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  1. Marlie|MindArk

    Merry Mayhem 2017 Full Details

    Hi! There is only one contribution tier in the Merry Mayhem Solo instance. You need to have 100% contribution to receive the Strongbox when the instance is completed.
  2. Marlie|MindArk

    Merry Mayhem 2017 Full Details

    Hi! Merry Mayhem is still a Calypso event and activity counts towards CLD revenue. Avatars from other planets count as being on Calypso while they are in the solo instance, exiting the instance returns the avatar back to where they entered from. The FFA instances can only be entered by talking...
  3. Marlie|MindArk

    Brey Dynamic event

    Hello! The Berycled Dynamic Event at Livas can be started by hunting the Berycled Young that can be found around the outpost.
  4. Marlie|MindArk

    make pheromone glands stackable

    Hi! They'll be stackable in an upcoming update. And don't worry if you later drag several of them to the turn in, only one of them will be taken :)
  5. Marlie|MindArk

    Eomon Migration 2017 has Begun!

    It should be working now.
  6. Marlie|MindArk

    Merry Mayhem 2016

    Yes, this is allowed