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  1. lorenzotorres

    Help (if works i'll tell you how to get free ped)

    ok type this in browserhttp://www.!!!!!!!!!!!/register.php?referral=jackomacowacko and registor, help me raise these meta rl points so i can know if its a truth or a lie :wtg: :yay: ;) :ahh:
  2. lorenzotorres

    All players from the caribbean *only* read

    Guys can u join the group Caribbean Players
  3. lorenzotorres


    Can anyone help me get into NOOB GROUP FOR HUNTERS
  4. lorenzotorres

    Help vu10

    :yay: stupid game i just needed to update my windows.You have problems go to automatic updates and update all updates :yay: EU here i come and that 2005+ thing reinstall to get that working ;)
  5. lorenzotorres

    PLZ help

    anyone who can bring up my reputation will recieve 3 PED and 50 EFD plz help:(:(:(
  6. lorenzotorres

    Eu radio Help on Creation

    hey how to create a radio show on the EU.Just want info.
  7. lorenzotorres

    Help!!! Again pt2

    can some one help me out i wanna goin on of those kinda hunting squads and kill a monster that gives killa loots
  8. lorenzotorres

    Easiest Profession on EU?????

    Whats the easiest profession on EU
  9. lorenzotorres

    Want 50 EFD lokk here and comment

    im gonna bring out some new recording but im a noob so name what i am playing and u get 50 EFD when i get a new mic
  10. lorenzotorres

    MJ service Check if your character is here and commment

  11. lorenzotorres

    Can anoyone explain WOF and globals in detail and say which one you got.

    Yes i would like 2 know what is a global and what is wof.Tell me what type you all got
  12. lorenzotorres

    What not to do

    Guys never run Entropia in a cyber cafe/gameing place beacuse something with there firewall.Only run if it is connected to one modem if you wanna lose 29 ped try this!!!!!
  13. lorenzotorres

    Tribute to micheal Jackson His big house He died because he didn't eat seed.Damn legalise!! PLZ COMMENT
  14. lorenzotorres

    New shows Really cool!!!Plz comment New Boondocks soul plane.If you wanna mess with nigro's this video shows u not 2 especially if u a terriorist This is the reson not to mess with white men in a supermarket lol very funny...
  15. lorenzotorres

    Top 5 MMORPG's Taken from website 1) Entropia Universe “A real cash economy. What more could you ask for to keep the weenies out! After over 2 years playing hard EU still rocks the competition. Other games seem pointless when a RCE allows you to actually gain real life value...
  16. lorenzotorres

    Sweat Exploit Killaz.Plz Read and comment!!

    You guys who are screwing up the game by those shiddy sweat exploit are gonna pay.First we try our best 2 report them :mad: kill their mobs they cheating.Then have ya'll whole society out on their asses stalking them killing them and taking all the worthless loot.Why can't we just live in a...
  17. lorenzotorres


    If you having trouble with your mouse you gotta reset mouse to default and make sure shadows are off.If it has shadows following the game can't recognize mouse so cool
  18. lorenzotorres

    Lets raid Facebook

    Guys i want ya'll to create a facebook account(if you don't have one) and create a facebook group with the radio and saying how to join entropia and all that positive features and i will make ppl from Trinidad join and you guys can make ppl from ya'll country join.And don't say you guys don't...
  19. lorenzotorres

    The coolest shows out! THIS IS THE BIGGEST FIGHT IN HISTORY't mess with the !!!!!! you'll get kicked in your chest Plz Leave Comment These r cool shows so when you waiting on your girl friend to log on or wife for sapien you...
  20. lorenzotorres

    Entropia compared with Second life

    Depending on who you listen to, virtual worlds are the new black. Second Life needs no introduction and yesterday rumors surfaced that Sony was in talks to acquire Club Penguin for $500+ million. To date there are two leading online spaces. World of Warcraft has been an unrivaled success...
  21. lorenzotorres

    For All New Commers!!!

    This is a game where you should be prepared to stick around for a while, especially if you get involved with a community or society. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. You are getting a sort of 'virtual life', one that runs parallel to your real one. You make friends, enemies, even develop...