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    Price Check Shagadi Disintegration Sword t7

    Helloes Wise Women and Men of the Forums, I'm seeking information about possible price on my trusty meat slicer. - Naam
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    Selling: EST F almost full tt

    Selling Sold
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    Selling: Eron SoulGrinder T6

    Helloes, I'm thinking of parting with my awesome tagger/pvp toy. Current tier on it is 6.59 SB: 7k BO: 10k
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    Price Check Combstive Attack Nanochip 8 T8

    Helloes, What do you great minds think following item is worth? - Naam
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    Price Check Couple armor sets

    I'm currently in posession of sets of following female armors ~full tt Earth Shock Trooper Viking Salamander (mix of normal and sga parts) Bear And I'm tasked with selling the sets but as those are female sets and I'm a male I have no clue of the going prices - Naam
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    Price Check Eron SoulGrinder

    Hello, I've been with this awesome piece of artillery for quite a while and I'm now wondering what would be a fair price for it if I were to rid myself of it. Tier is 6,53 and TIR 158 - Naam
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    Selling: Phantom M t0.9x - SOLD

    Hello, Selling the set for tt+1,9k Sale pending - Naam
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    Selling: Full EST Male

    Helloes, Selling full EST male set, 281.39p tt. Sold ! ~~~~ Naam
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    Selling: Ranked Combat Knife T5.8

    Going to upgrade so letting this baby go Knife is kept at minimum tt for the time being. SB: tt+2.3k BO tt+2.7k
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    Selling: Kinetic Nanochip IX UL BO 4k might consider lower offers and also accepting trauma amp IV (melee amp with 20dmg) part of the deal. Not really intrested in CLD so either peds or trauma amp+peds/something that might intrigue me :) ECO should be...
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    Kinetic Nanochip IX UL

    Hello to all warriors and wizards of pricing. I have been playing for a while with my kinetic ix chip and gotten it to tier 5.1 and now I'm wondering what it would be worth. It doesn't have page on entropedia currently and I haven't bothered to check eco of it.
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    It has been some time...

    :yay: Click to enlarge
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    after losses it's time for reborning

    Click to enlarge :wtg:
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    Seems MA is happy to have me back

    Hi all, Been here for couple days now. mainly losing peds as usual. But seems I had some luck with this bomb. Click to enlarge
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    Uber: Got a bit lucky on the last bomb...

    Well the picture shows it all :) Needed couple peds to get rdy for WOF :yay: Click to enlarge now I must aim for tower... (btw, 104 amp was used)
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    TT finder FTW

    again... low on peds then this jumps Click to enlarge I'll never lose my tt finders :yay:
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    why these come when I'm low on ped?

    I was doing a last mining run before I'd have to start sweating again... Then this popped :yay: Click to enlarge (btw it was 29ped beacon)
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    just playing around with TT finder

    I were hanging @ CND... then I thought that how come almost everyone does only mineral... Then I grapped trusty tt finder and went out :yay: Click to enlarge There's the img :wtg: