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  1. ElanorPL

    Selling: Cognac Coat (F)

    Selling uncolored cognac coat F. Price: tt+65 Also selling red Basic Pattern Pants for tt+7
  2. ElanorPL

    Selling: Breer P2a(L) Blueprint

    The BP has Quality Rating of 2,2. Opening bid: tt+155 Buyout: tt+199
  3. ElanorPL

    Selling: 30 000 CFD

    Selling 30 k CFD (30,8 k exactly). Can sell in chunks. Price is 500 CFD/ped, which makes it 60 ped if you wanna take all. However, if you take all the price is lowered to 55 ped. Cheers :)
  4. ElanorPL


    Is killing sambakumba with OF105 economical???
  5. ElanorPL

    Selling Christmas Mittens (F)

    As the topic says, I'd like to finish transaction soon, so the auction won't last long :wtg: Catch the occasion! :D Send me offers via pm or write here. Instant BO is 80 ped Thanks & Merry X-Mas! ;)
  6. ElanorPL

    PC: Fi/Ra/Co Evil

    How much are Fi/Ra/Co Evil amps worth nowadays?
  7. ElanorPL

    Do you like new armor look?

    For me it's awful, old neme/angel/shadow etc. look was way better, as well as pixie & ghost. The only thing which I like a bit is supremacy. For me it could be no VU at all. Now I can't even look at it ;p (except women faces - the only advantage).. I'm curious if anyone has similar feelings...
  8. ElanorPL

    Clothes & Armor Decay protest

    This is way too much for me. I've always enjoyed shifting my clothes, combining possibilities, trying various suits on. Now it's gone. Instead of - for example - proposed by players system which make you able to try on the clothe without buying,they made this : This is the proof of blowing...
  9. ElanorPL

    WTB: Nemesis Helmet F & Nemesis Shins F

    Nemesis Helmet (F) Nemesis Shins (F) Need them for set ;) Also if you have full set for sale I may be interested.
  10. ElanorPL

    Is Rick a fortuneteller?

    read the chat carefully! Click to enlarge :D
  11. ElanorPL

    Funny team names

    First of all.. it is really hard to get a global! Click to enlarge (this screen isn't fake :P) When we manage to get glob or hof, we usually want it to be remembered! That's why all the funny names came out of our heads. Please share here all the funny team names / avatar names (no offence)...
  12. ElanorPL

    Buying: Urban Nomad White Slacks (F)

    As topic says, pm me and we can talk about price ;) Regards
  13. ElanorPL

    S: Vat-120

    Hello, I have Vat-120 for sale. Open tt+1100 Bo: tt+1199 Regards.
  14. ElanorPL

    Selling FreanD Delta

    Opening bid tt+300, bo tt+330 Auction will last for one week, gl ;)
  15. ElanorPL

    8A (L) or 5B?

    I couldn't find this info here or on entropedia (old pe-wiki ;)). Just simple question: Which plates will be more economical - 5B or 8A (L) bought for 190%? Has anyone tested the decay ?
  16. ElanorPL

    Loughin Cutter Three (L) UNLIMITED BP

    Selling ,Loughin Cutter Three (L) UNLIMITED BP Click to enlarge Put on auction :P
  17. ElanorPL

    Buing: Fi/ra/Co Beast

    As in the topic :) PM me with offers pls.
  18. ElanorPL

    Exo prow lvl2 - Selling

    Your true friend in EU! A PET :eek: Sweet, striped mammal with big arse ;P tt of deed ~2ped. I was his mother for around half a year :) EXO PROWLER lvl 2 for sale startbid: 100 efd bo: 10k and make sure u can afford food for him! he eats approx 2 peds of nutrio monthly ;) ! Auction ends...
  19. ElanorPL

    S: Omegaton A106 amp

    As I notticed A106 price reached 3k ped again after short break caused by the change of amp dmg on smaller guns - so it's time to sell ONE of my "babys" :) As you know it's best amp ingame for mid-level players without uber gear (I do not count a204 as it do not fit Korss H400 nor Breer M4a)...
  20. ElanorPL

    Security Warning

    A misspelling could cost us loosing our account. Everyone knows the address of official EU website - But today a friend of mine who wanted to visit the page, made a small misspelling. He entered .See the difference in letters? on the page...
  21. ElanorPL

    Have you earned in EU?

    Hey, I am wondering if everyone's loosing here,or we just complain, but actually we earn/break even? :) I'd like to see if it's true - 95% ppl loosing, 5% earning as it is usually said.Is MA really so greedy? avatar's value (including items+skills market value) - deposited money = ... count it ;)
  22. ElanorPL

    Armor Plating 1A

    Armor Plating Mark.1A 1 0.82 PED Storage opening 1 efd..happy bidding :) was going to not make buyout,but here you are.. buyout: 10 k :laugh: ;) Auction will last for 5 days
  23. ElanorPL

    FAP-28 tt=4

    Hello :) Now I got for sale: Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-28 tt=4.28 PED :yay: opening:100 efd, buyout.. 5000 efd happy bidding :rofl: Auction duration: 7 days
  24. ElanorPL

    Fap-18 tt=0

    ep-17 ME tt=0 Selling for EFD: ep17 me with tt=0 :D opening bid: 1 efd (bo 1000 ) gl to all :laugh: auction will last for 3 days :) PS Sorry for confusing you, it's ep17 me,.. my mistake :P
  25. ElanorPL

    Selling Beautiful Aldimon Bed

    So,I got this cool bed for sale :yay: Bought it some time ago,but I'm llow on peds so I have to sell it :P Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Opening bid 300 ped, buyout 400. Auction will last for 2 weeks. :)