening Netherwraith', ive been kinda MIA for around 6 months now but since ive had many fond memories and left behind many friends , I finally thought that I should check on how PE is doing :D Things have been tough with studies but...
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    Price of OF-105

    I was just wondering if anyone has any idea how much an OF-105 could be sold for since I have one in my possesion ;) Been away from PE for awhile so im not too familiar with its current price :D
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    2 Mining Globalsz

    So far Ive had a very bad time Mining in this new VU, ive seen lots of ppl HOF all around me but today I managed to get back some of the PEDs I lost with 2 globals :D WeEeeeEEEEee My first robot spacecraft find
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    88ped argo team global

    Although its a small team global its been kind of significant so i thought of posting :silly2: It was the first time in two months that my friend and I have been properly hunting, and we were on an immense losing streak ( quite the contrary to our last hunt together which resulted in numerous...
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    Well its my first day at EF, just thought I might as well introduce myself. Some of you may have seen me ingame before. Ive been in PE since October 2003 and have enjoyed every second of it! Hiya everyone :D