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  1. kevin282

    Ban the Above User!

    Banned for hating monkeys!
  2. kevin282

    Count to 600 before a mod/admin posts!

    323........ :rolleyes:
  3. kevin282

    Count to 600 before a mod/admin posts!

    229 :) To short...
  4. kevin282

    Entropia Universe Account Inactivity

    well you are not alone! i got one also? :S and i am not that long gone :confused:
  5. kevin282

    Epic accidents

    Hahaha this thread made my day :laugh: I want to +rep you but i got to spread :(
  6. kevin282

    Help: Make your laptop as wifi connection point.

    i am not great with ip adresses yet but you can try to set up a static ip adress in your ipod/ipad? by touching the blue > in the wifi settings .
  7. kevin282

    need ammo!

    I agree with that, no begging for stuff on the forum please! :wise:
  8. kevin282

    A new scammer´s on the road....

    I can uderstand that. But do we have other options? (i was thinking about burning his compter with a virus)
  9. kevin282

    A new scammer´s on the road....

    I think it's time for a IP ban for him. He had his second chance so now it bye bye for him. :yup:
  10. kevin282

    Help: Blocked Account?

    I think it's over because sebbeox is been hit by the Ban hammer :yay:
  11. kevin282

    Help: Blocked Account?

    good to hear that. no offence taken then in that case. :D
  12. kevin282

    Help: Blocked Account?

    So because someone that is not 18+ has done something wrong all of them should be punished? Thats not really fair to me because i am 17 and always have play nice :scratch2: What will happen then if someone that is 18+ has done something wrong? should we all stop playing then?
  13. kevin282

    Help: Blocked Account?

    I agree with you on the last part but the kid started with the sworing and insults.
  14. kevin282

    Help: Blocked Account?

    YOU ARE UNBELIEVEBEL!! I even know when i was 15 that asking for free stuff in a game like this is a stupid thing to do!
  15. kevin282

    Help: Blocked Account?

    Scammer or not you are still locked becaus of making a account with a fake ID. So make a new account like they said and move on. That you need to hear this from a 17 year old boy..... And yes i got parental premision.
  16. kevin282

    - Content of Oblivion -

    The xfire building in the old port atlantis has also never returned :scratch2:
  17. kevin282

    Entropia Universe 11.5.6 Release Notes

    yeah me to.:( but we could have expected this.
  18. kevin282

    Help: Servers down for maintenance

    I live in the netherlands and i am still able to log in.
  19. kevin282

    Wishes: MindForce

    Some new mf chips like ones that creat a shield or increase your walk/run speed temporaly for example.
  20. kevin282

    Count to 600 before a mod/admin posts!

    150......... :yay:
  21. kevin282

    WormHoles 2010

    great pictures :D
  22. kevin282

    Count to 600 before a mod/admin posts!

    107 and its still to short....
  23. kevin282

    Mass suicide on PA tower 2.0! it's gonna be bigger then a cheese burger!

    to bad i was not able to be there this time :( but i already have joind the first one :) i prommise i wil be there when you do this event again!
  24. kevin282

    Count to 600 before a mod/admin posts!

  25. kevin282

    Server Downtime For Release

    if they add snow at port atlantis the lag will be fatal for my laptop :eyecrazy: