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  1. baron topper

    a 10k biding mistake

    hi i am joining the group for making another grave biding mistake. to day i accidentality offered to by a painting for 10078 peds, on the auction. 10k more then i wood have. a slip of my finger. i haw written, to the seller Zeipher Treihop Prodig. i hope hi calls me back for a solution. and if...
  2. baron topper

    arcdia undergrund deeds rent for 16/7/2017 - 16/7/2018

    the income from Arcadia land deeds the last year 16/7/2017 - 16/7/2018 is 4.26 peds for 1 deed giving a % of 6,07 with a price of 70 peds. 50 peds = 8,52 % there where 339 days that had a pay out. and 87 that was ether a double, triple ore quadruple pay outs. giving a total of 426 pay outs in...
  3. baron topper

    Top 10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold

    Top 10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold just saw this on you tube baron topper.
  4. baron topper

    aud payout 2015-2017

    AUD payout i got a small stack of AUD. there is no overall result. so i got mine from the to last yers. from 15/5/2015-14/5/2016 for 1 AUD 5,02 peds ore 0,0137534 a day. from 15/5/2016-14/5/2017 for 1 AUD 4,55 peds ore 0,0124657 a day. the last year the first 5 month was poor, but the last 7...
  5. baron topper

    farming the price to grow

    her is my calculations on the price to grow 1 plant in 1 pot the price is on the DNA split in to. old price mu and with new mu. it is an estimate. DNA A 3. 2/30 DNA B 1. 4/70 DNA C 1. 5/77 DNA D 1. 20-50/95 the price is rounded up to nearest 1 ped basic fertiliser 50 stk 5/10 10 stk 1/2...
  6. baron topper


    hi to day i finaly havested my pot a papplon clik img to se difent results i got Gartner skills, and in biology, the loot is 11 peds papplon and 4.5 peds water the harvest is 1 time only. so a new set of stuff is need to replant the pot. i dont know have mush the plant is worth, ore...
  7. baron topper

    farming and havesting

    hi my first fruits is ready to farm clik img just one problem if i try to click on harvest it says "Could not execute. Please try again. and one of the plants seem to be gone to. so still no fruits havested. baron topper. if this post belongs elsewhere plz move it there. ps the to items...
  8. baron topper

    Selling: Building parts Angl Bend [Advanced Cooling System Unit]

    building parts selling parts to build Snug Fruit Boxes from my shop at Treasure island Platinum building Blok A shop5 [35069, 49772, 149] to see the actual price go chek the shopkeeper. the img is a bit outdated, a new one is coming soon. see "clik" img to see amount for sale. bend...
  9. baron topper

    Info: Snug the price to build

    hi just finish building my snug at livas. total building price for me was around 2300 peds. an estimate on the 3 lv´s lv 1 cr 510 peds lv 2 cr 400 peds lv 3 cr 1220 peds might be reduced to 780 peds with good skills to make the bend. there is a difference, it is due to les construction price...
  10. baron topper

    Apartment / house for sale.

    Apartment / house for sale Following house is for sale. From my shopkeeper nr 3. at the shop located at Treasure island platinum building block A shop 5 Amathera. house at Atlas haven west #12a price 5656 peds 301 item points in total And a house at Minopolis #5 price 5656 peds Sold 305...
  11. baron topper

    CLD land deeds for sale

    CLD land deeds for sale. selling 1 CLD land deeds. from my shopkeeper at Ti island City. Platinum building. block A. shop 5 Platinum building is right next to teleporter. ps the land plots, and surrounding land was very different. 1 at livas. click the img to see it, in full scale size...
  12. baron topper

    some numbers on harvesting. -> land plots boards need to clam a land plot

    some numbers on harvesting. -> land plots boards need to clam a land plot if you got a lv 3 cutter. and only cut lv 3 trees you may on a 6-10 hour's run get from 50-100 lv 3 boards 1500 combosit planks is need to clam a 40-20 +18 CLD to make 1500 planks you need around 2550-2200 long...
  13. baron topper

    Replace hangars with CLD land plots

    replace hangars with CLD land plots In game there is 12 areas with hangars, with no use on Calypso. Mindark should offer the hangar owners a land plot, in replacement of there hangars and use the rest of the space, for additional land plots, thereby get rid of the hangars with no use, and...
  14. baron topper

    Selling: Composite planks for CLD land plots

    Composite planks for CLD land plots i got 1 x 1500 Composite planks fore sale at 6500 peds there is now only 12. 40-20 land plots ore lees to claime. atm Baron topper. Pm me her ore in game.
  15. baron topper

    CLD landplot Cld drop rate

    a new settlement has started its auction drop rate south of troy. stating today at 11.00 utc ore 13.00 central European time. "the cld land plots, drop with a different rate ons every day 12 UTC. 14,00 central European time. " 20-20 drop 1 cld a day from 27 - 9 ending in 18 days 0 days left...
  16. baron topper

    next island secret Island

    next island - secret Island any one know what that is ? i am downloading it now
  17. baron topper

    planet Theryon

    planet Theryon the planet never to be, it seems. below is a link to the studio there tock over from Spaniard blend, fluzo studios The work on Theryon, is stopped, and all imgs/figs is now apparently owned bye fluzo studios so hue owns the rights to the planet Theryon. ore is it gone...
  18. baron topper

    The Furniture Shop

    The Furniture Shop. extra shopkeeper where to find shop 5, block A display area is in front. TP is to the right. shop 5 display is nr to from left. the front of shop clik the img to see a lager version. it easier to see the prices to. The Img´s is a bit outdated atm, i need to update...
  19. baron topper

    guide to bridge deep in the instance.

    hej her is the step guide to the brick stone bridge deep in the new dungeon the instance read it from bottom up. ooo jump last tile. oxo oxo xxo xoo xoo xoo xxo oxo oxo oxx oox xxx xoo xxo oxx oox start her there are other tiles one can stand on, this ons vill get you through. the bridge...
  20. baron topper

    a intresting grafikal bug. :-)

    after being thrown out of the game, upon entering it the NPC'es, had a different look, kind a Halloween style like. Another relock, and the vent back to there old looks. click me. interesting that a bug can produce thes npc'es. there might be a extra layer to them.
  21. baron topper

    the colour bug has emigrated to shopkeepers, and furniture as well.

    the colour bug has emigrated to shopkeepers, and furniture as well. it seems that. a underlying program is ruing every time thee is a update. it ads to colour to shopkeepers, making them darker, in skin and there hear. now furniture got darker to. eqlesa shelf, julebug, weapon rack. also got...
  22. baron topper

    avatar flag bug.

    one of the more funny avatar bugs. it moves as hi moves around, a update is coming soon i think.
  23. baron topper

    3 for 1 fom old times

    3 for 1 from old times this mail i got in December 2008. the following yer 2009 in the summer period. Mindark, wrote that the had never had so many players on-line during the December 2008, in there annual report. if the did this for all of Entropia it might solve a problem or to for the...
  24. baron topper

    I hide a item somewhere in the universe

    I hide a item somewhere in the universe :yay: yesterday i found a item with a value of 2 peds. on a spot over 400 meters. i then hide it in a another spot. in this universe. its on water and yet its not. its looks like the Alps and yet its not. :scratch2: if you find it, then plz post a img...
  25. baron topper


    uboat coincidently i discovered that the hover pod can be used as a uboat. clik img to enlarge this may be a exploit, but one of the nicer ons. you can "drive around" but it is a bit difficult, one need to do it on some depth, and start on a flat spot.