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    NASA press conference

    This looks really interesting :) Link: Taken from another site: Link:
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    Why should I start again?

    As the title say, why should I start again? I am a lucky one. I have a great society. (Skillin' Villains) I have been playing since 2006, and the first time i registered was 2005. I have had a break for about a year because I am one of those that feel like I dont need to play everyday. My...
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    The new vehicles

    I am amased that noone have seen the new vehicles: Heres is a sneek preview (how anybody can ride this at 60km is beyond me)
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    New update on Entropia at mmorpg Qutoe from the site: Edit: copy/paste
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    I am sorry!

    I am truefully sorry for the idiotic thread I started yesterday. I was drunk and that is no ekscuse. I hope the whiners have leaned a lesson to not do as I do. Sometimes you just have to vent (as I did) and you are very sorry the day after. I was drunk as hell when I wrote it, but that is no...
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    Help: XFX Radeon 4890 OC version 6 pin /8 pin

    I have just recently bought myself an 4890 gfxcard. ( ) It is the XFX version OC, so it is fabric overclocked. In this package however I didn't get all the cables. The card requier a 6 pin (2x3) PCI-E and a 8 pin (2x4). In the...
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    Strange videos

    OK as the title says. Post your most bizarre and strange video (within limits ofcourse) I will begin with Apex Twins 3far9oHZOsI
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    Tron Legacy trailer

    This is one movie I really am looking forward to :) watch?v=I6jfm0hq0bk&feature=haxa_popt00us04 Hmm. troble with embedded. here is the full link:
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    Why the hell does everbody feel like they can make a topic here?

    I am just one of those. Make an example and give me 1 week banned! I have nothing to say! EDIT: What I mean is that everybody makes an idiotic statement and feel like it belongs in "General". I did the same now with this topic, so make an example out of me ban me for a week! (Since this is...
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    WARNING! Spider in OWH

    As of now, keep out of OWH as a spider is on the loose in trade building!
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    What do you say to your friends?

    I guess you people are like me. You are the only one that have heard about Entropia. You have said that you got a global/hof/ath! to somebody that you care about, and they have just looked at you like you are crazy! I guess you guys also miss to talk to somebody after 8 hours ingame. Somebody...
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    Thank you Spikey!

    I didnt catch your whole name, but you was a good healer for me, even if i KS asomething I think you where first to shoot at! I don't know what we should have done without our good healers! I died and died and died. And Spikey healed me all the time, in revive and into the fields! I was drunk as...
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    Us vs them vs bots vs separitist vs Dumpty

    "The government is evil, decadent, corrupt or all three and it’s time for a revolution. Only one thing stands in the way: your fellow revolutionaries. All of you can agree on only one thing: The government must go. Beyond that, you and your fellow revolutionaries couldn’t decide on pizza...
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    Crashing at CND

    Lately I have crashed a lot to desktop up at CND. It usually comes when I try to suck up a claim. Thank god all I have missed is an Ample nexus (and a flight). I have Vista (and yes, I know it is not supported yet, but it worked before, if you disregard the occasional whitescreen here and...
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    Congratulations Spain!

    yes I know this have been said before.. But this is the offtopic anyways, so I just wanna say GRATZ SPAIN! for a well deserved win. It should have been much moore, but GO TORRES! and thank you for a very entertaining match!
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    I'm sorry!

    I know this will provoke some, and bring a smile to others, but I am happy none the less! I was out eco hunting and low level skilling some blp at Atlas when this mob turned up! It was my 3 kill today and I was not expecting this at all! My highest loot since I started playing comes from a...
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    Vista and no booting

    First of all I know that this is the wrong forum, but I hope as Etopia that we can get a Technical thread, and not just for Entropia. My story is as follows: I hope somebody have some good input! A brand new computer...
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    My very first HOF.. I was messing about in PVP4 and got killed (of course) and when I was running abou around the tp i saw a Corn that I wanted. I shot it and this was the result!
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    The most idiotic picture of you

    We got show us your face/desktop/crib and so on.. Let's see how you look in not so flattery pictures. I'll start. (and yes I have much worse but Hey it's a start!)
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    First virtuall thief arrested

    The police in netherland has arrested what seems to be the first virtuall thief At last we have some positive news in what can happen to thiefs and/or scammers. EDIT: Sorry, use the other threads. Nods, just delete :)
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    Video of Lootpool after China joins ;P I guess this is a good representation of how the lootpool will look like when everybody wants a cut of it after china joins ;P I am sorry but I can't get this embedding to work so You have to click the link
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    Happy birthday to me!

    Today my little friend is celebrating his 2.nd year on Calypso! The day will be spent hunting/mining/crafting/dancing :)
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    Team Hunt and Disable Ads

    Just got this from support. Thought I would share it as this is something I never have thought about before So I guess 1 person could "screw" up loot in a 12 man's team if (s)he has the ad's disabled
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    Pantera - Hoff-Style

    Ok if you wanna be entertained, watch this! Sorry I don't know how to put links from youtube directly into posts
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    Norwegians I need your help!

    Yesterday (sunday) it was a documentary on NRK1 about virtual worlds. EU, "other" and "other". Unfortantly I missed it and it already has been aired on NRK2. Did any of you happen to see this? And is it somewhere on the net? I think it was original a French production. A friend of mine saw it...