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  1. Falagor

    Compet - Entropia pet connection

    Ok so i think i am going crazy now... I am 99% sure that recently i have either received e-mail about Compet info or i have read it here on PCF but now i can not find it no matter how hard i try and search for it. So i have started to think that mayby i have just dreamed about it and it was not...
  2. Falagor

    Buying: Summer Ring 2016

    @edit: bought it. Hello, I am looking to buy Summer Ring 2016. Offering 26k peds. I might be interested in Buying Ares Ring Perfected but i preffer to buy Summer (so hit me with offer too if you have one - mayby i will take it instead). Falagor :bandit:
  3. Falagor

    EL Tracker laged and missed some tracking.

    I just wanted to say that yesterday when EL site was down and EL Tracker could not start becasue of that reason so i have decided to make my own mini tracking soft. Mini - becasue basicly what i only need is total damage, nr of hit, nr of crits and nr of evades (and to show hit and crit ratio)...
  4. Falagor

    Buying: Accuracy Enhancers blueprint (VI, VII, VIII, IX, X)

    @edit: bought them all. Hello, I am looking to buy those Accuracy Enhancers blueprints: (Already bought: VI, VII, VIII, IX, X) Please post here, in PM or ingame with QR on blueprint and price you have in mind for them. Falagor :bandit:
  5. Falagor

    Selling: Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition (tier 5.5)

    @edit: auction has ended. Item sold. /@edit: Hello, I am selling this nice chip: [Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition] (link <click>) Its currenlty at tier 5.5. Remaining TIRs: tier 6: 57 tier 7: 110 tier 8: 101 tier 9: 46 tier 10: 50 BO: TT + 6950 peds current best offer: TT + 6500 peds...
  6. Falagor

    Decay information in item description? (year 2016)

    So... a long time ago in a galaxy far far away i posted this: <click> Please read at least first post to know what i am refering to. Since problem persists and now when is down and God knows when it will be revived (if at all) i think times got only worse (i started new thread...
  7. Falagor

    I am back!

    Hello, it seems i was absent in this game for about 9-10 months. Welp... now i am back. Reasons of my absence were ranging from personal to health issues but now most of them are fixed or under control so i should appear more often ingame and here on forum of course too :). Anyway - it is...
  8. Falagor

    Buying: Shrapnel at 101%

    Hello, i will be buying Shrapnel at 101% usually quite often i might change planets in future though. Current location: Calypso Current amount needed: up to 0k peds Please be reasonable and try to gather stacks of at least 100peds (best it would be in +1k ped bulks of course) ;). Hit me with...
  9. Falagor

    PC: FFA Merry Mayhem Stars (2015)

    @edit: forgot to put "PC:" before the title (if mod could edit this please - thank you). In case someone reads it before - this is Pricecheck thread ;). @/edit Hello, seems that so far there is no PC thread on those: FFA Mayhem Stars. And many people probably wonder how to really value them...
  10. Falagor

    Feffox Cave

    Today i got sentimental and someing reminded me the good old feffox cave (do not mix with feffoid cave...). If you do not know what it is: it is an instance that was made for first (and only) feffox event (rules similar to Halloween Mayhem). In my opinion it was THE BEST desigend instance so...
  11. Falagor

    Buying: 2x Aquila (L) (M) (full TT, full sets)

    Seller found - pending trade :) Hello, i am looking to buy 2x full TT full sets of Aquila (L) (M). Please PM if you have full set for sale with price you have in mind (not interested in parts). Falagor :bandit:
  12. Falagor

    Selling: Gravis GLR-33

    Sold :) Hello, selling this recenlty looted gun: [Gravis GLR-33] TT value is currently 129.22ped (out of max 195.00) Link to entropedia: <click> TIRs: 44, 40, 57, 51, 103, 54, 68, 46, 41, 95 SB: TT +100 peds BO: TT + 400 peds Current bid: TT+100 (Angel O2 Mercer) auction ends at 2015-10-30...
  13. Falagor

