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  1. keltigirl

    Selling: Textures

    selling this lot as a whole !! 12000.00 ped for this list of textures i crafted. sopur 26; faucervix 17; blausarium 232; allophyl 517; gradivore 17; mermoth 447; longu 669; oculus 329; foul 329; nexnecis 130; narcanism 207; trutun 355; ganganite 232; formidon 216; atrox 473; itumatrox 226...
  2. keltigirl

    Selling: Paints

    selling my entire paints collection at once (y'all can parcel it out yourself) there is at least 1 can of every color. a good many colors have more than 1 can. 4400.00 ped for this lot. see me at argus in one of the service terminals.
  3. keltigirl

    Selling: complete (F) Tiger armor

    selling out - here is your chance at a complete female tiger armor suit. total for just the suit: 19700.00ped the plates are 8A(L) and 335ped for the set to match the armor. can find me in one of the ARgus service centers.
  4. keltigirl

    Selling: a rather large pile

    yup - decided to sell my rather large pile of dung, since i have not been able to make a hole with it .. (chuckles) i am hoping that a single player is willing to collect the whole (because i am not a merchant) the total amount is over 267 K (yes 267,000.) but willing to negociate some...
  5. keltigirl

    umm - where are my folders listed now?

    before this update (which is pretty cool for the most part) i was able to access my subscriptions by file locations (aka professions folder - with access to those threads dealing with professional listings/information) .. but now that is gone. and will take me forEVER to find them again. did...
  6. keltigirl

    custom item stats

    looking for the paint stats on those custom items that have been painted and/or textured. with all the new and different combinations being created, this will help those colorers trying to help folks fill in the spare and odd parts of their wardrobes. the stats are there for the textures...
  7. keltigirl

    In-Game Trivia Quiz

    by popular request - i will help host a weekly trivia game event. on Saturdays about 0300 MA time --all will be welcome to Omegatron West Habitat Epsilon tower 21B. rules are posted in the game room. 1. Questions will be asked in Trade chat in CAPITAL case. 2. First correct response in Trade...
  8. keltigirl

    storing textures

    i have asked that MA think about changing the way the textures are stored. having to lay them flat single layered is taking up a lot of my storage space. Why can we not have the textures be able to store on edge like a book? that way i would be able to load more textures into the same space...
  9. keltigirl

    textile/texture unlocks?

    now that some folks have had a goodly chance to work with the textures - has anyone started a thread about the level of unlocks for each texture? (kind of like the colors work that sarah did??)
  10. keltigirl

    wish list for avatar beauty

    i REALLY REALLY LIKED my old hair style. it was basic starter avatar bun. it was a really NICE looking realistic bun.. what they offer now is nasty. i had to go to long and loose, which is ok - just not the really nice bun i had before. do you think they will let us get something like it...
  11. keltigirl

    kin's one stop service

    now that i am gaining more skills. i am willing to offer services to those beings wishing to craft and color items or have some body work finished. for a currently unlimited time, if you bring the supplies, i will craft your items and/or color (list currently includes: orange, yellow, blue...
  12. keltigirl

    personal crafting terminal

    looking to buy a personal crafting terminal. hoping the someone with one is willing to part with theirs at a reasonable price. or even tell me how i can maybe loot one? i may not be an uber hunter, but, for a terminal i would be willing to give a good run for the money. pm me in ef .. or...
  13. keltigirl

    everything must sell

    auction period over - no offers for whole lot .. list plulled - keeping all. thank you all for interest in the parts .
  14. keltigirl

    selling some extra armors, guns,

    closed -- remaining items not sold .. :(
  15. keltigirl

    selling most of my stuff-please look

    thank you all for your interest. decided to keep my stuff for a while longer. going to see if i can make enough stuff to use all this gear.
  16. keltigirl

    willing to sell booth

    selling booth amethera Genesis Tower E booth 6. 4,000 ped. in auction. booth is right near the entrance of the tower. Easy access to pedestrian traffic. this is my last booth available. Thank You, to the one who does purchase this title.