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  1. Cobra84

    News: MindArk Signs Deal for Unreal Engine 5 - PRNewswire

    following this post : work has already started
  2. Cobra84

    Server Crash on Royal Club Amethera every evening

    so it's a server issue on Amethera then :/
  3. Cobra84

    Server Crash on Royal Club Amethera every evening

    For like 2 weeks around now, every evening around 21.45 MA time (last night was a little bit later) server crashes 2 times in a row (a second time a couple mn after relogging) MA why is this happening ? cleaning players from amethera or what ? :o
  4. Cobra84

    Entropia Universe 17.6.1 Release Notes

    seems society chat is not available anyone else has the issue ?
  5. Cobra84

    THE Armor Shop - Everything for your defense

    been there and bought a full set :o prices are incredibly good ;)
  6. Cobra84

    Selling: My Skills

    I think he meant "No mining skills" in your list ^^
  7. Cobra84

    Sweating Support Initiative l BIG Industries

    Hello, I'm over Agi so won't participate for sweat, but I often notice new players asking in chat where is OLA#42 I have read that it exist a chat channel, but I don't know it. So could you add in first post exact coordonates of tp and chat in order to be able to help new players to find you ^^
  8. Cobra84

    Suggestion: Fix incognito

    I've never thought about using hiding offline option on spying, etc, but well why not .... lol I just want to hide myself when I'm crafting, sweating or checking auction or when I work and can't be online to chat or be disturbed non stop with pm
  9. Cobra84

    FYI: LAG

    worst lag spikes is when traveling and switching from area to area (you can see lines on the ground at this point and the game literally freeze a tiny second) when hunting you have a blank in autoshoot and after the spike, the weapon fires successively 3-4 times I'm connected with optic fiber...
  10. Cobra84

    Question: Is it possible to leave your account in your Will or to your Estate?

    When my wife died long time ago, I just logged in her account and sold everything from her character including skills. I didn't care about how much I would recover, but it's the way I did it. We had each our own computer and account. But indeed it's a concern for everyone.
  11. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    today is my anniversary. I'm crying for several days now that I know she won't be here to be the first to wish it. I don't want to see noone, and I asked all my friend to not wish it as for me now, this date doesn't exist anymore. It's 7 months already that life has ended for me, and I even...
  12. Cobra84

    A sad farewell

    As I, myself have lost my wife whom nearly die in my arms some months ago, I know what means death for those who stay. All support to his familly and to people that loved him.
  13. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    I'll send them again a request to know if they have done somethings. They told me that they are changing things in game.... If nothing move it will be necessary to make a petition like many have offered to help. Thank you for all your support. right now, nothing heal me at all.
  14. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    I've installed on the grave the marble in a heart form and one in book form with her picture. It's really painfull as now when I'm wathing at the grave ad seeing her pictures, I realize that she is away and far from me forever.
  15. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    Hi, I hope I won't bother anyone with the following, but sometimes I need to write. Today, April 22nd 2010, you would have been 33 years old. 4 months ago to the day, your body was sealed forever in the tomb. This makes 2 terrible and sad anniversary in a single day. On this day, I offer you...
  16. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    thank you all. yeah I need to be a little bit more patient.
  17. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    here are the reply I received today : I'm disappointed. I don't know what to do.
  18. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    updates : MA just wrotes to inform me they received all the documents I sent them. i'll keep you all informed about how things progress for the memorial. thank you all
  19. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    I've sent all the documents they requested, and I'm waiting now thank for your offer, I'll think of it
  20. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    I hope that MA will accept my request for a memorial, as she deserve to have one on Calypso
  21. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    time flies, and even faster when you have benchmarks as this one. 3 months today, nothing else to add or say. Will spend the afternoon at the cemetary close to her, and bringing her plenty of plants and flowers.
  22. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    2 months has already gone, 2 months without you, 2 months without your love, 2 months of only memories, 2 months of pain and suffering, 2 months of tears, scream and crying, 2 months of superlatives, as you were amazing, incredible, fabulous, marvelous, 2 months of incenses, candles and flowers...
  23. Cobra84

    Selling: Full Gremlin F

    Hi, I'm selling the full Gremlin F of my deceased wife Beauty Guru. TT +100
  24. Cobra84

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    One month ago, my love left this world. Time passes and keep me away from those happy days when you were with me. Since it has become hell on earth for me. I'm thinking of you every moment, every second. Although I live surrounded by your things, your pictures, the pain of your absence is...