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  1. Jamhot

    Selling: Full Set of Vigilante (M)

    Full Set of Vigilante (M) for sale TT+300 TT= 195.22 Toatal price = 495peds P.M. me ingame! All the best! Jamhot
  2. Jamhot

    Selling: *RARE* Art Collection, Mark Kostabi, Kika Karadi and Ernst Billgren

    Originally sold in 2007 from the New Oxford Art Gallery which no longer exists. Works produced by respected real world Artists such as Ernst Bilgren, Kika Karadi and Mark Kostabi. I have the Kika Karadi collection of 4 of 4, 3 metre by 3 metre paintings. 'April', 'Dog with Pink Sky'...
  3. Jamhot

    Not being ignorant!

    To my friends ingame I'm not being ignorant. I've no keyboard, so having to type shit out in notepad with on-screen kb then copy n paste,fml. Anyroadup when I do this ingame then press enter on me onscreen keyboard it simply won't post me paste. I'm not being ignorant. Enjoying being back, I'll...
  4. Jamhot

    Vintage Classic PK action!

    PK PK PK down at the 'old' Rig with some Old PK'rs roughly 7+ years ago, enjoy! :handgun: Jamhot
  5. Jamhot

    High maturity Snablesnots?

    High maturity Snablesnots? Where are they I've got co-ordinates from wiki but they're not there well they are but in low maturity and low numbers...I need a shitload of high maturity ones. If anyone could help that'd be champion! Jamhot
  6. Jamhot

    Hey! How's it hanging Calypso?

    Just thought I'd say hello and see who's about, how's things and how's PE doing? :) Jamhot
  7. Jamhot

    Selling: *RARE* Kostabi 'Alpo' painting low start bid on ingame auction now!!!

    Brighten up your property with this *RARE* Kostabi painting on INGAME AUCTION now with a low low startbid! Alpo by Mark Kostabi! Limited edition painting not so many ingame was originally sold from the ingame art gallery in New Oxford which sadly no longer exists, grab yourself a piece of...
  8. Jamhot

    *HACKED* 'Jamhot Tattooing' Facebook account!

    Hi this is the REAL Jamhot Jamhot DaddyO as the title says my RL Facebook account over the weekend has been hacked. Whoever has done this is an 'entropian' and has been approaching entropians from my friends list via chat asking for peds etc. 1. I very rarely/never use facebook chat at all...
  9. Jamhot

    OMFG!?!? I fecked up!!!

    I've just listed a couple of paintings for auction to run for 6 days and 5 days @ +0 startbid and somehow it's listed them on buy out at TT and they've sold straight away, OMFG?!?! What a tit, an honest schoolboy error that's cost me dearly! Fack! :cry:
  10. Jamhot

    Selling: Shopkeeper Pad

    Selling Shopkeeper Pad TT+2500 Total 2540 P.M. me if you want it.
  11. Jamhot

    Buying: Megaview Display(pc)

    If anyone can help me out! Cheers. Jamhot
  12. Jamhot

    Buying: Gigantium Display(pc)

    If anyone could help me out cheers! Jamhot
  13. Jamhot

    Anyone else having trouble with (pc)

    I'm putting videos into my participant content folder, but it's not showing up in my ingame (pc) folder? Any suggestions gladly welcomed! :) Jamhot P.S. I'm using bink to convert too, in 512x256, so it should be working, the entropian working format for video is ' .bik ' and in 2:1 ratio. So...
  14. Jamhot

    Champions of the Universe

    Hiya, I'm Jamhot I used roll around here some Eons back when there was an event called 'Champions League'! At that time there was only one planet called Calypso.... still is! Circling around said planet was an asteroid called Club NEVERDIE...still is ... just now it's called FOMA and has...
  15. Jamhot

    It was acceptable in the 80's!

    Club 3G is back open! No need for out of game stream! The music comes on when you walk might have to wait a min or two for it download! JamhotTV is also on display in our lounge area, the number one place to come and experience PC content in it's entirety in the universe, we're BACK...
  16. Jamhot

    Selling: Victos Throne (c)

    REMOVED FROM FORUM AUCTION PLACED ON INGAME AUCTION SB + 400 BO + 600 Add this magnificent and very rare piece to your home if you feel you've earned it! Another piece for the more cultured entropian, or an event organiser might find this great as a 1st prize for a BIG Event! Startbid...
  17. Jamhot


    My Facebook account has been hacked ' Jamhot Tattooist'. I've just logged ingame and been warned that whoever is now in my account is trying to scam EU people on my FB accounts friends list. This person is trying to get Entropians to meet an avatar ingame {removed} If your and EU'r and your...
  18. Jamhot

    Selling: Right Away, Betty's Pig was Trouble!

    TT=210 SOLD @ +500 Original price from gallery was far more than the TT price. This is now a really rare example of limited edition art when New Oxford used to have collaboration from real life artists and clothes designers which is alas no more. This is a purchase for the more 'cultured...
  19. Jamhot

    Robot invasion omfg!?!?

    1PH1tmRmyLU Jamhot
  20. Jamhot

    Club3G lock-in! NewOxford

    Bored in EU supping Beer IRL? Come to Club3G .... Billton Tower1 Floor 3 Apt G Amethera HIP/HOP Sit Chill Drink Chat Listen to tunes and chat shit! :D Beeeeer! Jamhot
  21. Jamhot

    Jamhot RL VID Rant @ GAME the shop!

    *SORRY FOR ALL THE SWEARIN' ......Micky Crossy cross was with me! And I needed that game and the fecker got it before me!!!!! ....he'll be shit on it anyways! :P Enjoy my rant! Jamhot
  22. Jamhot

    JamhotRadio Facebook Page!

    Join today!!/pages/Jamhot-Radio/303639416424 Peace love good luck n HOF! Jamhot JOIN THE GROUP OR WE WILL SHOOT A PUPPY!
  23. Jamhot

    All interplanetary fees should be free!

    Now hear me out, the simplest ideas are always the best! ......yes and I know about pilots!..... read on! Pilots should assume the role of a special mission agents much like beacons! ;) You pay to go on an adventure with the pilots, space pirates , alien battles etc. But for me, movement...
  24. Jamhot


    Sunday Night Soul starts @ 22:00 UK Time with DJ DaddyO on and and The chilled out swinging show that's so BIG it's on 2 stations! Perfect Sunday Night sounds, keep it...
  25. Jamhot

    AIn't no love in the heart of the city! x

    Take em to church! lovr from the city dreams .......alll across the universe!"!!! Ooooo Ooooo 1,2, Oooooo Oooooo 1,2, It's bigger thann......... Tune in giz yahshoutouts here! x JamhotRadio/Rocktropia...