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  1. "Rill"

    Central Coast Meetup December 7th - 9th 2012

    Okay so this is the new thread for the Meetup Details. Seems it's difficult to catch a Moderators attention so should one of you decide this is a repost please re-name this thread 2012 Central Coast Meetup - November 16-18 to read Central Coast Meetup December 7th - 9th 2012To kick off this...
  2. "Rill"

    Another Meetup In November Near Sydney Australia - All Welcome

    See the latest thread - 2012 Central Coast Meetup - November 16-18 in the Events Section
  3. "Rill"

    2012 Central Coast Meetup - November 16-18

    Hey peoples, :yay: We are having another meet up but this time on the SUNNY CENTRAL COAST :wtg:It will be on the weekend of NOW IN DECEMBER *** ALL REPLIES NOW GO IN THIS THREAD
  4. "Rill"

    Last Night I Had a Dream

    Your connection to Entropia Universe has timed out. Please try to log in again.
  5. "Rill"

    Uber: For Angel Angi Dachs 19,853

    Angi is not a member of EF she is a little shy because her English is not so good. You will always see her dancing on the balcony at Twins or organising SWUNT's at Neas's Place. I met her doing beacon runs in 2009 and we have been friends ever since. So if you see this angel partying at Twins...
  6. "Rill"

    Drone Mission Spoiler

    WTF..Spoiler alright. Kill 25 Drones and receive a Electro Matrix worth 12 ped TT and MA takes it from you and gives 125 Nova Fragments in return. Well seeing it is a part used in hangar production and therefore seemingly will not be used again I suppose collecting those that are left would be...
  7. "Rill"

    Help: Intermittent screen freeze during game play

    OK I havent seen this elsewhere yet so...since the V11 release I am getting priodic screen freezes while playing. Happens mostly during hunt activity (thats all I do anyway) but sometimes I can hear normal background sounds but the GFX freeze. 5 - 10 secs later it returns to normal and after a...
  8. "Rill"

    The Egg is About to Hatch

    FALSE ALARM...See my post down the page here When I logged off at around Midnight last night the Egg was green and in its normal state. This morning it has changed colour and has cracked. I think we are about to witness the opening in the next 12-24 hrs. Why isn't AHR broadcasting from...
  9. "Rill"

    Birthday Celebrations for Serica Too

    Happy Birthday Serica!!!!! Great to meet you and Jim this weekend at the Central Coast player meet-up (or "Calypso on the Coast" meet due to the great embroidered polo shirts Jod had made up). Those who travelled made it a great weekend and a memorable one for those of us here and twice as...
  10. "Rill"

    Bump for Player Meet-Up in Australia

    Hi to all EU players. This is just a bump for the player meet happening in New South Wales Australia in February 2010. More info can be found here: The Furthest Travelled so far will probably belong to a...
  11. "Rill"

    Real Life Events

    We are having a player meet-up in New South Wales, Australia in February 2010. (more details here This is the second meet in Australia I know of and we have a player from Sweden who will be in...
  12. "Rill"

    FYI: Things we miss frm V9.4 or another bug?

    Minor Details - Things that STILL need to be fixed!! With the minor bugs thread closed it leaves no alternative but to start another along the same lines. If you have something you really miss please post it here. Perhaps it is gone or perhaps it's a bug of some kind. I didnt read the whole...