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  1. cenwyn

    Selling: Adj EP-41, Hypercharged A105, Jarhead (M), Gremlin (M), 6A and 5B plates.

    I'm selling essentially all you need to be hunting a pretty diverse flora of mobs all around the universe! I'm looking for reasonable prices. PM me here on PCF if you find something of interest. Everything is full TT. Jarhead (M). All 7 pieces at least t1. SSOOLLDD Gremlin (M). All 7 pieces...
  2. cenwyn

    Buying: Jarhead (M)

    I want one fast! :) :yay:
  3. cenwyn

    Buying: Low tiered Adj EWE EP-41 or Ranked Scorpion

    Adj EWE EP-41 or Ranked Scorpion PM with price suggestion. Thanks!:yay:
  4. cenwyn

    Help: Handgun question!

    Hello, all. I am currently shooting my way through an insane amount of Armatrix LP-55 (L). I think I might soon max the LP-60 (L), and then I will change to that. I am paying great amounts of MU, and maaaaybe… there is an UL SIB handgun with similar dmg/pec that I should consider investing...
  5. cenwyn

    Buying: A105 amp!

    I need one of these. PM me with price suggestion! :yay:
  6. cenwyn

    New music!

    Hey, all. Me and my new band just released a new song called Silent. I hope you like it. Try it, for example, while seeing the sun set when running over the great plains of Amethera or flying solitary through the void from Calypso to Arkadia... Tell...
  7. cenwyn

    Is there a soc for me...?

    Greetings! I have been playing this game on and off since 2007. I have been on a break since about 7 months, but feel the entropian pull tightening its grip on me... Is there a soc out there with many active members who enjoys team hunting and often engage in such activities? I would be...
  8. cenwyn

    Help: Fresh start?

    Hey, all! I'm considering coming back to the game. You can say many things about Entropia, but... I love it. I just love it. Sometimes it makes me feel very angry, but no other game has had quite the same impact on me as this. I've been gone quite some time. Maybe 7 months. I post in the noob...
  9. cenwyn

    Help: Crash as I am approaching FOMA.

    Hey. I was just about to land on FOMA, when the game crashed. Now, everytime I log in and get past the login screen and the GC code, the game loads... and just when I am about to get in, it crashes. Any quickfixes for this? Support case sent. Cenwyn
  10. cenwyn

    Achievement: Finally...

    I welcome you to listen to my first ever released piano piece. Feel. It's like... flying! :yay:
  11. cenwyn

    Selling: Piron pbr-10

    Hi! Selling this unlimited (UL) gun. More information can be found here. SB: TT + 300 BO: TT + 550 Bid now!
  12. cenwyn

    Buying: 5B armor plates (7 pieces)

    No longer looking.
  13. cenwyn

    Selling: Jarhead (M), 5B set, a106.

    SALE STILL ON!! Jarhead (M, C) full set (tiers between 1 and 3): SB: tt + 800 BO: tt + 900 A106: SOLD 5B set (7 pieces): SOLD
  14. cenwyn

    Cenwyn on the road to ShadowQuest. For fame and glory!!

    Our little metal baby is born and I want to share!!! :yay: After years of fun, fun, fun and really hard work my band ShadowQuest's epic metal album is finished. This music is the perfect companion as you take down the mobs on Calypso or bounce around trying not to get killed in a pvp zone... A...
  15. cenwyn

    Buying: A106 amplifier

    Looking for an A106 amplifier. Cheers!
  16. cenwyn

    Help: Commando ideas appreciated!

    Hey. I am level 60.5 laser pistoleer (hit). Level 58.4 blp pistoleer (hit). Level 57.3 ranged laser (dmg). I am almost maxed on Ewe EP-53 (laser pistol). 57/59 hits/min. A few more shots and I have maxed the Zero-six (blp pistol). I own a Beast amp and an A104. I am lvl 33.7 evader and lvl 27.4...
  17. cenwyn

    Buying: The Beast in me wants Dante. Buying Dante.

    Sell your Dante to me! I only want one, so you need to be swift!
  18. cenwyn

    Buying: Jarhead (M) and 5B set.

    I got what I was looking for! Cenwyn
  19. cenwyn

    Buying: Jarhead (M) or similar, Dante or A105.

    Looking to get some hunting gear again. I'll start off with armor and amp. I had Gremlin before, but Jarhead looks slightly better. If you have other suggestions, tell me :) PM me with offers.
  20. cenwyn

    FYI: The withdrawal process time this time.

    Hi. Just wanted to share. Using the ingame service, I withdrew some money Jan 28th, 2014 to my bank account in Sweden. Today, April 10th, my withdrawal was committed. That makes the wait equal to 52 working days. I estimate the money to be accessible on my bank account in about three days...
  21. cenwyn

    Selling: 5B armor plates (7 pieces)

    SOLD! Selling items as of above. Pm me with offers. :tongue2:
  22. cenwyn

    Selling: Dante amp, A104 amp, Marber Bravo and full Gremlin (M)

    SOLD! Selling items as of above. PM me with offers. :tongue2:
  23. cenwyn

    Buying: A106

    PM me if you have one for sale. Hopefully I can afford it. Still waiting spastically for a full grown speeding ticket...
  24. cenwyn

    Is the grass greener on the other side..?

    Hi! Cenwyn. Been in this game on and on from 2007. Chipped out at least three times, can't really remember. I love this game, and hate it. I am looking... For a soc with much team activities and much lovely team chat. At my level or above (sadly, for my economy). I have 160 HP. I am lvl 57...
  25. cenwyn

    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co/ Dante amp

    *EDIT* Bought one already. Looking for a Dante amp! Anyone has one for sale for a good price?