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  1. RickEngland

    Price Check Adj/Imp/Mod restoration chip

    Healing buffs are coming, or at the very least additional buffs to boost healing gear. Obviously healing buff boasts would make healing tools more desirable. Any direct healing buffs or pets is likely to lower demand for healing items. The next set of new rings could be interesting.
  2. RickEngland

    Buying: Tezlapod pet

    I reckon full unlock is doable in a couple of years using that massive focus buff. That's If you have access to 10'k ped in fruit bars. Even at level 40 it will consume huge amount of bars as the exponential growth is massuve each level. A lot of changes can happen in 2 years in this game with...
  3. RickEngland

    New pet!!! (Tezlapod)

    Gratz jak on the new tame. That's a shame the 20% hit on max HP. Would rather have a lower straight heal buff instead. Don't think I'm keen to take 60+ hit on HP for better healing for my style of hunting. Yeah that's some serious energy burn with the focus on, will level fast for sure. 🤣...
  4. RickEngland

    Price Check Unique Reaper's blade t10 vs Mace 6 Fen T10

    Assuming you need a complete kit of top end items (such as rings, amps), plus insane looter skill, that might take a player into the realms of pre-loot-2 potential returns. Then the weapon only has value to those that have the above. Still not clear why items could command such prices, if...
  5. RickEngland

    Does the system compensate for previous returns?

    Well the game is not officially gambling and there's no personal loot pool. So to meet that criteria, the system must measure and track some personal input/output data, be that damage done v cost of otherwise. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter how it's 'supposed' to function...
  6. RickEngland

    Cheaters unbanned?

    That was a good read. Thanks. Interesting you should say that. I had a period of being able to sustain top 50 hunting if hunting everyday constantly. The issue was going on holiday, and then trying to fight back a week of lost time and ped input..... to re-earn that position again. That was...
  7. RickEngland

    Cheaters unbanned?

    I lost interest after buying a FEN weapon, it didn't deliver on my expectations by a mile. Maybe MA were in testing mode trying to balance it on the fly... maybe I'm being too kind. After over a decade in the game, I wasn't interested in anymore sh*t to be honest. Hey-ho I pop in now and then...
  8. RickEngland

    Question: Do MindArk employees engage in trade within Entropia?

    I will never forget a certain player hunting with a team of herders working for him, when Xmas mayhem wasn't in instances, but on the main platform. Said player said "he would get Marco, to f*** up our loot" if we disturbed his mob herders. Said player was open with his deep connections with...
  9. RickEngland

    Cheaters unbanned?

    OK... here's another one. Back in the day when motherships were coming to the aiction house (we were all given notice). I deposited 35k - 40k peds forgot the actual amount. As I really wanted one. I ended up basically opening the bids at 40k on each and every mothership trying to win one. A...
  10. RickEngland

    Cheaters unbanned?

    I've actually lost count on the number of threads over the years that say... "we know now who the event was created for". Take the FEN event for example, where 'one' guy looted nearly everything haha. So it's hardly a personal view. I'm not too bothered about it either, on the grounds...
  11. RickEngland

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    I did actually login the other day and shoot LT's for about 2 hours with some deed income peds. I didnt get a global, it was very boring. Some players were shooting E-stalkers in global chat, I kind of laughed at that, and logged off in the knowledge it cost me absolutely nothing in RL cash. So...
  12. RickEngland

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    Tell me about it Messi, most of players gradually f***ked off. MA's answer to that, was to double down, adding ever more powerful mobs year after year. You was probably still sucking your thumb in a pram, to ever experience the game back then, so I'll forgive you. Not even sure if you was...
  13. RickEngland

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    Many many years ago in an game far far away, a decision was taken to increase the health regeneration of some mobs, it even apparently got harder to kill the mob if you had more skills than another player. MA sold this as a more challenging and entertaining player experience (funny stuff)...
  14. RickEngland

    Cheaters unbanned?

    I just think it's funny, that people assume that an event win or a big loot is completely random. Haha.
  15. RickEngland

    News: Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

    Oh come folks. Back in the day, we had to buy a brand new pc everytime MA issued a new VU. Not kidding either. On the odd occasion we might have got lucky throwing some extra ram and updated graphics card on it, but you wouldn't get away with that for 2 x vu updates. Haha.
  16. RickEngland

    The "It's not Gambling" Paradox

    Any player that's prepared to do loads of $2 clicks every few seconds deserves to hit something big, so gratz. Is the player throwing it all back in as we speak? As that doesn't usually workout so well. Haha. I remember someone saying to me once, "all skills do, is allow you a choice of wider...
  17. RickEngland

    News: MindArk Signs Deal for Unreal Engine 5 - PRNewswire

    I wonder how much of the existing software can be integrated into the new engine. Wasn't that long ago MA changed hit boxes and controllers and that created months to debug it all. It's a brave move if most of the game needs redesigning considering the size of current player base. What are...
  18. RickEngland

    To Celebrate our Friend Conq45

    Omg. Sorry to hear conq has passed away. That is sad news. Thanks for letting us know Meculus. Rick
  19. RickEngland

    Diminishing Returns

    Whatever happened yesterday, probably won't work tomorrow. Back in the day you could jump around servers hunting 5-10 kills per mob, seeking a global. Most of time that worked (2007 - 2010 ish) The reboot game used to work a few years back too. When if on constant losses, a reboot would reset...
  20. RickEngland

    Disband ALL inactive Societies

    If 90% of the socs are inactive and that generates a perception of making the game look dead, then how does removing them make the remaining 10% look positively roaring with activity? Hahaha. Why would players fear retired avatars anyway, isn't there enough new skilling opportunities to...
  21. RickEngland

    Genuinely not a whining thread

    Out of interest what is your total "general" skills? Do you have say 6k+ perception, dexterity, serendipity etc? I'll say that's a minimum requirement for really good hunting loots. On a personsl level, I found general skills to be much more valuable in determining loot returns than say the...
  22. RickEngland

    Commando or 200 hp first?

    You are. I'm not. I'm contributing to his HP development in a positive way. Helping him to the next step, getting him to think about how he uses his new found 200 hp. He needs more, I hope he gets it. Unless of course we all just say gratz and say nothing else. I think you bullies drowning...
  23. RickEngland

    Commando or 200 hp first?

    And your evidence for that conclusion is? Have you tried healing before looting a mob, when it critical hits hard, just before you're about to loot it? Why do you think it crits just before it's dead? What purpose under the hood could that possibly achieve? Wouldn't it be interesting if a...
  24. RickEngland

    Commando or 200 hp first?

    The mindset of this game is actually incredibly easy to work out. The mailman at GCHQ could work it out. It generally works out that many things need to run at "full". It's got so addictive I reckon at EU HQ that they even configured pets to run at 100% focus to fully benefit from the active...
  25. RickEngland

    Commando or 200 hp first?

    Only come on Messi, what was wrong with that? Seriously fella.