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  1. CycoKick

    Selling: Adjusted EWE EP-41 Military T8.5

    Selling my adj ep-41 t8.5 Quick sell price. BO +4k
  2. CycoKick

    Its been, ages.. Fill me in Scotty. (LF general experiences of what has improved the last 3 years).

    Hi guys, Lets say its been long, maybe too long since I last posted here, or even played the game itself. But after reading the first page of PCF today i have to say I am slightly intrigued by the upcoming content and the effort MA seems to have put into areas that have been lacking since I...
  3. CycoKick

    Improved fap service.

    New service on Offer Improved first aid pack service. 55 ped a hour. 70 ped a hour for teams of 3 or more. All inc prizes, unless you want me to move from calypso then teleport fees there and back are to be included. Contact me through skype, IG or on the forums. Skype Adress...
  4. CycoKick

    Suggestion about Materials looted beeing readded in the machine.

    Well, Basically does it annoy you aswell that its ni impossible to keep track of your returns crafting unless you count every click since they add the materials you loot back into the machine thus you essentially click more then you intented do and in the long run tend to have a lower return %...
  5. CycoKick

    Selling: Selling,Male Urban Nomad Strider Set, male Urban Nomad Mirage set. Luna Line Terra shirt m

    Selling Two sets of very rare male looted clothing and the luna line terra shirt. Male Strider set which i bought for 1.8k will have a startbid of 800 ped and instant BO of 1.2k Male Mirage set which I bought for 1.4k will have a startbig of 600 ped and instant BO of 1.2k Male Luna Line terra...
  6. CycoKick

    I found kimmi!
  7. CycoKick

    Selling: Skills

    Hmm cant seem to export my skill to a file. Annoying. Will try again later when I got some time right now I dont. Anyway i got 200k skills for sale Mostly combat Def and Mining. About 6000 ped tt. Selling at any decent offer, bring ur own ESI. If u want bulk that works for me and we can cut...
  8. CycoKick

    Selling: The whole shabang.

    All for sale. PM with offer anything near MU gets it. Some clothes might be off in the MU's. In pm or thread all works for me. Cyco 28 Angelic Wings (M) 1 0.86 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 34 Araneatrox Doll 1 1.00 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 35 Armor Defense Enhancer I 28 11.20 PED STORAGE...
  9. CycoKick

    Why cant I find Rocktroptia on entropiatracker??

    Anyone able to tell me where i can see the rocktropia stats like i can for the other landareas and cnd and such?? Or did they remove it due to the poor results? Cyco
  10. CycoKick

    All my EFD for who can tell me the name of this song!

    Alright, I was watching this show the other night and there is this fragment thats in it which really appealed to me. Tried to identify it using tunatic but it complained about the strength of my mike or the volume was to low. Got one answer which turned out to not exist namely : Call of the...
  11. CycoKick

    Selling: Bicak Blix Tier 2+6,5K Pick it up today!

    As stated in title.
  12. CycoKick

    Selling: Bicak blix Tier2.

    Selling Blix t2 Its in ingame auction for TT+7k BO, a steal.
  13. CycoKick

    *Petition* to remove Proterons from the game!

    Will most likely be the first and last petition/poll u guys will ever see from me. Let me elaborate a little but on the reasons behind me wanting those proterons removed. This abomination of a mob just manages to upset the ENTIRE hunting economy and loot distribution balance that its just...
  14. CycoKick

    cK Shadows.

    Welcome to the new cK shadows recruiting thread, after some turbulent yet very interesting times in which cK, cK’s and UU have all gone a transition leading to the current situation. In which we are the cadet soc of cK whom is in a alliance with UU. Its true that we have given up a lot of...
  15. CycoKick

    Help: Download off game wont start :(.

    Got a lil prob, trying to download the game and I get this error right at the start, it does not even download anything. An error occurred when trying to download a file. entropia_universe_10.8.0.42477_setup.exe Any ideas what to do? Or where to download?
  16. CycoKick

    Uber: 1 hog, 2 hog, 3 hog Payday!

    Well, after some very hard times ig, and mindark not showin my any luv at all I got my 5 digit loot! Started the hunt with some muluk hir, loot was good, got killed. Switched to trox for a while then teamed up with my killer as fapper for some more muluks who didnt want to pay at all ;) He...
  17. CycoKick

    Help, How do I get the sig that displays skills prof and name?

    As stated in the title of the thread.
  18. CycoKick

    FYI: Clarification given about Merry Mayhem rules by MA

    I just reread the rules for this year, And they adde a Q&A section which is stating Am i stupid or does this mean that the looter does not have to do damage as long as the desginated person loots the creatures but doesnt even have to do any damage? Support cases goes as follows...
  19. CycoKick

    Anti hacker Measure.

    I got this idea which ill share with you all ;) Its multifunctional. There have been many requests from the community for a button u can tick so that items can be traded/tt'd What if this would get a double function that you can check a box but unchecking would take 2 weeks. So incase...
  20. CycoKick

    Selling: Detpil v-rex 2K sga UL, only. +11,2k BO

  21. CycoKick

    Selling: Vrex2k Sga UL

    +13K bo, EF only, Its in ig auc for +13,5. Pm me and ill withdraw it. For sale. Offers in thread or pm.,_SGA_Edition Reserve the right to sell to whoever I want. This is not an auction, Not a PC. If im not...
  22. CycoKick

    Buying: HL6, H41 Mina UL

    Looking for these guns, Would prefer the hl6, pm me with offers.
  23. CycoKick

    Help: WTF? Take a guess and win 1000 EFD.

    Ok, Had the weirdest loot ever :scratch2: Guess what it is and you win the price :) 1 try per person per day. Feel free to add EFD for the winner!!
  24. CycoKick

    Help: How to improve Upload on Utorrent?

    How can I improve the my upload speed for a specific file I am seeding? I can upload upto 9mb sec but the entropia file isnt going higher then 200 kbsec.. all other uploads shut off but still not going higher, how do i change this?
  25. CycoKick

    2000 EFD for the one that beats me :)

    Easy, 2000 efd if u manage to improve on this DL speed :) Just got my new connection today, doing 9 mb/s upload, and close to 10 DL:laugh: