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  1. Boda

    Selling: Full Salamander (M) Hedoc Mayhem Adjusted

    Full Salamander (M) Salamander Harness t0.99 Salamander Helmet t0.99 Salamander Foot Guards, SGA Edition t0.99 Salamander Gloves t0.99 Salamander Arm Guards, SGA Edition t1.54 Salamander Thigh Guards, SGA Edition t0.99 Salamander Shin Guards t0.99 Sold! PM me if you have an offer :)
  2. Boda

    Info: Supervillains are now recruiting!

    Hello! As the title says, Supervillains are looking to expand. Brand new soc that wants to grow, so just send me a PM here or apply in the soc terminal ingame. 50k total skills is required and you need to be active, no big deal. :) Become a Supervillain today. - Sine Fozz Metu
  3. Boda

    Buying: White paint cans

    Hello! I'm looking to buy 69 white paint cans! Pm me and we can talk about the price. Thank you! - Sine Fozz Metu
  4. Boda

    Selling: vrx2000 sga UL

    Hello, as the title says, i am selling this vrx200 sga UL rocket launcher. Please send me a PM with offers if your interested. Thank you Regards Sine Fozz Metu :wtg:
  5. Boda

    Selling: Imp Fap, Lich, GeoTrek AL29 and 26!

    Hello! I'm currently looking for buyers for: Improved Fast Aid Pack Lich (M,L) GeoTrek AL29 Felis (L) GeoTrek AL26 Serpentis (L) PM me for offers or questions. Thank you! regards Sine Fozz Metu
  6. Boda

    Uber: Yay once again :)

    Hehe im rollin' and i'm lovin' it! :) :):):) -Sine Fozz Metu
  7. Boda

    Uber: Yay again :)

    haha and another beauty, thank you very much! :):):) -Sine Fozz Metu
  8. Boda

    Uber: Yay :)

    Got this beauty today :) :):):) -Sine Fozz Metu
  9. Boda

    Selling: Sleipnir VTOL's!

    Hello! I'm selling Sleipnir VTOL (aircrafts) so if your interested please send me a PM!. regards Sine Fozz Metu
  10. Boda

    Selling: Angel harness (M)

    Hello i am selling a angel harness (M) so if anyone of you are interested please send me a PM. thank you -Sine Fozz Metu
  11. Boda

    CND needs more orebuyers!

    Hello! I don't think i'm the only one noticing this but there has actually been a shortage of ore/enmatter buyers on CND lately. This does not only affect the people who are mining on CND but also NEVERDIE and SquaLL who need the miners and hunters to make CND work. best regards Sine Fozz Metu
  12. Boda

    Uber: lost my uber virginity in mining

    First uber in mining after 3,5 years of amped mining in both cnd and calypso :) Got this one unamped :yay: regards Sine Fozz Metu
  13. Boda

    Selling: Angel Harness (M) & full Lich (M,L)

    As the title says, i'm looking for interested people in those items! send pm if your interested :)
  14. Boda

    Selling: Svempa x1

    Hello! I am looking for buyers on those svempa x1! so if your using them or know anyone who does, send me a PM or come visit in twin peaks @ Balcony. I am selling for under MU price. And the bigger stack you buy the cheaper you'll get them. best regards Sine Fozz Metu
  15. Boda

    A new beginning

    Hello folks! I've been playing entropia universe since 2007-01-12, and i've had a time of my life. I've met a bunch of very nice people and have enjoyed every second of the gametime. But i recently chipped out and withdrawed, because i needed money irl.. But i feel like i want to keep playing...
  16. Boda

    Selling: Svempa XT!

    Hello! i am selling XTs again and dont really know anyone who uses them. But if you are using them and you want to buy them for alittle cheaper than auctiong/MU. send me a PM please :) regards Sine Fozz Metu Good Luck
  17. Boda

    Selling: Starkhov as 129

    Hello I'm selling this nice Starkhov as 129 so if your interested, just give me a PM. regards Sine Fozz Metu :wtg:
  18. Boda

    Selling: all kinds of skills!

    Hello folks! I am chipping out all of my skills, so if your interested in buying some chips tell me which taste (skills) you want on your chips ;) regards Sine Fozz Metu
  19. Boda

    Selling: items n stuff

    Hello i am selling all my items! full gremlin (M) full Vigi (M) full Ghost (M) (no feets) Justifier mkII A-103 x2 A-102 FAP 80 OF-105 5B plates x7 6A plates x7 TI city apartment Cognat coat (M) Sombrero (M) Rexely mesh tanktop (M) Omegaton Pops (M) Spectacular Spectacles (M) Minor tp chip Wally...
  20. Boda

    Selling: items / armors.

    Hi hey hello, im selling out, contact me if you want to buy any of these items. Jaguar harness (m) jaguar shin (m) phantom arm-guards Amp-104 purple mastercoat (m) OF-105 MF-104 5b plates x6 ek-2600 gremlin foot-guard (m) and some ghost parts.. ;)
  21. Boda

    Uber: The sun is shining on CP

    Hey! I got those nice little gifts today :rolleyes: ;) thank you all! Good luck :wtg: regards Sine Fozz Metu
  22. Boda

    Achievement: 60 Agility

    Hey! i had a little achievement :) reached 60 agi :D thanks :wtg: - Sine Fozz Metu good luck all!
  23. Boda

    Uber: Me again? thank you

    hello! I've been grinding Longus for 2 days now :D and today this little fellow came in my way! pretty good results from a 30k ammo hunt Thank you all :) thank you MA regards Sine Fozz Metu :wtg:
  24. Boda

    Selling: Phantom Thigh Guards (M)

    Hello. I'am selling Phantom Thigh Guards (M). So if anyone is interested, please send me a PM here on EF. regards Sine Fozz Metu:wtg:
  25. Boda

    Uber: Finally

    Hello :) Yesterday was the best friday ever! :yay: It all started in the early morning when i had this Later the same day i got invited to my friend's house. We had some beers while we enjoyed the friday night...