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  1. Kitty

    Price Check Eudoracell Bunny

    Level 42 Eudoracell. Would like to sell but really don't know what market price is. Thanks!
  2. Kitty

    Selling: Some M clothes

    Selling some male clothes, put offers here or hit me up in game....please no lowball offers. Will add more as things sell. Thanks for looking!!! :woohoo:
  3. Kitty

    Info: A sad day in Entropia

    Today we say farewell to one of our soc mates, friend and all around good guy. Baldareon Izz Theryyder otherwise known as Izzy to his friends, passed away this morning from complications of COVID. I don't know all of the people he had on his friends list so I thought posting here would help let...
  4. Kitty

    Selling: Maddox 4, Adjusted

    TT+4200 - SOLD
  5. Kitty

    Selling: Some older clothes for sale

    The clothes are in the shopkeeper at Medusa tp, shop 4 floor 4. More clothes added as things sell.
  6. Kitty

    Selling: Some EON bits and Minis

    Eon all gone Mini Sweepers - TT + 502% (TT values - 31.97, 25.92)
  7. Kitty

    Selling: Armor Plates MK. 3B

    6 plates, tt value of each is 12.90. Looking to sell all for 93ped total.
  8. Kitty

    Selling: Eon Armor

    Just looted some Eon armor and would like to sell it. Eon Harness F, L 300 tt SOLD Eon Thigh Guards F, L 220 tt SOLD Eon Gloves M, L 120.78 tt for 105% Thanks for looking!
  9. Kitty

    Selling: Chelydra Thighs (F)

    Chelydra Thighs (F) SOLD
  10. Kitty

    Selling: Sigyn Thighs (F)

    Fresh looted Sigyn Thighs (F) SOLD
  11. Kitty

    Stockholm Syndrome Recruiting

    Hiya!! Lately our folks are 'off line' so I want fresh blood I can offer you helpful hints from my resident textiler, my resident noob and my resident uber (he's a secret weapon) Anyway....searching for regular players to join our crazy little bunch!! Ozzie's welcome (due to this unexpected...
  12. Kitty

    FYI: Dj Kitty ~ Live now!!

    Dj Kitty live @ 23:00 MA!
  13. Kitty

    Selling: Hacked K-1 level 7.13

    I would like to sell him, he's adorable. And knowing ND, he will change buffs :) 700 ped and this baby is all yours!
  14. Kitty

    Selling: Some Armors (F)

    Selling full set Liakon: ~ SOLD Harness - t.4 Shin - t.3 Arms - t.3 Feet - t.3 Thighs - t.2 Gloves - t.2 Helmet - t.2 tt + 4k Full set Adjusted Pixie tt+ 40 ~ SOLD Nemesis Gloves tt+95
  15. Kitty

    Selling: Perfected Aeglic

    Looking to sell this ring! Please pm offers :)
  16. Kitty

    Selling: Full set Mah'ketta (F)

    Mah'ketta full set, all pieces ready to tier to 1. tt+350 or BO :)
  17. Kitty

    HoF: Stockholm Syndrome ~ Kitty & Nus

    I needed to finish the first Eomon mission (I had 7 left), so I asked Sokolade to heal me and Nus to come along as support. We joked that I would Hof and sure enough, my 5th mob was!! Sorry I've not captured a SS as I didn't have tracker set up to capture team. Thanks to Soko for heals (<3)...
  18. Kitty

    FYI: Kitty Kitty Miau Miau

    Hi Everyone!! I wanted to introduce my Twitch stream and let you know I will be live tonight, 22:00 MA. I will try to kill ambu whilst I Dj.....should be kinda interesting :) Come and see me and thanks for watching :)
  19. Kitty

    Selling: Dhampyre Level 11

    There is something I would like to buy, so I will change this to an auction: SB 5K BO 8k Auction ends in 10 on May 24th. Thanks!
  20. Kitty


    I finally got a tier hof on something......never thought I would. Special thanks to Mega :)
  21. Kitty

    Stockholm Syndrome

    Do you feel you have been kidnapped by MA? Do you now have strong feelings that you can not control toward them? Are you lost without them? Then you need us!! We are looking for a few people to become part of a tightly knit group of addicts. We are always up for a team hunt, we have a lot of fun...
  22. Kitty

    Achievement: Finally joined the 10 club

    My avi's 10th birthday is this month. Not sure if it is an achievement or a question in my sanity. :)
  23. Kitty

    Selling: Aeglic Perfected

    Would like to sell, make an offer :)
  24. Kitty

    Buying: Rakzum's Pouch

    Looking to buy Rakzum's Pouch, prefer full tt. 1000%
  25. Kitty

    Selling: Aeglic Perfected

    Changed my mind. Mods please close.