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  1. raven_li

    Buying: WTB FFA Stars - 2.5k pts

    Contact me in-game if you have 2.5k pts to sell. Quick 500ped :wtg: Raven
  2. raven_li

    Help me Craft this! ;) Your vote is appreciated!

    Hey Fellow Entropians, I entered the Cubify Challenge last month and was picked from the judges as a top 5 Finalist. As a twist, they added a Community Choice Award. So, aside from the Judges Choice, I have another chance at a prize by winning the Community Choice Award. I would greatly...
  3. raven_li

    Selling: F Ghost Set Full TT all 7 pieces

    Full TT Female Ghost Set Instant BO: 700ped (tt included) Status:Available Post or PM to get this set or offer me items + ped (i.e. A104 amp, Beast Amp, OF-105, OM-105, UR125(L), (7)5b Plates, etc) Face: Tier 0.1 Harness: Tier 0.1 Arms: Tier 0.2 Gloves: Tier 0.0 Thighs: Tier 0.0 Shins: Tier...
  4. raven_li

    Achievement: Merry Mayhem 2009 Category 3: 10th Place

    With a very small budget carried over from X-mas, I proceeded to hunt during Merry Mayhem to try to find something Golden (didn't happen) or something Angelic (didn't happen). My last loot from Merry Mayhem was from an Itumatrox Old and it held a 281 ped HL12 (L). Loot had been so-so and I...
  5. raven_li

    Selling: or Trading Mayhem Helmet (F)

    SOLD Please close thread. Mayhem Helmet Stats: Protection Penetration: 10 Protection Impact: 28 Protection Cold: 15 Protection Cut: 30 Protection Stab: 32 Protection Acid: 30 Protection Electric: 15 Durability: 3500 Tier Stats: Tier 1: 58 Tier 2: 137 Tier 3: 139 Tier 4: 66 Tier 5: 91 Tier 6...
  6. raven_li

    Achievement: Wounding, Health...and Combat

    Thanks to the 3x sKill bonus, the first day I was able to unlock Wounding!! Few days back, I gained additional health to finally reach Medium health! And today, I've finally unlocked Combat Sense :) :yay: New goal....level 30 evader (currently level 27).
  7. raven_li

    HoF: 1.8k HOF :)

    While mining west of Fort Fury....I was forced to defend myself against an Atrox Provider and got a nice surprise :yay: 1845ped HOF, majority of it is oil. Small 14ped ESI. Click to enlarge
  8. raven_li

    Selling: Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1

    Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 Buyout: TT+5370 = 5500 Ped Peds only or possible items + peds such as: Potent Heal Chip tt+2k + peds Good Teleport Chip tt+3.5k + peds Or make me an offer... Thanks :)
  9. raven_li

    HoF: 3006ped HOF on those 101's

    After spending some time up on CP for a while....Darci & I came back down to Calypso. Loot, hasn't been so great down least not for me or us :D So boredom got the best of me.....and I decided to dust off ye olde ore amp 101 bp. With less than 10 clicks into the run........I get...
  10. raven_li

    Buying: Serum F Parts

    I need Serum Harness, Arms and shins. PM if you know where I can find some or if you have some for sale. Thanks.
  11. raven_li

    15 - 18 September ~Daikiba Revenge Hunting & Mining Competition~

    Xeremite mining find must have screenshot with coords, time stamp, and you going crazy ;) Must be mined.....and no we didn't throw these stones on the ground :D And yes, this competition is FREE! Starts at midnight Sept 15th MA time and ends at the start of Sept 18th (on midnight) MA time...
  12. raven_li

    8 - 14 September ~Daikiba Kick-Ass Hunting & Mining Competition~

    *Team & Solo globals cannot be combined but can be counted separately. And yes, this competition is FREE! We reserve the right to add prizes whenever, however, where ever ;) Winners - To be announced on September 15th Highest Loot - Angelreaper Demonikos Slayer Highest Mining Find -...
  13. raven_li

    HoF: Finally, a SOLO HOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After six months of swirlies, barely missing the HOF board, weird loot, I join the Ambu hunting event for the second time. Mid-way the server got hella buggy and things disappeared!!! Everything disappeared!! All I saw was land. So I log out log back in, still problems. For about 10 minutes...
  14. raven_li

    HoF: 1.5K Crafting HOF!

    Finally..a bigger crafting HOF :laugh: No sparkly diamonds or anything though :( I long before I get a solo hunting HOF :confused: Click to enlarge
  15. raven_li

    1st EF thread for my first mining HOF

    Click to enlarge 422 Ped HOF on Megan Stone...was a big surprise! :)