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    What is going on with Mission Bones ?

    I just realized that my Mission Bone count has only went up 1 bone in the past 3 or 4 days. Is there a thread about this that I missed ? My buddy has the same problem, He sweat/hunts Sabakumas a lot and his count has went up 1 bone in the last few days. I hunt Tripudion and usually kill about...
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    Selling: WTS 10 Full TT Rubios 1.5 ped for all 10

    As it says 10 full rubios for 1.5 ped. PM in game Herco Coz Mann.
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    Posting to a 12 year old Post ?

    I check for new posts because I enjoy the comments and there is much good info to be found. That being said, I just opened a 12 year old post about ads and even though it was closed to further posting after that post I think it there should be a expiration time on posts. If no new posts for 6...
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    WTF is going on ?????????????????

    My inventory items are getting all rearranged. I fixed it and as soon as I close and re-open they are all a mess AGAIN.
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    The good old days of sweating.

    This is how it was a long time ago. Sweat then was 10 ped per K I feel sorry for the new players today because MA ruined the sweat market around 2010 when the "better" game engine was released. Note that you could get 20 per pull back then and now I think it is 4. :( BTW I am not sure how to...
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    Is Evade really effective ?

    I am a lvl 53 evader and a lvl 22 sweat gather and my bud is a lvl 20 evader and lvl 11 sweat gather. For fun I was sweating with him and I will tell the truth he seemed get hit about the same as me and gathered more sweat that I. We were sweating sabakumas. The subaks seem to even hit me more...
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    Anyone getting the bonus daily ?

    It has been nearly a month for me I buddy and the last time we got one we got at the same time. Seemed a bit strange and makes me wonder if MA has a time thing where everyone gets it on a certain day of the month. Doesn't seem likely they would but we did get one the same day and about 5 minutes...
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    Please Help.

    As I said below I can not get the game to load, it starts but then gives the tech error and try again in a few minutes, its been over and hour now and still get the same error . I contacted support as it said to do and they replied and asks if I have been able to to login and I can not. If you...
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    What is it this time ?

    Can't login because of an internal error, again ! The programmers seem to be like little kids,. they just have to mess with stuff until they break it. Bad thing is we have nothing to do but bitch.
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    Anyone knows what is up with half moon bay and cove ?

    Seems the server is down I guess because I have a pal that is stuck there and didn't realize that he was not getting any loot or sweat for a while. He is afraid to try to leave because he may lose his loot. I noticed that I cannot TP there either. Any advice for I can pass along to him ? TIA
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    Has anyone ever tried a gamming joystick

    Just wondering if they would even be practical ?
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    Selling: Selling 10K Mission bones

    Selling 10K mission bones for 80 ped Or Make offer. PM me in game Herco Coz Mann Go to 77130, 68703 near Boreas and see Sarchi and trade them for one agility point. Get the Tokens and go to Twin Peaks on the balcony to the token trader to get agility point.
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    Why doesn't MA just say the servers will down for a while so just check back from time to time to see if we are done.

    I am just wondering if MA has ever made on time. I don't think I ever remember that happening and I have been here going on 15 years. For me its like waiting for water to boil. We all know it takes twice as long if you are watching :). Anyway, if I can't play I may as well bitch. Anyway about...
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    Buying: Have item thanks

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    Does the loot seem better the last few days ?

    Or am I just on a lucky streak ? I am first to gripe when the loot is bad I thought I should say something when it seems to be running good.
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    Need help with a math problem

    With buffs I get a reload speed increase of 11% . My weapon does 70 shots per minute. How do I calculate the time to reload per minute? If I had a weapon that did 60 reloads per second which would be one shot per second if it was 120 then it would be one shot per .5 second. I think it would be...
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    Something a bit strange.

    I was hunting the other day around half-moon bay and all of a sudden I got a 10% boost in my movement and I have no idea where if came from. I was hunting the Sabukmas punys. I tried to look it up, even used google but found nothing. Anybody know where it came from. There were a couple of other...
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    Anyone having sound problems ?

    I have a very old Yamaha home theater 5.1 and I am hoping its the game and not my setup. Ofc I have had around 25 years and hate to see it go. plus a new same system (Yamaha) costs more now than when I bought this one. Anyway just wondering and hoping it's MA messing with stuff like they do :)...
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    Is dying suppose to increase you health points.

    I was watching YouTube and saw a video there where the guy was just running and dying. Now I have noticed a lot of new players doing the same-just standing there and let mobs kill them. The video guy said he picked up 4 health points is just a few time getting killed, which is very hard to believe.
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    I am getting a warning Kaspersky VP when I open wikipedia

    This is the third time this has happen. It does not happen every time but every few times. KP says that this website is trying to add an extension that will hinder KP protection and trace all that you do on the web basically. I click on the delete it. I am not sure if anyone else is having this...
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    Help: Starving Atrax Mission

    I killed a starving atrax and got a pop-up said I unlocked an Atrax mission but I can find out what it is. TIA for the help
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    No Sun for over 1 hour ?

    It has been twilight for at least an hour for me. Have I missed something or have I set something in options by mistake ? I looked and found nothing about daylight and and dark or anything at all. Thanks for the help AGAIN duh.
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    Does anyone know why MA will give us a mob counter ?

    I think it would be a great way to track all sorts of things to help us be more economical. When loot two came out that was one of the big points that was made. Right weapon, armor , etc. to get the most return. If you recall from the last release, "The Man" said that no matter what we should...
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    Buying: WTB Tarsus SG 1

    As it says buying Tarsus SG 1. PM me with your price Thanks