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  1. Daugone

    Selling: SOLD Lacerating, Corrosive and Electric Chips (L) and NeoPsion Amps

    Hi all, I'm cleaning out my storage and selling the following MindForce Chips and Amps. Also up for a deal if you're buying multiple things. Let me know here or in-game: Lander the-boy hot Name Quantity TT MU Corrosive Attack Nanochip 1 (L) SOLD 9.00 120% Corrosive Attack Nanochip 2 (L)...
  2. Daugone

    Buying: Mid-High Lvl Corrosive, Electric and Lacerating Attack Nanochips

    Looking for UL mid to high level chips to skill up my MF, if you have any to sell let me know here or in-game. IGN: Lander the-boy hot
  3. Daugone

    Buying: Electric Attack Nanochip 5 TEN edition

    Hello, I'm interested in buying an Electric Attack Nanochip 5 TEN edition, any tier and tier rate. Pm price if you have one. Thanks! IGN: Lander the-boy hot
  4. Daugone

    Buying: Berserker Foot Guards (M) or blueprint

    I'm looking for Berserker Foot Guards (M) or a blueprint (L) for it. Markup doesn't really matter, just say your price. Please let me know or contact me in-game: Lander the-boy hot Thanks in advance. EDIT: Also interested to just buy a full set. + Finders fee for the person who helps me find it.