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    [Earth Shock Trooper (F,L)]

    hey i have this set i'm thinking about selling cause i allmost never use it, it's allmost full tt. anynone who can help me withi this?
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    Selling: Angel F

    woop woop make me an offer
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    Buying: ADJ Fap

    hey i'm on the lookout for an adjusted fap, so if you have one you might wanna sell plz give me a shout! can offer pure peds or angel armor F +peds
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    Selling: Angel f

    hey, i'm selling this great armor, 3 parts are tier 1 rest are 0. sb tt+16k Bo tt+20k
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    Angel F

    hi i was wondering how much a full Angel F are worth! thx for your help!
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    2283 lvl 4

    desidet to click a few lvl 4 amps! bought 72 click and got this baby with 5 click left!
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    Selling: 33 CLD's

    deeds on ah!
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    Selling: Dante and some armors

    plz pm me with a prive if you wanna buy some of this stuff Armors (F) Gremlin Ghost (no feet) Rascal Vigi (no harness) A6 Plats and my Dante amp!
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    Selling: Low level armors

    Hi i have a few low level armors i'd like to sell. plz PM me with offers All armors are F Rascal (Full) Vigi (Full) Ghost (Missing feet) Gremlin (Full)
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    Buying: UL WW bp

    i'm looking for a welding wire BP UL, plz pm me if you have one you wanna sell
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    hunting + mining uber!

    bin a month or so sins i could post here the last time but struck some luck on FOMA last night with some level 105 amps=) this one are a few weeks old but my first solo hunting uber ever=)
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    Buying: P5a BP

    hey i'm looking for this bp so if you have one you wanna sell then plz pm me with QR and price! thx for your time=)
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    Uber: 1030 ares

    Finaly i can post here! have had 2 good trips on FOMA and the last trip gave me this baby=) Was amping with level 5
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    have red something about trox have bin harder to kill now! they hit more often so maby they should drop bigger loot then! but OMFG 38060 ped loot for a young, and that's not freaky enough then it goes to a person with no globals or hofs in hunting ever! did MA's boss just get a new child or...
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    Selling: Angel shin F

    Hi have a set of angel shins i have no need for anymore SB+1k BO+1,1k
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    Achievement: Finaly Cool

    i finaly hit level 40=) was a bit stupid i didn't do that before cause when i hit level 40 in laser hit i were level 39 and 97,46% in blp! if i just had gone pure laser or blp i would have had it for some time=)
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    Selling: CB24 tier 3.x

    hi i'm selling this baby cause i'm not hunting so much more! SB +12k BO+14k the tier are 3.3 atm but might be a bit higher cause the gun are used alot by a m8
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    CB24 tier 2.9

    hi i'm about to sell this gun and wondering how much it's worth atm.
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    HMM com on MA

    Logged in this morning and were like WTF when i saw nr. 2 and 3 on hunting hofs! som dude had a 8723 argo and 8501 argo within 12 houers! so i had to look him up on tracker and he only had a total loot in hunting globals/hofs before the 2 loots on 485 peds! com on MA! just did the argo mission a...
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    Achievement: Iron Argo mission!

    I finalt desidet to finish a full mission! so wanted to take a nice and easy mob who could drop a nice amount of peds if i were lucky! Largest loot for all 16.600 argos were 153 tt cb 24! not the bedst loot but overall i have profit from the run so that's allways nice=) got 54,22 TT combat...
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    Uber: 1387 lyst on arkadia

    went up to arkadia as soon as i got online that day and started mining! not long into the run i got this baby=) took me soo many houers to pull up but still glad i got it=)
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    Uber: 5531 oa-102

    was drunk the other night so bought a few bp's off the ah! first i got a 1117 ped oa-102 with a nice oa-103 L bp in it! then i were out of residue so had to wait until my amps sold so i could make som more=) so after i got some residue i got this one=)...
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    Uber: xr90

    after a baad weekend i finly start to hit something again=) had a global yestoday with a ma-109 L bp with 20 clicks on it så silent uber and then today i had this one=) bp are a bull tac80 with 24 clicks in it...
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    Selling: Selling F armors, UL guns and Extractors

    Weapons Isis CB5 UL (tier 0,8) (200 ped tt) tt+ 185 GeoTrek H41 Mina UL (tier 2.1) (3312,19 ped tt) SB tt+4,2k BO TT+5k Armors (all are ul) Ghost - foot (302 ped tt) tt+50 Rascal (60,65 ped tt) tt+55 Kobold (70,5 ped tt) tt+10 - SOLD Extractors below mu. Advanced Cloth Extractor 108 1.08 PED...
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    PC on ADJ fab and Mina tier 2 ul

    hey i'm thinking about selling my mina now and thinking about buying an adj fab! but bin some time sins the last adj fab were sold on ah and only 1 mina ever sold! so was wondering how much they are worth atm! anyone?