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    DJ's wanted for Normandie Radio

    Hello all, Normandie Radio is looking for new dj's who want to make a set on a regular bases. You are free in the genre you want to play. Some experience in online radio is appreciated but not neccesary. Please pm me if you are interested!
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    Vikings of Entropia is recruiting

    Hello everyone! The Vikings of Entropia is recruiting players who want to have fun in a fun society. We are chatty, helpful, fooling around and we are playing Entropia to have fun! We are looking for players who want the same and have 150K skillpoints or more for the main society. Also new...
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    Selling: Gyro Fap-14 Smuggler

    Selling Gyro Fap-14 Smuggler, freshly looted from a Hadraada Old Alpha. Stats are here: Some people were nice enough to have it price checked before I had to. Here: And here...