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  1. Autobot

    Selling: Selling Most my stuff

    Don't play the game as I would like. Full set Marry Mayham Male Tier around 2-4 Will Accept bitcoin or alt coin of equiv value or Peds No item trades please
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    Selling: Selling 943.43 ped Esi

    As title says dont think i need to add anything else cept sb and bo. b/o tt+ 975% current mu i think is like 1050
  3. Autobot

    Uber: WOOOT TOWER 6896 Blaus of POOP :D

    YAY mining and hunting very good this month !!
  4. Autobot

    Uber: Gah Dam 2 ubers back to back

    Been waiting for this for 3 weeks finally got a big boy. Right After Killed 2nd mob Guess what the rest of that hof was ....... Times up 943 Ped Esi lol 2nd hof is actually bigger than first :O
  5. Autobot

    Selling: Near Full set Est Missing Arms. Near full TT

    b/o TT + 1700%
  6. Autobot

    Buying: WTB EST Shoulder Male High tt or full

    As title says I need High TT or Preferably a gull TT Piece of shoulders pst me the prices thanks gl
  7. Autobot

    Buying: Buying Earth Shock Trooper EST Shoulders Male

    As The Title Says I need high tt EST ARM GUARDS MALE letme know ur buyout price cheapest one takes my ped :D
  8. Autobot

    Selling: Selling Adjusted Meckel & Lock ML-35

    Buying new Toy Selling this Highest bid : Fyrs Fyrs Yced SB:10k BO:13k
  9. Autobot

    Selling: Selling Merry Mayhem Set (Tier3 all Chest Tier 4)

    B/O:tt + 27k
  10. Autobot

    Buying: Need Earth shock Helm, Harness, and Shoulders full or near full tt

    Only need Helm and, shoulder now k thanx!!
  11. Autobot

    Buying: Starkhov LPR-30 orGEC Spur Gears 4K Blueprint

    title says it all
  12. Autobot

    Selling: Full Set Adjusted Nemesis Male (M) Tier 2 and 3 some server first

    Picture says it all Few of these were server first discovery Harness of course is the first adjusted Nemesis upgraded and found in game :). So u can say this is one the first in game!! Only selling cause I upgraded to Mayhem!! TT VALUE: Tier Current Levels: TIER Levels to Next Tier...
  13. Autobot

    Buying: Looking for Meckel & Lock ML-35

    Message me with prices :D
  14. Autobot

    Buying: Looking for Urban nomad coat (m)

    Looking for one send me price lowest offer ill take :)
  15. Autobot

    Buying: Interested in Full Mayhem mm Male set

    Let me know <3
  16. Autobot

    Uber: 6844 Iron man !!! FOMA !!!

    Rough day at work today came home to mine a bit. found a claim inside racetrack foma wall. Can't summon can't tp to it spent an hour tried everything gave up and went to Biodome and got this badboy !! Not an ATH but we getting there boys and girls !!
  17. Autobot

    Uber: 2969 Caldorite

    Whew Yesterday did sk Died to mob before 17k mob rip >.< bought combat tokens didnt know shock trooper armour was limited rip. Went to work today saw 100k ath mining damn. Got home gave an attempt anyways and hit this baby !!! :D <3 wheres my 100k so i can start sharing peds !!
  18. Autobot

    Help: Is depo system down?

    I bought 20 bucks paypal been 15 min no go then bought 30 bucks mastercard shoulda insta went through nothing wondering if anyone else have same problem
  19. Autobot

    Buying: Looking for hermetic Improved and divine chip

    Looking for hermetic Improved offer 90 ped ring.
  20. Autobot

    Selling: Sasha lvl 1

    Just got on sb 200 b/o 300
  21. Autobot

    Uber: maybe i should just make 1 post and update lol 3404 Iron

    foma time !!! Where to Next !!! Stay Tuned !!
  22. Autobot

    Uber: 7639 Binary Fluid :D

    5th tower although ma allrdy took back other towers from Eomon >.< and lvl 13 gamble lol.
  23. Autobot

    Buying: Unl Aquila Male Parts

    As title says anyone got any pieces for sale trying collect set <3 <3
  24. Autobot

    Uber: 3884 iron Not a Tower But ill take it

    Im right behind u Phelps
  25. Autobot

    Uber: 4893 Narc Tower :D

    4th tower 2 weeks can I go challenge Michael phelps|?