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  1. dobrinocb

    Close account mean banned?

    Hello Serica:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: and forum :bowdown: ! Well i ask her not long ago if she can deactivate my account or simply delete/close it . She agree ofcouse who wont ??:laugh::laugh: But what i get is big Banned under my name . I check other guys that asked for same and...
  2. dobrinocb

    Selling: OCB Selling thread !

  3. dobrinocb

    Selling: Marber Bravo-Type t2.4 all 100+

    This gun is for grabs . It came whit 1xAccuracy and 1xDamage enchancer or both range enchancers . BO : tt+170ped = total 250ped PM here or you know :) tiers 112 142 154 164 147 137 122 125 117 166
  4. dobrinocb

    Question: Dsec seeker L30 Finder

    Hi guys i am pretty sure there is someting bad hapening around whit this finder . Somehow this monster produce huge hofs non stop . I know i know its like 3 ped on drop unamped but you see there is someting bad whit this finder . I am going to test it mysels this weekend and keep you know what...
  5. dobrinocb

    Selling: Eudorian Saphire Dragon~

    SOLD Happy hofing :laugh:
  6. dobrinocb

    Selling: Zoldenite & Maladrite ingots

    Selling mix of that two mineral and enma . Any quantity availables in Calypso. Price is very premiun thats for sure . Add me ingame or sent pm here :)
  7. dobrinocb

    Selling: SeRum M.L armor

    Serum M L - Full set but not full tt :) all parts are about 370 tt . I bough it from auktuma shop in about 135-145% mu . No need it anymore and lookin for a 120% deal . parts tt/tier Arm - 56,61 /91 ped tier 1.3 Harness - 27,08 / 120 ped tier 2.0 Helm - 35,73 / 65,20 ped tier 0.8 Shin...
  8. dobrinocb

    Selling: Ancient Daikiba Strong.

    Sell that nice and friendly Ancient Daikiba Strong. Its level 2.30% atm Pm here or ingame for more info . TIP: He has no name :girl::laugh: Bo 110ped ! SOLd
  9. dobrinocb

    Empty Skills Implants !!! They not drop anymore

    Hello looks like our fellow friends forget to put EMPTY SKILL IMPLANTS in loot again . Last time when we do a thread next week was 3 pages in auction . So MA make some action + noise . Happy hoffing.
  10. dobrinocb

    Selling: Selling Aud's

    Last post update . Woot
  11. dobrinocb

    Stuck at nympho town :)

    Hello i cant log since last night . Its say my acc is already online :laugh: About 12 hours non answer or non help from support . Do i have any other option than wait the suport to kick me from game ?:scratch2: Thanks and have fun :)
  12. dobrinocb

    Beast amp decan cheating

    Ok thats some really not cool thing hapend around . Usualy i repair all my inventory after hunts . Last day i repair my beast after a hunt right after the server was up from update . Like everytime i repair it and later that day when i log i saw its not repair and repair it again . Now i log and...
  13. dobrinocb

    Entropialife -hidden profile!

    Hello can someone help me to unlock my akount in entropialife . Didnt know i will loose so much information when locked it ! Dont have paypal here and if someone can send EL credits i can pay x3 in peds at eu . If you have idea how to unlock it whitout pay pall please help me :):yup:
  14. dobrinocb

    Selling: Portable tt unit bp , and 170k tons SWEAT

    SWEAT SOLD :) some bp on au gl
  15. dobrinocb

    Selling: Ambulimax Hair - dna part!

    Today is the day when you finaly have to pimp your dna whit new and very cool Ambulimax Hair :yup: ;) Sb : 500 Bo: 600! Auction end 24 hours after Sb :) ~~ Happy hunting ~~ :woot:
  16. dobrinocb

    Alternative Accounts !!

    Really? Cmn wake up finaly and do someting ... Even i know casino rooms where you do 2 akount and second one get baned ;) <player names removed> Both in Monria you see the time . Also some of us spending not small amount money (not talking for time)to keep playing and trying for someting...
  17. dobrinocb

    Selling: Typonolic GAS~

    5447 ingots that have 1634 peds tt are ready for your craft mashine!!! 122% buy out now ! Dobrin DobrinOCB :smoke:<<< contact :smoke: in Calypso atm
  18. dobrinocb

    Selling: Electric Attack Nanochip V

    Got this nice chip for sell ;) Electric Attack Nanochip V SOLLLLLLLLLLD Tiers: 85 85 119 109 64 113 95 50 62 61
  19. dobrinocb

    Electric Attack Nanochip V

    Looted one of this :D what you think is price range on it. Thanks and gl!
  20. dobrinocb

    Selling: Selling Skills laser,blp,heal and more

    Some of skills gone some is still here and wait for you :) defense: Dodge 800 point-sold Evade 40ped implant in game Auction 2100%-sold construction: Blp Weaponry technology - 4,954 points Laser Weaponry technology - 4,798 points Vehicle repairing - 1380 points Combat: Aim - 3,533 points...
  21. dobrinocb

    Buying: Need to buy hunter mentor M parts - arm,shin,face // robot thermal sensor

    Looking for hunter mentor M parts - arm,shin // robot thermal sensor about (80) . add or pm :cool::) edit: face down need arm shin only
  22. dobrinocb

    Selling: EWE EP-52 Dissolver(L) great tiers nice price !

    Selling this nice blp pistol EWE EP-52 Dissolver(L) tt 121.65 ped looking for arround 130 % . pm me or add ingame Tier 1 - 1782 Tier 2 - 2181 Tier 3 - 1846 Tier 4 - 641 Tier 5 - 568 Tier 6 - 1730 Tier 7 - 597 Tier 8 - 934 Tier 9 - 2031 Tier 10 - 668
  23. dobrinocb

    Help: Need help for chips size

    Since i am noob in this can someone calc for me what empty chips i need for folowing skils: Evade -3,399 points Diagnosis -1,804 points Medicine -686 points First aid -3,312 points I check few web but just cant do it myself . Its there any simple way to calc it myself?
  24. dobrinocb

    Dobrin - OCB's fap Service ~~

    VIVO T20 T15 T10 , Herb box and Si heart available atm ready to fap you , contact whit me PM or ingame. pay decay :woot: :sniper::nurse: :woot: <<< AVATAR :D - dobrin dobrinocb :D level 24.21% :) Usual i am on Calypso but if pay the cost can travel...
  25. dobrinocb

    Buying: Buying Tk-120 , Tk-220 check

    Need some whit very bad tier rates and cheap than daily mu please shoot me whit one at .. ava : dobrin dobrinOCB kushkiev or pm here ty :)