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  1. Koister

    The Dark Cristal! (The Dark Crystal parody music video)

    Freaking hilarious. And a good nostalgia trip for anyone who's ever seen this old movie lol.
  2. Koister

    FYI: New Entropia VU10 Music - Download

    Ripped all the songs for your listening pleasure. It's quite nice music. Download: All Entropia music from before, and VU10 Just the new VU10 Album 6 & 7 If you'd like to extract the music yourself. Then: 1.) Open...
  3. Koister

    MindArk left the config files out in the open!

    Looks like MA listened to my request! Or at least I'd like to think so :silly2:
  4. Koister

    Hydrone - Create a Critter

    .:Hydrone:. Click to enlarge Front: Side: Back: No where near as complete as I wanted it to be, but deadlines are deadlines :(. My back story for these guys is that due to all the recent activity in the Entropia Universe (All the new planet partners and stuff going on), that it has...
  5. Koister

    New Next Island Teaser!

    EDIT: Looks like Neverdie posted it earlier, oops :( A new Teaser for Next Island has been released on their Official Youtube Channel. Giving us a better look at their world's 3 different time zones...
  6. Koister

    Next Island website updated!

    The Next Island website has been revamped, showing much more! It looks amazing! They have revamped the website and put up 3 videos showing off a small teaser of the 3 different time zones of Next Island they have created, called: Amazon, Ice Age & Paradise. New...
  7. Koister

    New Interception! Dec.5 1pm

    Someone care to decrypt :P Intercept: d6d04fb81ef37b3f9dc6d7d53c1be52da7e45c7a2ee6a4b82e 4d5a2f4b6ca6d51bd8a8b82ba2d11f Intercept: 1ed7b18b3ac6a0 Intercept: 5ca03ea63e6ac7e3051bc87a3b3a9ab3e17a4b6d3bd1c4d82ba 19a2b1e5e6ee6b8a91a4af60aa5a58e3bb58a4ac9e6d92cf91 cc4c9a4e2e6 Intercept...
  8. Koister

    Info: How MindArk profits, solved?

    Here's a snippet from That talks about how they make money on Entropia Universe. Income model "Entropia Universe’s income base are the fees that users pay for acquisition and repair of the different assets and objects that the user chooses to use in-world...
  9. Koister

    .:Entropians Contact Center:.

    .:Entropians Contact Center:. Purpose: To create a list of Miners, Crafters, Beauticians, Pilots and any other people who provide a type of service. One of the main purposes of this, is the list of Miners. This enables people like Crafter's to directly contact many Miners, and see if a person...
  10. Koister

    Weekly - Contribute to loot POOL PARTY!

    So I was listening to an interview on Entropia Radio the other day. And one of the people who works at MA, slipped out that when a person actually looks at an AD in game, it generates money for MindArk. And in turn puts money into the loot pool. So I am suggesting a weekly get together of the...
  11. Koister

    Question: Mouse clicking machine - Just as bad?

    So, as everyone knows.. There's many people in the game who most likely use a software macro to do the seemingly never ending clicking of crafting. And of course most people hate people who do that, and think badly of it. But that's not quite what this topic is about.. What if someone were...
  12. Koister

    ~*The Non-Depository Quest*~ Some of you may have seen me post every now and then on the forum. But other then that you guy's don't know much about me :P. I found out about Entropia Universe roughly 2 years ago. But at that time my...
  13. Koister

    Charlie the Unicorn = LOL

    Some of you may have seen the first Charlie the Unicorn, If not then your in for a treat. Also many of you might not have known they released a second one lol, so here it is to. Charlie the Unicorn 1 Charlie the Unicorn 2...
  14. Koister

    OreAmp OA-108 (L) Blueprint

    Grats to "Sammy SoSa SammySosa" for discovering an OreAmp OA-108 (L) Blueprint. Unlimited creation of OA-108's... Damn he's lucky lol. I see many riches in his future :P.
  15. Koister

    Guide to using NRF - No Resources Found mining logger

    No Resources Found For those who don't know, NRF is a great tool for miners made by "Squee". And I'd suggest you try it out. NRF Website: NRF runs in the background as you play Entropia. When set up right, all it takes is a simple press of a key, while you have...
  16. Koister

    Info: Every single Skill icon - High Quality

    I have created a package that contains all 134 Skill Icons. They are of the highest quality possible - 50x50, it doesn't get any better than this. And I have hand named them all for your pleasure :) I've put this package together with a lot of hard work and time. Enjoy :) Sample Images...
  17. Koister

    Buying: MatterFinder MF-105

    I'm a poor Non-Depositor Miner looking for the cheapest possible MF-105. Since I just achieved lvl3 Surveyor :) *turns hope up to 120%* :tiphat:
  18. Koister

    My Cat died today :(....

    Got him when I was 7 years old. He was only a month old. Kept meowing at us in the store to take him home, so we did and he stopped :). Been with us for 11 years... But today he finally died, It was really sad to see. And even harder to bury him. Just thought I'd share that with fellow EU...
  19. Koister

    Graffiti Artist - Looking for love :)

    Hey :silly2:, So as the title says.. Graffiti Artist. That's what I am. I started when I was 13, going out and doing the bad things like tagging and bombing.. But slowly I began doing pieces and sketching more. Improving my work over the years and getting more into art than painting illegally...
  20. Koister

    The new "Hue Jass" ship in PA

    The "Hue Jass" ship in PA The Hue Jass ship ;) Click to enlarge I hope ships as magnificent as this become available when the whole space pirates thing takes off lol.:bowdown: edit: Quite embarrassing for me lol. I had never taken the time to go there until the Information center popped...
  21. Koister

    What's this floating red spaceship?

    K, thanks for the answers.
  22. Koister

    Entropia Developer Hints at Big Plans for 2008

    GameSpy interview with MindArk. GameSpy: Entropia Developer Hints at Big Plans for 2008 "Having licensed CryTek's amazing graphics engine, the online world developer plans to create a platform for multiple distinct worlds. We briefly met with MindArk, the developers of Entropia Universe...
  23. Koister

    Windows XP SP3 Released. *Everyone Should Update*

    Microsoft just released a new service pack for Windows XP. It's Service Pack 3. This new service pack adds better security to your computer. But also happens to improve the performance a great amount for many people. I have installed it on my computer. And I get up to 40 frames per second more...