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  1. True Juan

    Selling: Ghost (M) Set +270

    Hi, Selling this set. Regards, True
  2. True Juan

    Buying: Omegaton M2910, Omegaton M2875, EWE EP-35 Serenity, Sollomate Kangoo, Adjusted

    Hi guys, Looking for these rare pieces. Regards, True :bandit:
  3. True Juan

    Treasure Island - Any official info from Mindark?

    Hi all, Im trying to get some codex done on mobs that were exclusive for TI and the spawns there just suck. Does anyone have info what the actual beef is with Deathifier vs. Mindark? Do we have any official info from Mindark about this? Is no-one concerned that a person that had a Land Area...
  4. True Juan

    Selling: A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Ancient, Improved Tier 10

    Hi, Due to me becoming a dad today (proud father of daughter Ela) and a friend of mine (owner of weapon) needing some cash IRL, I am putting this mighty fine weapon on the market. RANGE: 160m EFFICIENCY: 90.5 % DPP: 3.275 TIER: 10 SB...
  5. True Juan

    Disband ALL inactive Societies

    Hi guys, I think the title says it all. I think 90% of societies out there are DEAD. Making the game look dead. Not sure what I would base it on exactly. Maybe 3 avatars must have logged into the game in the last year for a soc to stay alive. (Or at least 1 or something). What do you think...
  6. True Juan

    Buying: Teleportation Chip 2, Adjusted

    Hi guys, Interested in this TP chip. Send me your price if you have it for sale. Regards, True
  7. True Juan

    Selling: Isis LR32 Modified T8.99

    Hi, Possibly selling my trusty weapon, due to another great opportunity. (TT is LOW). I will let it go for 11000 peds Regards, True :bandit:
  8. True Juan

    Buying: Omegaton Igni L1000 or EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted

    Hi, PM if you got one of these for a reasonable price. (Friend is looking for one, Tier doesnt matter). Thanks, True
  9. True Juan

    Selling: Omegaton Igni L1100E - SOLD

    Hi guys, Freshly looted gun (My best loot since 2006). :) Tier is 0.04 (TIR 84 / 200) Got better weapons to hunt with so no need for me to hold it. SOLD: 9000 PEDs Regards, True
  10. True Juan

    Buying: LONGU (Texture/Leather/Skin)

    Hi guys, Want to get my boots in LONGU and it seems its not dropping so would like to gather LONGU (Texture/Leather/Skin) from old storage supplies. Thank you, True :bandit:
  11. True Juan

    Selling: WTS: 10 mg PILLS (Any Kind you need)

    Hi, Selling any type of 10mg you want (Accu, Nutri, Medi, Hyper, Deva,) Up to 250 pills available. 5.5 PED / PILL (BULK DISCOUNT AVAILABLE) Also have some: nutri 14 / 5.5 / 2 deva 26 / 5.5 / 2 accu 20 / 5.5 / 2 medi offer neuro A 4 Regards, True
  12. True Juan

    Selling: Hunter Mentor Edition & Mah'ketta Armor Sets (M)

    Hi guys, Selling full Hunter Mentor Edition +500 peds (ON HOLD, using it :) ) Selling full Mah Ketta +700 peds Both are great sets, but I also have other sets, so want to free up some peds :) Regards, True :bandit:
  13. True Juan

    Buying: Imperial HAZEN (M) Parts

    Hi, Interested in parts. PM if you have something for sale. Regards, True
  14. True Juan

    Buying: A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Improved

    Hi, Possibly looking for A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Improved (Any Tier) PM me your price. Regards, True
  15. True Juan

    Buying: Tier 9 Component (97 pcs 380%)

    Hi, Need this to tier up my toy :) Thx, True
  16. True Juan

    Selling: Christmas Strongbox (2ped/box)

    Hi, Selling Christmas Strongboxes (2ped/box) Minimum 50pcs per sale Regards, True
  17. True Juan

    Buying: NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 4 or 5

    Hi, Looking for one of these amps. PM price Regards, True
  18. True Juan

    Buying: Lacerating Attack Nanochip 13, FEN Edition + NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 7, FEN Edition

    Hi, Possibly looking for this combo or just the chip. PM if you have one for sale. Regards, True
  19. True Juan

    Buying: NeoPsion Mindforce Implant (Mod/Aug/Perf)

    Hi, Looking for one of these implants. PM your price. More interested in Mod/Aug/Perf Regards, True
  20. True Juan

    Selling: Athenic Ring Perfected - SOLD

    Hi guys, Got this ring in a trade, but have a better one, so its for sale. 2500 PEDs - SOLD Regards, True
  21. True Juan

    Selling: Halloween Ring 2020 - SOLD

    Hi, Freshly opened, still hot... Already have 2 good rings... SOLD Regards, True :bandit:
  22. True Juan

    Will we see an upgrade to societies (Society Terminal)

    Hi, Will we finally see an upgrade to societies (Society Terminal), more activities for societies??? Thanks, True
  23. True Juan

    Buying: Thunderbird (M) Thigh Guards UL

    Hi guys, Looking to complete my set of (Nearly full set) of Thunderbird. Would like to complete it if possible :) PM your price. Regards, True
  24. True Juan

    Buying: Ghoul (M) Set

    Hi, Interested in a set. Price around +2500 peds. Let me know if u have a set for sale. Thanks, True
  25. True Juan

    Buying: Thorifoid Berserker Mace FEN Edition or A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified

    Hi, Interested in: Thorifoid Berserker Mace FEN Edition A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified PM your price. Regards, True