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    Selling: Hedoc SK-50 Adjusted Tier 5

    Selling my Hedoc SK-50 Adjusted Tier 5 56.6-75.5 hp heals @ 24/minute (WikiLink) Looking for offers. Will start bidding at TT+500 Got initial bid via PM & *S*O*L*D* PS: I reserve the right to refuse bids or take this auction down.
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    Buying: Buying Big Pumpkin Sweets

    Buying Big Pumpkin Sweets PM here or in game with QTY and price, Paying near MU :) Thanks Joey Jay-Jay Javonie
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    Damage Enhancer 1 Blueprint QR 100

    Damage Enhacner 1 Blueprint with a QR of 100 Price Check. I own one. Intend to sell it. Jay-Jay
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    PC: Level 1 Amp UL

    As title Says Price Check Level 1 Amp UL Regular markup in recent years was TT+6k Has the price changed? Thanks for info:) Jay-Jay
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    PC : Adjusted SK-50 Tier 5

    Hello Just wondering what my Adjusted SK-50 tier 5 is worth atm. Heals 56.6-75.5 at 24/minute TT is around 300ped, 1-2% usable atm. Thanks Jay-Jay
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    Selling: CLD - Calypso Land Deed - CLD

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    Selling: 264.22ped ESI 700.174%

    1850 PED 264.22ped ESI 700.174% Add me in game Joey Jay-Jay Javonie Or Post Here!
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    Selling: Kill Osseocollum with HIGH TIER Full Vain Armor (L) Except Thighs (Perseus)

    Vain Helmet - Tier 5.7 - xx.xxTT Vain Harness - Tier 1.5 - xx.xxTT Vain Shins - Tier 2.6 - xx.xxTT Vain Arms - Tier 5.1 - xx.xxTT Vain Arms - Tier 6.9 - xx.xxTT Vain Gloves - Tier 6.1 - xx.xxTT Vain Foots - Tier 8.4 - xx.xxTT Perseus Thigh- Tier 4.7 - xx.xxTT I'm Selling the...
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    Selling: Yuka Long Bone DNA PART!

    SB - 1k ped BO - 4k ped Freshly looted DNA part from arkadia :) PM me or Post here Price Nego, BO can be modded with a nice PM offer or Post! Joey Jay-Jay Javonie
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    3569ped Aurli.. O.O

    wow.. as a socmate said "When it rains it pours" Clearly unexpected after my near 4k hit yesterday!
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    Almost 4k Aurli :)

    wooot, less then 600 aurli left for the 5k and...
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    Selling: *Mandana&Zadul DNA*Icy Death Ray*Kobold SGA*Shogun*

    ________________________________________________ Xent Tech Icy Death Ray *Missing On Entropeida* TT+600 Nego! ________________________________________________ Kobold SGA(Missing Shin SGA) Male...
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    Selling: Full Gremlin Tier 1 (M) SB/BO TT+199

    Full Gremlin Tier 1 (M) SB/BO TT+199 (OR BEST OFFER) SOLD! Add me in game - Joey Jay-Jay Javonie or PM/Post Here:) Thanks!
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    Buying: 5x CLD 1250 Each

    That's right, buying 5x CLD at 1250 each.. Go ahead and make 100ped off each CLD you bought from MA official the other day :) Add me in Game --> Joey Jay-Jay Javonie or PM/Post here Thanks!!
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    Selling: Ghoul Tier 2.x (+Free Kobold) Male 4sale - CLD/PED Offer!

    Removed due to silly low-ball offers. PM/Post Here This is a good overall armor, great on low level Scip and araneatrox or the big atrox's :) Good Luck. -Blah blah legal shit, can remove if I want to or someone buys at nice price :) Thanks-
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    Selling: DetPil V-Rex 2000

    SOLD! Lock Thread Please
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    Selling: Marber Foxtrot Mentor Edition Tier 2.4

    Looking for 1 CLD or TT+1200 Tier Rates Remaining 85-87-95-106-95-80-50-60 Joey Jay-Jay Javonie
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    Herman Raw-303 2.8xx dmg/pec with an amp ~30dps with amp 100.1m Range, SIB lvl 20 req Gun Thanks
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    Herman Raw-303

    Weeeee! :D *not for sale anymore*
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    Lacerating Nano Chip XI (L)
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    Lacerating Nano Chip XI (L) Discovery

    Discoverd in arkadain instance 10 Lacerating Nano Chip XI (L) PM For offers on it, It's for sale.
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    Selling: Kobold Male SGA (All But Shins are SGA)

    Looking For TT+200 PM or Post here Thanks Joey Jay-Jay Javonie
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    Selling: Ghoul Male Tier 2.x (Except Feet 1.8) For 7CLD

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    Selling: Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 1

    For Sale SB TT+35 BO TT+75 Auc ends 1 Week after SB is met, Last day Sniper bids will increase the auction time 1day Good Luck and thanks ;) Joey Jay-Jay Javonie
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    Selling: Generic Fuse

    Selling 1 Generic Fuse, TT+SOLD OrBestOffer Joey Jay-Jay Javonie