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  1. RobBuona

    Info: Two Exploits in Lootable PVP to help you survive until MA fixes them!

    People complained about Quads moving faster while holding strafe, and that was changed. That annoyed me personally because I only used it to get places faster on-planet. But yeah, I don't see how MA could have been losing money on that one.
  2. RobBuona

    Gold rush rules problematics (Arkadia)

    "Gold" because it's made for C3PO 🤪
  3. RobBuona

    Effective Efficiency Calculator

    As an example, I plugged in ArMatrix LR-65 (L) @ 136.30% with ArMatrix L-Amp 55B (L) @ 145%. Result is 31.63% EE. Seems...lower than it should be? I mean, I know paying markup repeatedly is bad, but this combo has 72.3% eff before markup. I'm struggling to understand how the formula is spitting...
  4. RobBuona

    Suggestion: new mining system

    Depends on where you are mining but yeah, it's a pretty bad experience in some cases. I wanted some Garcen tonight so I went to the Shinook Jungle area. There was non-Crude stuff for like 5 mins when I got there, then it switched. Hardly enough time to mine what I wanted. So I kept dropping...
  5. RobBuona

    i2870 (Omegaton M2870 Improved)

    And it is NOT happy. o_O
  6. RobBuona

    2400x on a Fat Atrox

    Yeah, I saw this on my banner (I have the threshold set to 2K). Very nice loot...gratz.
  7. RobBuona

    Question: Would you recommend the profession Whipper?

    Yes, but pretty low DPS, which is the biggest limitation of Whipper. That might be okay depending on which mobs you are going for, but it's something to be aware of.
  8. RobBuona

    Question: Time for tiers on Regen chips?

    More enhancer consumption, more PEDs flowing. Hard to see any reason not to do this.
  9. RobBuona

    Scientist - HP Increase?

    Yeah, I was just educated on this. Apparently this skill is an anomaly...ignore me. :dunce:
  10. RobBuona

    Scientist - HP Increase?

    Not exactly related but Xenobiology is supposed to be a looter profession skill; I unlocked it but I've never earned a single point of this skill. Only mentioning it because this is also a skill that doesn't seem to work the way the Wiki suggests.
  11. RobBuona

    Most wanted mob merch poll

    Araneatrox SH-30 Shub Red Molten Golem Warlock I know Golem is not a poplar mob, but it's one of the coolest designs in the game.
  12. RobBuona

    ATH: [A&P Series Mayhem LP-100, Modified] Tier 10

    Finally, someone found a use for Antimagnetic Oil! :rofl: I also like that you did this at the sweat circle. Gratz.
  13. RobBuona

    When is Neverdie Jobs & Voting System coming?

    Sometime between never and don't count on it?
  14. RobBuona

    Question about sweat Gathere

    If it did, the item description would likely say this, like it tells you the damage for weapons based on your level, depth for mining finders based on your level, etc., etc. But it does not.
  15. RobBuona

    News: MindArk Signs Deal for Unreal Engine 5 - PRNewswire

    MA owns and maintains the platform. I don't know all the details but I'm pretty sure they don't create all the content for planet partners. I think they might have to approve PP content.
  16. RobBuona

    Suggestion: lets level the playing field..

    And add a condition/quantity slider too! :D
  17. RobBuona

    Question: Average Markup used in Loot Algorithm?

    Imagine the task of adding thousands of items' MU into the loot algorithm all day, every day. What could go wrong?
  18. RobBuona

    Question: It Seem Players From 2008 Are Starting To Get Higher Loot Return ?

    For best results, you're gonna wanna click EP Recycle 4 on condition. Try that and let us know how it goes :LOL:
  19. RobBuona

    FYI: Why I'm not playing

    I agree...I mean, I can see someone requesting that info, but it doesn't seem worth boycotting EU over it, a game you have presumably spent a lot of money on. But that's just me.
  20. RobBuona

    14.8k Rextelum Strong

    Yes, I have noticed loot being more volatile than in the past for a while now. That does mean the bad times are worse though because the PEDs have to come from somewhere.
  21. RobBuona

    14.8k Rextelum Strong

    Who is whining? I am not. And the OP is not the one who got the hof.
  22. RobBuona

    Selling: Closed

    I assumed so. But that includes Nanites and Bismuth which have quite a bit of MU...or are rare if you try to gather them yourself.
  23. RobBuona

    Suggestion: Material Crafting

    I like it, especially as a temp buff. +rep.
  24. RobBuona

    14.8k Rextelum Strong

    And a quick look at his EL makes it appear he's not a super heavy grinder. Interesting. Of course, there can be a lot EL doesn't capture.