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  1. Manique

    FYI: Bad Experience from Planet Cyrene

    Hello. In the past I when i visited cyrene with friends, i had unwelcoming experience on cyrene. The locals are all but friendly, some will be rude and will do all in their power to keep you out of the planet. Recently i came back to log for some hours at least, spending some time on Cyrene...
  2. Manique

    Tribute to Golden Players!

    Hello. To start off I want to state clearly that im not being sponsored or paid in anyway to write what i will write, however, I feel this should be shared. Some years ago, we had a TP named after someone that "supposedly" was the first player to reach certain points in Sweat Gathering (which...
  3. Manique

    Selling: Gear (m83, Adj Rest Chip, Mod2350, Mod Ares and more)

    Hello PCF. As some prolly noticed my activity been at an all time lowest and for other more personal reasons i see myself in need of clearing gear. I will add more info and more detailed slowly to this thread. Adjusted Sk-50 t0.3 Current TT - 1080.71 Price - Price 1.6k or best offer Toss me...
  4. Manique

    Achievement: Kill Strike

    This was an unlock i was greatly looking to get. It may not be the most special for some, but for me, is a sign of dedication thru the years i put in EU. I started EU from nothing, and I didnt deposit or chipped any skills in for this. I had to climb my way up slowly, from being a...
  5. Manique

    Selling: Piron PBP-25 t1.x

    Hello As title says im selling this gun on behalf of a friend It has amazing tiers and has decent damage for low lvl requirement. BO price +799 (tt 201.xx PED) ~1k Not shy for offers so feel free to PM me and surprize me Good enough offer will have this gun
  6. Manique

    FYI: RDI Alpha & Beta Effective dpp

    Heya You might've noticed the new amps, but my curiosity ticked in so i went to do some math over them to see their real worth. As benchmark I'll drop here few know amps so you got a comparison point A106 - 4.613 DPP Hotfoot 35 (L) @ TT - 4.1891 DPP w/ MU (130%) - 3.97208 DPP RDI Alpha This...
  7. Manique

    Full Screen Window Mode

    Hello! I did send a support about this quite a while ago and they said they been considering this However its 2016, a lot of games these days got this since its a easy way to swap between multiple screens, something that a lot of people have these days aswell. I'd personally like to see this...
  8. Manique

    Selling: Improved Ares

    Hello, As Title says, im selling this, on behalf of a friend. My friend seeks about 3.5k BO price bit negotiable, PED only I got the ring on me so the deal can be done if a good price is reached. Dont be shy, Waiting on offers Cheers
  9. Manique

    Buying: Ranger Mk1 Scope

    Hello. Looking for one of these Im aware of the price and there's not that many floating around but i know what they sold for latelly. My valuation will differ regarding the current market and whenever Arkadia releases their line of unl attachments also. Paying pure PED, Maybe PED + Trade...
  10. Manique

    Uber: 2095 PED Master of Guard

    Best Master so Far Masta've waiting to get in da pocket ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ep-53, combu III, mace, skulls, Thorio Helmet, LC-350, a nice full item loot like old days
  11. Manique

    Open Letter for MA

    Dear MA/Devs, For nearly 9 years I been a participate of this universe, Its been the one taking most of my time, and its love for it that kept me always around. I'm not here to bitch about select target, exploiters, or whatever, because honestly, if you cared, you would've done something by...
  12. Manique

    Selling: IA105, Adj EP-41, Divine Chip, EST (F,L)

    Hello, As title states, im selling these items in behalf of a friend, The gear will be available to do the trade if the price is right. Divine Chip: 2.5k Total (currently at full TT) I will add more info later or upon request, At any time if not sold, I will remove from sale. As usual, all...
  13. Manique

    Question: Wave Hunting

    Hello. I come here today make a simple question and will provide some insight perhaps depending on interest and voting on the pool. Question will be simple. Is wave hunting, in your opinion, an exploit? or a flaw of the system that should be taken advantage off? And i mean it in the worse...
  14. Manique

    FYI: Divine Intervention and PvP balance

    Hello. Its not because I own this chip, because im sure there will be few more soon enough. Even tho i had a good offer, the chip holds too much worth for me to want it to let go. This i believe to start being the beggining of a change in EU. PvP has been unfair for the several reasons a lot...
  15. Manique

    Discovery: Divine Intervention Chip I

    Hello, As promissed I'm sharing this discovery. I put tons of times figuring out spawns, areas and following any leads I heard, so i did the 4 divines in the first day. I can confirm that the Proteron Divine, totally killed my patience and LOTS of time... and from the info i gathered only 1 was...
  16. Manique

    Buying: M83 (Upgrade to higher tier one)

    As title says I got a m83 at tier 5.9 currently. If you want to free up some PEDS from your higher tier for mine let me know Paying: t5 -> t6 - 2k t5 -> t7 - 5k Otherwise i'll click myself :) Best of luck
  17. Manique

    Uber: 4308 PED Proteron Mature

    In da pocket :D
  18. Manique

    Selling: Vampiric Cloak of Vitality (M)

    Hello, As the title sugests, Im selling this for a friend This is a rare piece of clothing that will offer you permanent +12 HP SOLD As usually negotiable, looking for PED, but dont be shy with an offer. The advantages: - Permanent HP buff without compromissing the extra dps and eco from a...
  19. Manique

    Selling: MarCorp Kallous-7 t7.2

    Hello. As title states I'm selling this for a friend. My friend reached his goals with this great Laser Rifle and seeks to move up on the DPS ladder so this toy is up for sale :) Needless to say this gun is quite perfect for most mobs, providing dps, range and eco, and reload, and all combined...
  20. Manique

    Selling: Herman ASI TEN Edition t7.8

    Hello. As title says, I'm selling this on behalf of a friend. This gun is quite know for its DPS, lower lvl requirement and eco, making it a match for the Emik L4, requiring WAY Less lvl and still making it viable for BLP/Handgun users to build skills easilly up to Commando and beyond :) The...
  21. Manique

    Selling: Fully Unlocked Rabbiger (lvl22+)

    As title says I'm putting my beloved rabbiger up for sale to see the offers This pet i was qutie fortunate to have a chance to tame it, and i loved it so much i just kept it, to fully unlock it :) This pet consumed a fairly large ammount of nutrios to get where it is plus the time, that was way...
  22. Manique

    Selling: Regeneration Chip X

    Hello, As title, Im selling this on for a friend. One of the highest current MF healing tools (without galatica ones), making it a nice combo if you are 100% of a Mindforce users to go with the heal over time if you got it :) This chip (since it uses SME) it makes more effective than use (L)...
  23. Manique

    Selling: Shagadi t1.9

    Hello. As title says im selling my shagadi, This is about the high end in dps of dmg/pec and dps for the cost, nothing can get nowhere near with this price range at all, but changing my path of skilling for the moment so I rather give this nice tier rate toy a new home :) SOLD As usual prices...
  24. Manique

    Buying: Omegaton m83

    Hello, Looking to aquire a new toy. Let me know your price and tier (depending on tier the price obviously and yes im aware of tier costs) PM me your tier rates, current tier, too high tier i might have to pass tho Cheers
  25. Manique

    Selling: A106, Archon's Sword t2.9

    Hello, As title says I'm selling these for a friend These items dont need much info on them as they are mostly known by people Prices always have some room to negotiate as usual :) So feel free to pm your offer, only looking for PED. Omegaton A106 18 dmg, adds quite some eco for a laser user...