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    The Hogglo Ranch - 500 ped Bonus Event - join now !!!

    Please register Robot RoboOne One
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    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Robot RoboOne One
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    EntropiaFund Progressive Jackpot event

    Robot RoboOne One pls add me :)
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    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    pls add me Robot RoboOne One
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    Spawn bugs in CP

    Aliens spawning only in dome1 and only near teleporter all other domes are empty, we waiting for fix this soon.
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    Entropia Universe 11.6.0 Release Notes

    # Log in during download: You will be able to log in to the client when required content and the additional content related to the planet you are located on has been downloaded completely, even though other planets might still not be finished downloaded. downloaded 1 GB/5.4 after fresh...
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    Balancing Manager should be fired for incompentency

    You saw a movie "Bruce Almighty" ??? Maybe 10000 ppl for 9 ped ??? GL
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    Info: Top 15 All Time High for Every Mob v3

    Some old HOF from Trilomite Stalker 17106 PED Date: 2008 06 17 And Scipulor 30709 PED Date :2009 01 02
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    Info: ***WoF POLAND 2009***

    Im in, if its not to late :) Support or Main. Robot RoboOne One capitan: ASTAROTH KWICOL de'Beliar GL Team Poland
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    no valid win32-application

    here u go :) Its only 3.3 Mb for instaler alone. im use 32 bit XP , got corrupted clientloader.exe too, installer instals only few files and everything is ok now for me.
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    no valid win32-application

    I got the same problem... i solved this , downloading entropia installer from official site ;) no need to update whole program, took me abot 30 seconds. gl
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    ATH: Scipulor 30709 ped

    Thanks all for the gratz ;)
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    ATH: Scipulor 30709 ped

    Hello :) This is my first ATH :yay: Click to enlarge Only oils... or WHAT a nice amount of oils :D Good LUCK to everyone
  14. Scipath


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    recent scip ath

    Ehh man.. Its true that i never camped on scipulors, but i hunt them from time to time more than one year, its not true that i never globaled from them lol look at entropiatracker, u find it and u find many many globals from other mobs ;) many more than on your name... GL man may ATH be with you :)
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    WoF Team POLAND 2008

    happy new year, go go Poland
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    Game or not Game ?

    Hey All , This is also my welcome post :wave: I Have a simple question. We playing game ? or not... ? EULA says: but, from loader... So, if im not playing a game, according to EULA, why Mindark have a right to get a prize for a GAME ???? Why not a "Best Virtual Universe" ??? Im...