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    FYI: Why I'm not playing Still not getting any answer from MA, supportcases keep getting closed w/o answer or reason. Just wanted to keep you guys updated Also this is still not over :D
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    My personal DATA & European laws..

    Since there is no RL adres for PCF & I can't get a reply from 711, I'll ask again, for the 3rd time. What data do you collect from me, what do you use it for? Who have you shared it with & why & how long do you keep that data? Das
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    Fix the lag

    Just logged in after yet another useless patch, killed 5 mobs, not a single one w/o freeze.. logged out.. See ya MA!
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    Selling: 10k ped shrap

    Selling 10k ped off shrap within the next 24h.. Minimum bid 100.2%. I do have a secret BO.. If it's reached, I will post it but I'm having a bbq tonight so might not check till the morning
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    skill vs randomness talk

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    Chat with Emma

    Since I strongly believe we are all equal, I'll post the chat I had this morning with Emma. I hope Weeman doesn't mind.. I did get a dc so I missed a small amount. 2017-08-31 07:22:32 [Local] [dasouth Genious dasouth] omg Emma 2017-08-31 07:22:36 [Local] [dasouth Genious dasouth] hi...
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    Question: Longtooth Domi

    Anyone knows a position for a decent LT domi spawn? Thx in advace
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    what security do you use?

    easy question i guess
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    FYI: Loot 2.0 hunting log

    Time has come to slowly start posting :yay: Gear used will vary so I will not always be able to tell what I used. I will also not update daily as some runs are done over severall days, so when I have a 10k ped run, that might be the only upate you get for a few days. Totals : TT hunted ...
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    Selling: Full esi

    Selling a full ESI looted from an eomon young Any decent offer is a buyout for me. Don't ask for a part off the esi if you don't have collateral for the full, £I will let you take a piece off it if you have the coll. Pm me here or in thread or ingame. dasouth Genious dasouth
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    Question: To show my log or not?

    Is there any intrest in another hunting lof from me, post 2.0 loot? If so, I will update regular but will add a small delay so ppl don't go crazy & follow me (used to be the case in every log i did so far) :D log will only show TT cycled, TT + MU, TT return & return + MU. Das
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    Help: launcher stuck

    Hi, Since todays patch I can't seem to get online. I'm running win10 64 bit What I did was 1. launch client loader.. it patched & when i pressed the launch button, the client loader became unresponsive. 2. Tried to run as admin (same result) 3. rebooted & ran as admin (same result) 4. on...
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    Selling: DOA Slugstorm T0.0

    Taking offers on an unused DOA Slug. As requested per pm, the tirs on this one are.. 99, 144, 74, 75, 101, 87, 126, 108, 126, 85 Das
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    not my Bday but looted a slug from spiders

    Just to be very clear from the start, yes, I just got back from a break becouse I've been very busy IRL. Got back to hunting for a good week now on the same mob, this nice gift dropped for me :) I know some ppl will hate me a bit more for this but it won't hold me back from posting it as I did...
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    A must see video for MA & pp's

    I think all of you would benefit from watching this video once :)
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    Question: Amount of kills to balance out returns

    The question is easy, what do you think is a decent amount of kills to check your returns on? Thinking of hunting the same mob + maturity for a while so just wondering I have mobs in mind, both untaxed :yay: I need to get ingame & scan them to know the hp off them for sure but my guess is...
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    Buying: Male Polaris Arms

    Looking for some new arms PM me with % when you got some, not looking for high tir ones Das
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4

    Taking offers on this lovely BLP handgun. I will add buyout price later, however, IF the offer is reasonable, I will sell it so don't be shy. Feel free to make an offer in the thread or via pm or ingame. Tier rates : T1 : 95 T2 : 95 T3 : 136 T4 : 88 T5 : 101 T6 : 84 T7 : 120 T8 : 112...
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    Uber: I did it again :D

    Hi, Been I while since I was able to post here & tbh never thought it would happen on such 'small' mob. Guess this shows there's hope for all level of players. Was doing pretty well on eviscerators untill last week but being so close to the end of the quest, I decided to push true. Well, I'm...
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    Selling: rapper snapper

    Hi I have some rapper snappers for sale, below auction prices & can do batch. Contact me here or ingame dasouth Genious dasouth current stock 522.22 ped TT
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    exploit made public :)

    Since there's an easy fixed a MA neglected to fix it for 6 months I'm gonna make it public The exploit is all about scanning :) Using a macro is the best way to go, make sure you have move to target on! 1. spawn pet 2. select target 3. equip scanner 4. scan 5. dismiss pet Rince & repeat...
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    Question: Who uses an alt to fap himself

    So.. as it stands, I'm tired off al the cheaters & exploiters so here's a small poll to see how many actually do it or atleast a try to make a poll :D This is aimed at mod fap & imp fap owners, poll isn't public so vote away
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    Selling: maddox IV

    Taking offers on one, no BS offers pls & only peds TY
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    cld return [Low TT% return on hunting]

    I can fully understand that some ppl whined about their cld return & the exploit during Mayhem. However, to correct this, it doesn't mean you should fuck hunters with 45% TT return & 101.5% mu. As a result of this, I will not shoot my gun for a full week.. hoping you'll learn something important...
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    Selling: T4.7 Adjusted Fap

    SB : TT+8750 BO : TT+9750 pm here or ingame Das