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  1. RickEngland

    Selling: Eudorian WASP devil - autoloot

    Rick's luck continues...woohoo. I don't actually hunt for rares (alot if people do), I'm just skilling away and if i run into one that's a super bonus. I was only on for 3.5 hours, God knows how long it was standing there, waiting to be found. Smiling as I bought some shares in "Guild...
  2. RickEngland

    Selling: Royal Chirin L1 - gives hofs.

    Let's have a little story first, before all the sales pitch. So there I was taming Endorian devils for a quick 2 hours of chilling and thought why not do some chirins (dragons) for a change. Off I went all over the island, then just as I was heading back to switch to devils, I spotted the...
  3. RickEngland

    Deaf mode. V2

    Hi legends. Looks like that necro post is closed. So I'll post here (v2) I worked out what caused the issue though. I have ASUS super duper, coloured lighting keyboard gaming laptop. There's a 'genuine' system support program, that alway requested to be activated or updated (cant even...
  4. RickEngland

    Selling: Lava Devil - Mythical

    Looks like my luck was in tonight. I've been taming for 6 years, and this is the first Lava Devil I've personally found. So it's still super rare, and the best devil in game. It's auto loot 5m and 20% taming buff and 20% focus. I know they're pretty sought after pets, so I reckon its still got...
  5. RickEngland

    MA new majority shareholder

    Any truth in the speculation I'm hearing, that MA's Timkins sold 'all' his shares to a Ukrainian female model? If true what's the impact at board level, and future moving forward? Rick
  6. RickEngland

    Selling: Thorifoid Berserker Mace, FEN Edition

    Looks like some interest in FEN sales, since MA appear to have finished dropping the event last year. I sell this mace, its pretty awesome to be honest, it will last a full hour in event instances (without damage enhancers). 500 ped full TT per run, plus whatever amp you throw on it. Super...
  7. RickEngland

    Selling: Rare Caly and Strongbox Pets

    I've got some spare rare pets in my storage, I was collecting during my pet phase that might as well go to some new owners. PM a reasonable offer, or post here. I'll add a rough SB but I'm flexible. I'M IN GAME NOW - RICKARD RICK ENGLAND. (as of Thursday evening). 2 x Sterling Dragon -...
  8. RickEngland

    Starting to Believe in the New Weapons (FEN)

    As some of you know I took a break from the game at the end of January 2019 after buying a FEN Mace and some Adj Jag Armour, I think the stress was too much to try and buy the gear 'and' have a bankroll to play at the same time. Add to that a good decade+ of struggling in game financially (even...
  9. RickEngland

    Q2: Pets levels and pending content

    Once unlocked is there any benefit to train pets to higher levels, and do you have any fun things in the pipeline for pets please?
  10. RickEngland

    Q1: Ark Moon deeds - trading ban

    When does MA intend taking the trading ban off Ark Moon deeds, it's getting a bit silly now. Maybe that's tied in to the impending Ark release, so again that's tied into dates. Obviously it's been priced at wild expectation, so that's another avenue to consider to get things moving. Many...
  11. RickEngland

    Info: Ricks 2019 FEN hunting Thread.

    I promised myself I would approach 2019 with a new hunting eco strategy, and try and take a step forward in game. Unfortunately I still don't have the high end unlimited gear to take on the new high level argo mobs recently introduced that appear to hold many of the new item drops, but I can...
  12. RickEngland

    Buying: Castorian Combat Mace VI FEN Edition

    edit: It's very easy to get caught up in the moment with this game. After consideration, I've decided to stick with the amazing Mace I've already bought. No need to upgrade it. Cheers Rick
  13. RickEngland

    Question: FEN Eco weapons and amps

    Dear community; If I get hold of one of the new say FEN eco weapons, and the efficiency reduces adding an amp, would it be wise to run it without an amp attached to get max eco from the weapon? Thanks Rick
  14. RickEngland

    Buying: Electric Attack Chip XIII FEN Edition

    Buying Electric Attack Chip XIII FEN Edition chip. I offer 5000 peds Rick.
  15. RickEngland

    Question: ESI check

    Hi folks; I need to check my sanity and thinking. I'm considering selling skills but I need to understand if there's any value in it first. If an ESI is 940% and after I add skill the ESI is reduced in size right by 5% or so? or is it the skill is just reduced not the size of the ESI? So is...
  16. RickEngland

    Suggestion: Auto Loot Pet - Test Review for Devs

    Hey Devs; I recently unlocked a Wasp Devil and tried out the auto loot on LT's at Mino using swords (so basically all close combat). I believe it's 5m for auto loot on that Wasp pet. What I noticed is quite often the auto loot didn't activate in close combat. Possibly due to the postion of...
  17. RickEngland

    Astonishing Animal Tamer - Rick England

    Hey Folks; Hope you're all enjoying the start of migration, and the World Cup football. We all set ourselves personal challenges, therefore I'm pleased to say I reached level 63 Animal Tamer today - Astonishing Title. Not easy, trying to get enough skill drops for that, but I got...
  18. RickEngland

    Buying: Sandking Armor M

    Not so much buying but borrowing. This is how it works. You lend me your piece of M Sandking armour, until I have all 7 pieces. Then we claim 10K ped from Fronske :P I give you back your piece of armour + 1300 ped per piece. I keep the other 900 ped So 7 x 1300 = 9100 +900 = 10K...
  19. RickEngland

    Help me fix my laptop please - deaf mode.

    Hi Folks I've been running EU for the last month in deaf mode, i.e. no sound at all. Actually I've got quite used to it now. If I open youtube I've got no problem with sound at all, it's just sound with EU and compet apps that dont work. If I boot up the laptop I get the windows sounds. I have...
  20. RickEngland

    Do you own Compet deeds?

    If you own compet deeds, then why not help yourself? The Arena now has AI pets that fill the gaps when there's lack of real players subscribing to the Arena. That means its fairly easy to complete your daily missions now, then claim your strongbox for free. If your free strongbox has...
  21. RickEngland

    Info: Additional Skills that Contribute to HP as of 24-Oct-2017

    Posting this in skills section, so I (or we) don't need to keep searching for it all the time. Additional Skill that Contribute to HP: •Construction: Manufacture Weapons 1 Health per 3200...
  22. RickEngland

    Selling: White Leprechaun

    Selling very rare White Leprechaun pet from Monria. Opening bid 1k First person to offer 2K, its yours. Come and get it. I have no idea if they stopped spawning or not after event has finished. More info: see discoveries, Bones thread. Cheers Rick
  23. RickEngland

    Buying: Compet Deeds

    Buying Compet deeds for 15 ped each That's a 50% premium to the buyer is this thread, that couldn't be protected quick enough (by the person that hates compet posts in PCF) for helping to bring the market of these deeds to zero. All timed nicely for the final nail in the coffin on 1st April...
  24. RickEngland

    FYI: Beacon Strongbox's loot Lion Armor (unlmited)

    Did you know that Beacon Strongbox's can loot unlimited Lion armor Parts? Just look at info on the box from auction. I'm only saying this, so that the box addicts open shit loads of them, so I can get some of that quality armour on the cheap (maybe in a few months). Get opening those boxes...
  25. RickEngland

    Compet "Deed" Revenue starts 25th Feb 2018

    It is not my intention to annoy 711; However occasionally some news needs to be mentioned to the community, especially considering the volatile position of these deeds in Calypso auction. Please give it a few days for comments then shift to the closed Compet section. Mindark CEO Henrick Nel...