    Help: formula for eco and dps calculations

    @edit: i have the questions answered and i think formula verified ;). @/edit: Hello, i am currently working on tool that will help calculating economy and dps of weapon setups. Here is snapshot of the app: It is obviously in alpha stage and i am not yet sure if i will make it for public use...
  14. Falagor

    PC: Corinthian Ruby Kanin (lev 25+)

    Hello, since i have hard time setting price tag on this pet i will ask others what they think how much it may be worth: Corinthian Ruby Kanin (lev 25+). Some stats: - pet at lev 25 has 77575 xp. Considering person will be most eco training (~2xp/1energy). This means that it requires minimum...
  15. Falagor

    Selling: Corinthian Ruby Kanin Pet

    Hello, i will be selling this fine pet: Corinthian Ruby Kanin Level 26 (its 85k xp) All buffs unlocked (10% focus generation and 14% acceleration). I am not really sure about price to be honest. @edit: thats why i stated PC thread - link: <click> From the pure functionality purpose with...
  16. Falagor

    Selling: Ares Ring Improved

    Sold... Falagor :bandit:
  17. Falagor

    Selling: Large Chadriak Mushrooms

    Hello, Selling large [Large Chadriak Mushroom]s. Nr in stock: 15 Price for each: 175ped Falagor :bandit:
  18. Falagor

    Buying: Trading my Ares Ring Improved for stronger one (Modified or Perfected)

    Hello, my current offer: my for Thats roughly: 14k + 5k + 2.3k = 21.3k peds in items. If you prefer pure peds for you Ares Modified - still give me PM - i will try to organise them. I probably will not have enough to switch to Perfected but hit me with offers if you have one for sale and...
  19. Falagor

    Question: Rings: What do you THINK the decay per hour will be like?

    Hello, i was thinking what the decay/h on the (L) and UL rings might be after MA will try to balance this to fit into game. Here are my thought: 1) lets look at the Ares rings first since we have item that is basicly with identical stats already: Neurostim-X. That costs 5ped for 12%/1%/12% for...
  20. Falagor

    HoF: Ares Ring Improved

    I just can't belive it... My plan was (is?): - buy 100x Strongbox - open them and see what happens (and hope for at east one (L) ring - prefered +acceleration) - set withdrawal of 200$ later today... This happened on 5th box opened... i still have 95 boxes left... Falagor :bandit:
  21. Falagor

    Question: claim after nrf in same spot?

    Hello, today i accidently made another drop after first getting nrf and to my suprise i got claim. It was same finder and exactly same spot. I thought that mayby i moved a bit or mayby i was extremly lucky to resource spawn at the very moment so i started experimenting. And it seems that it is...
  22. Falagor

    Info: Resotration Chips - "switch" cooldown

    Hello, yesterday i have written support case asking about two questions - one of them is important: what is exact "switch" cooldown on those new chips. Read following copy/paste support for more details. I am still waiting for answer and will post it as soon i get it but before someone buys...
  23. Falagor

    Selling: Corinthian Ruby Kanin lev 25 (+14% acceleration unlocked)

    I have changed my mind - no longer for sale... Falagor :bandit:
  24. Falagor

    PC: Adjusted Restoration Chip

    Hello, someone should start this ;). So cost to get it is: - 5k sweat - 5k muscle oil (150.00 TT) - 5k eye oil (250.00 TT) - 5k tyroid oil (500.00 TT) - 5k adrenal oil (1000.00 TT) - 200 Bio Id verification (3200.00 TT) total TT is 5100.00 TT Lets considering oils at lets say 105% since they...
  25. Falagor

    FYI: Cointhian Ruby Kanin - huge nerf!

    Just so everyone knows. With this update there came huge nerf on this pet: energy consuption on both buffs was rasied to ridiculous high levels. Generation buff +10% used to have 1.0 en/h consuption. Now its 10.0 en/h Acceleration buff +14% used to have 1.4 en/h consuption. Now its 40.0 en/h...