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  1. Ozi

    EU's Latest Vehicle The 8 Seater PitBull

    Thanks for posting the video. I love the ava's sitting comfortably in the back.
  2. Ozi

    Pitbull under attack @ Oil Rig

    cool video, would be good to see a pack hunt of Valkyrie's vs a pitbull.
  3. Ozi

    Lady Missa Saint had a baby

    Quick announcement! :yay::yay::yay: Last night Lady Missa Saint had baby James. The baby is in perfect health. She is recovering well and will be back online in the near future.
  4. Ozi

    Where are you located?

    Located in Singapore, from Australia. Worth doing a search, I'm sure some decent polls on this have been done before.
  5. Ozi

    when is someone no longer considered a noob?

    I think the game is changing. People start as a newb, with their attitude and behaviour influencing whether they are a noob or not. Moving up from their I doubt there are many people who aren't a noob/newb about some aspects of the game. The game is getting more complex which is a good thing...
  6. Ozi

    Did you global in July 2010? Quick poll - Need your help

    I didn't get a global in July, although the month isn't finished yet! RL has been incredibly hectic so most times I log in I haven't done big hunts. Although the globals may not give you a true representation of numbers, it does give you a clue as to the number of active mid-high level players...
  7. Ozi

    HH (happy hunting)

    Good thing you are doing for the newer players Happy! Amazing to see how consistent your loot has been, even though hunting different mobs. Will be interesting to look at the results as the hunts continue and the sample size increases.
  8. Ozi

    Drutoo says hey :)

    Welcome to EF. Glad your enjoying the game. It's always interesting for those who have been around here for years to hear about your experiences as you get started, so please keep posting some updates about how you get on in the game. Cheers, Dave Ozi
  9. Ozi

    The March on Troy - A new beginning

    Might help to organise people with vehicles to drive people down to Boreas if they don't have the tp yet.
  10. Ozi

    The GREAT Neconu Slaughter- 57k PEDS

    Very cool event N8 and well done on getting the name for the LA.
  11. Ozi

    The March on Troy - A new beginning

    Hey Matt, Awesome to see this event happening again. I'd like to offer a few items to assist with the prize pool, should give a happy few new players a real leg up. They are all items I don't really use much but I know when I was under 30 Agility they would have meant alot. See me in game to...
  12. Ozi

    Thank you for adjusting Night time!!!!

    That's an awesome change, thanks for posting pics of it.
  13. Ozi

    Newcomers to eu / rocktopia

    You make some very valid points there, as it is now it probably is a more challenging place for a new player to get started. The best thing you can do is to spread the word that there are new players looking to spend on Rocktropia. When I visited Rocktropia, I was short on time so just asked in...
  14. Ozi

    Latest Buzz (June 16th)

    Awesome to see something new for the new arrivals, thats exactly what the game needs right now. And nice to see a preview of it all.
  15. Ozi

    Help: Lost My Ticket Event - 100 ped Reward

    Congratulations on finding the ticket Angel, good luck to all participants in future events.
  16. Ozi

    Formicacida Nest - OLA#21

    Nice LA with nice mobs to hunt. Congratulations on the LA Addz and Lorfat. Nice work Butch on the graphics :) Awesome to see new events happening so soon.
  17. Ozi

    Security in Virtual Worlds (Entropia) -- help a fellow EU player out!

    Done, happy to help. No need for EFD.
  18. Ozi

    Encourage New Players :)

    Count me in for 100 ped Hugh, will catch you in game this week to transfer.
  19. Ozi

    Server Downtime For release

    Wow that's awesome news! Well done to ND and MA - I'm looking forward to exploring the new world.
  20. Ozi

    4,000+ ped prizes! Spring hunting on LA49

    Nice event, looks like you have a reasonable head start Sloe. Any Osseo still on that LA N8?
  21. Ozi

    Selling: Unique Opportunity - Sentinel F UnL

    bump for the best looking armour in EU! based on my opinion and seemingly supported by most best looking armour threads here on EF.
  22. Ozi

    Uber: Apology to WoF formidon hunters

    Congratulations Chaps Don't worry about the wof hunters, the formidons still gave out plenty of globals.
  23. Ozi

    FYI: another idea to make socs useful?

    Sounds like an intertesting idea. I'd love to see systems put in place to allow socs to own assets. Could be even more interesting with vehicles coming into the game. The one concern that comes to mind is that it will really benefit older socs, but will make life much harder for someone who...
  24. Ozi

    My New Jag Coat!!!

    Looks great Warpath :)
  25. Ozi

    Where virtual worlds once ruled, Farmville dominates (CNET)

    I really wonder about the longevity of games like farmville. I know heaps and heaps of people who have played farmville, as well as many other games on facebook. However, most people only lasted a few months at best before trying something different. Pretty soon all the games seem to be...